Stevie J and Joseline getting married

Stevie J And Joseline: Stevie J Reveals He’s Ready To ‘Settle Down’ With Joseline, But Is He Serious?

Stevie J and Joseline just can’t keep their relationship out of the spotlight. As the “Puerto Rican Princess” and new mommy relishes in her role as a guest host on The Real, her baby daddy stays in the news thanks to recent reports that he just might be ready to “settle down.” The question remains, though; will it be with her?

According to Hollywood Life, try as they may, Stevie J and Joseline just can’t seem to quit each other. The producer and mogul, who has six children by multiple women, sat down with the outlet to set the record straight once and for all, and he credited the couple’s new daughter, Bonnie Bella, with his newfound desire to settle down with Joseline and to stop fooling around with other women.

“I’m done with all the shenanigans. I want to be a family man, a loving father, and a great friend. No more playing games with women or being manipulative, condescending, or being Mr. Loverboy. I wrote the book on being a player and it’s time to change lanes and evolve.”

That doesn’t mean that Stevie J and Joseline have a perfect relationship. In fact, according to EurWeb, during her hosting duties on The Real, Joseline went into great detail as to why she saves all of Stevie J’s “receipts.” Needless to say, she still — rightly — has some trust issues with her child’s father and on again, off again boyfriend.

Of course, she puts it in such a way that only she could.

“Let me tell ya’ll something. Y’all can never go to a man house or have a relationship with no man or woman and not have proofs of who’s been doing what. ‘Cause they’ll come for you. They’ll have you looking like you’re a stalker or you’re crazy and you done lost your mind. And they be the one that be doing that! And then you be looking so stupid. And it’s like, I stopped those days. I no longer look stupid. I have proof. You’ve been calling me all day. You’ve been FaceTiming me all day. You’ve been stalking me all day. I even got pictures of my baby daddy jumping the, jumping the gate to my home.”

However, the one good bit of news that has come out of this latest Stevie J and Joseline confrontation is that Stevie recently dropped his defamation lawsuit against Joseline.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Bonnie Bella deserves credit for that maneuver, as well.

We’ll recall that while Joseline was pregnant with Bonnie, she accused Stevie of molesting his other daughter (with former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Mimi Faust) and taking drugs. This prompted Stevie to demand that Joseline underwent a psychological evaluation while claiming that she was unfit to be a mother and ultimately led to him bringing a defamation lawsuit against her.

While it turns out that Joseline’s accusations about Stevie J using drugs were true, he ultimately sought treatment for his addictions. In addition, once it was confirmed that he was the father of Bonnie Bella, he turned his whole life around and spoke differently about Joseline from that day forward. Ultimately, he also dropped the defamation lawsuit against Joseline and promised to come together with Joseline for Bonnie Bella’s sake.

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