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Hillary Clinton Fancies Herself A Talk Show Host For Next Move? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton is mulling over something very different for her next stage in life, as she reportedly has visions of a talk-show dancing in her head. Whether you like Hillary or not, you have to admit she doesn’t give up easily when it comes to wanting to bring her voice to the people.

Since she cannot do this as president of this great nation, the next best thing would be to conjure up your own talk show to bring your views right into the living room of the masses. She would still have get them to tune in. She certainly would have her pick of top celebrities, as there are plenty of names to pull from out of the Hillary Clinton mourning hat.

According to The Daily Caller, Hillary is contemplating her own talk show so she can stay in the limelight leading up to her next attempt at a presidential run in 2020. An author, who is known to be critical of the Clinton family, recently talked about how serious Hillary is when it comes to this talk show idea.

It would be the perfect platform to bring her views to the masses and she will do this from a “progressive point of view.” Ed Klein claims his source said Hillary’s ideas are to interview world leaders and “top guests” on her show. Klein is the author of the book Guilty as Sin, which is said to be “Clinton-focused” and very “controversial.”

Klein, who penned the New York Times’ bestseller, also talked about the control of this platform.

“It would have to be a show that she and her people completely controlled,” Klein said the source added. “She’s convinced she’d get fabulous ratings in a political climate where there’s so much anger in Democratic circles over Donald Trump’s election.”

Klein said that Hillary doesn’t think that Obama was a good leader and she doesn’t believe he is a good fighter. Because of this, she sees an “opening for her to be the acknowledged leader-in-exile of her party.”

AOL News suggests that Hillary’s talk show would be her venue to “kick start the 2020 election platform.” They describe Hillary just days after suffering one of the most surprising presidential losses in modern times, as raising a glass of wine with her friends, vowing to be back.

Hillary did this in a way that imitated Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator saying “I’ll be back,” as close friends toasted to that thought along with her, reports AOL News. It seems that there are a good number of folks that can see Hillary going after Trump in 2020.

Apparently you can never start too soon and having a talk show would put Hillary front and center in living rooms of the nation. It is all well and fine to say you want a talk show, but it is another thing being able to have what it takes to hold the viewers interest. Hillary wasn’t very forth coming with interviews while running for president against Trump.

If she did control her own talk show, how long will people tune in to hear the carefully sculpted script of the topics of the day? Hillary is no stranger to being the subject of negative headlines from her days of the private server debacle, to the Clinton Foundation’s inner workings. Other than the constant denials heard from Hillary, she’s never addressed these things in detail. If she did, you would probably see more of a very angry Hillary, like when she was pressed to answer questions on Benghazi back in 2015, which can be seen on the Facebook post below.

While having her own talk show will allow her to pick and choose the topics and skip over the old baggage, would the American public want to skip over that baggage with her? Especially since Hillary sees the end game of this talk show as a move into the White House.

While Oprah and Ellen make it look easy, being the host of your own talk show is hard work and you have to be able to keep people engaged on a constant basis. A good piece of being a successful talk show host is personality. Hillary isn’t considered the most approachable person to ever come down the pike.

Her own camp had concerns when she started the first leg of her campaign back in 2015. According to Accuracy in Media from back in 2015, “Chuck Todd said that staffers in Hillary Clinton’s campaign really worry about her approachability to the common American, considering she’s made millions off of speeches and has lived in a bubble for years.” According to his bio on MSNBC, Chuck Todd is a moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press and he is also on MSNBC’s MTP Daily.

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