wwe news dolph ziggler heel turn hates john cena

WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Explains His Heel Turn And That He ‘Absolutely’ Still Hates John Cena

A couple of weeks ago, Dolph Ziggler brought forth a brand new attitude which resulted in a heel turn and a different path for him in WWE. The SmackDown LIVE star has finally revealed a bit of what brought about some of his recent actions and even let the world know about his strong feelings on a certain subject. A number of years ago, Ziggler told the fans that he really and truly hated John Cena in real life, and it appears as if those feelings have not changed.

Things started flowing last year when Dolph Ziggler won a right to be the number one contender for the WWE Championship held by AJ Styles. Baron Corbin’s constant interference got in the way of that, and since then, “The Showoff” has had a bit of a different attitude.

wwe news dolph ziggler heel turn hates john cena
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A couple of weeks ago, Ziggler attacked Kalisto and Apollo Crews and he cemented his heel turn in place. Last week, though, he attacked Jerry “The King” Lawler and many are rather confused as to why he would attack a WWE legend. Well, he explained his actions in a recent interview with Planteta Wrestling.

“Well, you all know that I’m a little frustrated and of course, part-time guys like Jerry Lawler coming out and having the ovation he had. I had to ask him very politely to stop doing (asking) me that questions and let me do my thing, let me find the way to win and for some reason he went out of his way and he kept bothering me and calling me a ‘loser.’ I’ve heard that from fans. I’ve heard it from other wrestlers but to hear it from someone I just (used) to look up to, it really bothered me and I knew that I really had to do something. Sorry…wrong place, wrong time Lawler.”

These comments moved onto something that was recently brought back up, and it was an interview given by Dolph Ziggler four years ago. As ComicBook.com brought up, Ziggler had stated that he really did hate John Cena for real and not in the wrestling ring or in the world of WWE. Many thought it was appropriate to bring that up again after Ziggler’s latest heel turn.

wwe news dolph ziggler heel turn hates john cena
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Planeta Wrestling, by way of Wrestling Inc., did report that Ziggler still has very strong feelings about Cena, and not in a good sense. He was asked if his feelings still hold true now and if he still thinks as he did four years ago during that interview.

“Absolutely. I would love to be in the position that John Cena is in with the company. Of course. To be that guy that is always fighting for the championship, to be the guy who is always giving back to the fans, doing something important in the business, absolutely. I would love to be in that position with the company and I’m not someone who says, ‘Hey, I would like to be on top of the company.’ I’m someone that works so hard everyday to get to that spot and one day I will get there or one day I will not, but one way or another, the fact that you work hard everyday helps me sleep a little bit at night.”

John Cena is preparing to take on AJ Styles at this Sunday’s Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. Ziggler is in the 30-superstar over-the-top-rope match and has a chance to win the main event spot at WrestleMania 33. If he can do that and Cena can win the title, maybe, just maybe, there will be a great feud coming with a storyline already in place.

Dolph Ziggler’s heel turn was honestly exactly what he needed as he had landed in a stagnant and very predictable career. Attacking Kalisto and Apollo Crews while also taking out Jerry “The King” Lawler had its reasons, there is much more that may come from all this change. Ziggler isn’t ashamed to tell everyone that he really hates John Cena. Maybe, this will lead to interesting storylines between the two in WWE.

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