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WWE News: NJPW Star Kenny Omega Claims If He’s In The Royal Rumble, He’s ‘Winning The Whole Thing’

NJPW star Kenny Omega may be headed to WWE, but he being very coy about how he answers questions regarding it. However, he did let it slip that he might have some plans for the day the WWE Royal Rumble takes place. Obviously we know that the Rumble is this Sunday night, the 29th of January. It will be a pretty big day for whoever wins the Royal Rumble, but as of now, there is really no indication a certain person will win it.

This may be the most unpredictable Royal Rumble match ever, as there are at least a dozen people who could win the match. It is clearly an event that Las Vegas is going to have a lot of fun with, and the winner of the pot may leave with lots of money. Regardless of what happens in Las Vegas, there is a lot of talk about New Japan star Kenny Omega and what his plans are for the Royal Rumble event.

As it stands currently, he will be in Chile this Saturday. This means if he does plan to be at WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, he would need to take a flight into San Antonio, Texas right after the event in Chile was over. Either this or he cancels his appearance last minute to hopefully make it to Texas on time. The question is, will he even be there at all? During a Q and A in the UK, a man said, “see you on the 29th” where Kenny Omega responded in a very interesting way, saying as follows.

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“The most I can say right now, and this may disappoint some people…IF some of you guys of you guys are subscribers to the network and you’re looking forward to something happening or not happening on the 29th, I am not sure I can pull a rabbit out of the hat by that date. That’s all I can say for now. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, I’m not saying anything. That might be asking too much at this time. That’s literally the most news I’ve given anyone up to this point. If I’m in it though, I’m pretty sure I’m winning the whole thing.”

This response was very interesting. Kenny Omega did his best political voice in it and pretty much gave you the assumption that literally anything could happen. However, we can probably pick apart what he said a bit more due to how he responded. It is has been reported by the Wrestling Observer, among other sources, that Omega’s deal with NJPW expires on the 31st of this month.

This made people expect that if he did make a jump to the WWE, he could not be there until at least February. However, Kenny Omega said he was a free agent on all the podcasts he took part in. This led many to assume that a jump to the WWE was imminent and that he could make an appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV this weekend.

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What Omega did was basically tell us that it might be impossible for him to make a Rumble appearance happen because of his New Japan contract. He said it is not impossible because he may have a chance to get an early out. Either way, he did not want to get everyone’s hopes up. He did end by still giving some fans hope that if he did appear he would win the Royal Rumble match — which is pretty big.

What is so interesting about the entire snippet was that Kenny Omega never said WWE one time in the question and answer. He used dates and said “network,” which were obviously keywords to use regarding WWE but never did he say “WWE” in his answer. He simply kept away from the WWE name most likely because he felt that saying it might start even more fires. As of now, he has not signed wit anyone and could always stay in Japan. That said, we should not expect him to make the WWE jump regardless of how good it may very well be for his career to do so.

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