‘Fixer Upper’ Rumors: Chip Gaines To Get His Own Store

With so much controversy surrounding the stars of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, we have almost all but forgot the latest Fixer Upper rumors about Chip and Joanna Gaines, who — in hindsight — are all but tame compared to the El Moussa’s. The latest Fixer Upper rumors confirm that the Gaines’ are continuing in their family-friendly vein by being in the news for positive reasons — this time, because Chip is finally getting his own store!

That’s the word from People Magazine, whose latest round of Fixer Upper rumors has all the details we could possibly ever want about Chip’s new little shop. It’s actually a little outpost contained within the Magnolia Market at the Silos, which is owned by Chip’s wife — and the other half of the Fixer Upper team — Joanna Gaines. The market, which gets more than 20,000 visitors a week, also has a garden and a bake shop contained within the silos, so it’s literally like getting a full shopping experience in one center!

So, what can fans of the show — and of the Gaines’ — expect from Chip’s little outpost? According to the latest Fixer Upper rumors from the Dallas News, Chip’s Corner, the name of the shop, is just as all-American as he is. Namely, it’s set to feature work shirts and hats, and other small tools that Chip will have picked out and endorsed. And for those fans who can’t get to Waco but are interested in purchasing some of Chip’s wares, they can check out his store’s online boutique, where he will make most of what’s available there.

And, if you simply can’t wait to get your fill of Chip and Joanna Gaines, take heart in knowing that most of their wares available online will be shipped to your front door via FedEx.

However, a spokesman for the store said that there will be some things that you can only find in the store, and that won’t be made available online.

“Jo does that so that people who come from out of town can purchase items that they haven’t already seen on our online store,” he said.

While, certainly, Chip and Joanna Gaines have been in the news because of less than noble reasons lately, the latest Fixer Upper rumors from Norfolk Daily News suggests that most of the criticism directed towards the couple is unfounded, and unfair.

In fact, the Norfolk Daily News goes one step further, and suggests that Chip and Joanna Gaines should be exempt from criticism completely.

“Since the Gaineses have never used what is arguably a tremendous public platform to articulate their beliefs about gay marriage, it’s safe to assume it’s not something they feel compelled to address. And their status as public figures doesn’t give anyone the right to demand they reveal their beliefs, either. Federalist writer Hans Fience explains, “Liberal fans of ‘Fixer Upper’ are in full-blown panic mode after learning that people they’ve fallen in love with are, by their own rules, unlovable.” It’s as if one alleged belief of the couple and the religion of which they are a part eclipses everything else about them. That doesn’t sound particularly liberal. And it should hardly be a reason to attack the Gaineses, much less to stop watching their show.”

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[Featured Image by HGTV]