Donald Trump's USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken

Donald Trump’s USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken [Opinion]

“The People” have turned their grassroots protests into action while revolting Donald Trump’s attempt on silencing the USDA’s public correspondence. America won today.

Donald Trump is seen as a bullying egocentric tyrant to his opposition. Specifically, many people say Trump has a hidden agenda for his recent actions and executive orders — as in, Donald possibly has a personal vested interest.

And, you’re about to read how his decisions are for his own gain.

Do you not find it odd that Donald Trump would demand the Keystone XL pipeline to resume construction in the same week he’d push a gag order on the USDA, EPA, DHHS, Department of Commerce, and Department of the Interior — all agencies who would publish information regarding the project and its effects?

Donald Trump's USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken - Face 1
Do you think Donald Trump has self-interest in attempting to silence the USDA? [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

These things seemingly go hand-in-glove with certain “underhanded” tones, do they not?

Why else would Donald Trump elect to silence public information other than to dismantle government transparency — much in the same way he chooses to keep a self-issued gag order on his tax returns?

America Doesn’t Settle For Donald Trump’s USDA Blackout

Earlier this week, the USDA sent out an email to its staff and employees at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). This email ordered the immediate cease of all information to the public.

If you’ve been following recent news, the USDA isn’t the only agency targeted by Donald Trump.

Well, the American people aren’t standing for such a display of cloaked government from the Trump administration.

Donald Trump's USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken - Face 2
Donald Trump’s USDA blackout attempt failed after the American people protested in mass, refusing to stand for this First Amendment violation. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Public masses descended on the likes of the USDA and demanded what’s theirs by mandate of the First Amendment.


On Tuesday, January 24, USDA “top officials” sent a memo regarding Donald Trump’s gag order. According to The Hill, the memo noted that the original email should never have been sent in the first place.

The source says the USDA’s initial memo circulated without first going through departmental direction or guidance. In essence, the correctional memo deems the initial one as “flawed.”

After adjusting the public’s view of the situation, the USDA noted as follows.

“ARS will be providing updated direction to its staff. ARS values and is committed to maintaining the free flow of information between our scientists and the American public.”

So, as progression seemingly digresses with Donald Trump at the helm, people are having more “concerns that President Trump is attempting to silence any dissenting views and control the messaging from federal agencies,” as notes The Hill.

Donald Trump Cares About The American Dollar

Donald Trump has already shown what his administration values. It’s the facade of Christianity.

Shaun King mentions, in New York Daily News, that Trump and his administration don’t exemplify the “Fruit of the Spirit,” which is a key backbone in the Christian faith.

Specifically, King notes “gentleness, peace, and self-control” as just a few traits absent in Trump and his administration.

It’s Donald Trump’s first week in office, and he’s already made multiple self-satisfying, executive decisions.

More than Christianity, it seems his main concern is the all-encompassing dollar — more specifically, his dollar.

While Trump says he cares about the American people, are Native Americans not considered “American people”? Does Donald Trump not care about the many families he’s going to hurt with Keystone?

There are several studies which specifically state the Keystone XL pipeline is extremely harmful to residents’ health along its path. But, Donald Trump’s actions show that he doesn’t care.

He probably cares more about the $250,000 he invested in the company behind the pipeline’s construction, as reports RT.

Ah, yes. It’s all starting to come to light, right?

A few years ago, Auburn University released an article titled “Oil Pipelines and Spills: Keystone XL.” In the write up, the university says — despite Keystone’s claim that its pipeline is the safest in North America — several “residents near the construction have experienced health detriments.”

Donald Trump's USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken - Keystone XL pipeline
According to research findings, the Keystone XL pipes have the potential to make residential waters just as filthy as the water in Flint, Michigan. [Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

“Even though the Keystone XL website states that it will be the ‘safest pipeline’ in North American, shabby construction work has already had to be redone,” notes Auburn University.

Donald Trump’s Pipeline: A Danger From The Start

The aforementioned article is from 2014. Apparently, this project has been wacky from the start.

Donald Trump's USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken - Keystone XL pipeline 2
It’s not like Donald Trump hasn’t seen the protests and been briefed on the research regarding Keystone’s detrimental hazards. He just chooses to ignore them. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

So, does it start to make more sense why Donald Trump would attempt to black out any new information regarding health, food, law enforcement, etc.? This construction could affect each department.

The university gives the following example in the article.

“Ponca City, Oklahoma is an example of one of the cities that is being affected by the expansion of the Keystone pipeline. Ponca City is now receiving an increased amount of toxic emissions from tar sand transport. Tar sand is composed of sand, petroleum, and mineral salts; a highly toxic class of chemicals are also added (Tar Sands Blockade).

“Tar sand produces 17 percent more greenhouse gases than traditional crude oil (NPR). The air quality has become life threatening, and residents are forced to breathe in dangerous emissions. Children in surrounding the new pipeline are 56 percent more likely to develop leukemia versus children that live ten miles away.”

So, knowing this, why would Donald Trump restart this agenda? You probably know it’s self-serving.

Then, as a cover-up, Trump’s USDA blackout attempt occurs. Feel free to express your feelings in the comments below regarding the pipeline and media gag order.

[Feature Image by Drew Angerer/Mark Wilson/Alex Wong/Getty Images]