Rihanna & Chris Brown are being accused of getting back together

Chris Brown & Rihanna Accused Of Getting Back Together & Hiding Their Romance

Chris Brown and Rihanna have not confirmed reports claiming they could be dating again, but that isn’t stopping their fans from claiming that the twosome could be very much back together and hiding their alleged secret romance.

After the couple’s names were once again thrown together in recent weeks—namely through Soulja Boy’s recent rant and their recent run-in at a New York club—a number of social media users are now speculating that Rihanna and Chris could already be back together and hiding their romance.

Fans of the duo, who split in 2013 after being on and off for several years when it comes to their seriously rocky romance, headed to Twitter to put forward the theory of the couple possible dating in secret, speculating that Chris and Rihanna may already been dating again after the “Diamonds” singer split with Drake in October.

“So we all just gonna ignore the fact that Chris and Rihanna are back together?” Twitter user @jesslinzay wrote, speculating that the two may be back together and dating again, while @SColemann wrote, “Chris and Rihanna in the same places now… I need them to get back together.”

Rihanna & Chris Brown back together at the 2013 Grammys
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Other Rihanna and Brown fans even speculated that Chris’s New York club run-in with his former girlfriend could have been a cover for their supposedly reconciled romance, which has been widely speculated on in recent weeks.

“@chrisbrown @rihanna why both of ya’ll in NYC in the same club and leave like 5min after the other? #comebackseason,” Twitter user @jehanplata asked Rihanna and Brown on Twitter alongside a side eye emoji.

But while fans are accusing Rihanna and Brown of potentially hiding the fact that they may be dating again, it’s not thought that Chris and the pop star interacted in the club as onlookers told Hollywood Life that Rihanna did not speak to Brown, but allegedly wanted to.

“She saw [Chris], she made sure to get a few looks from across the way at him and thought he looked cute,” an onlooker claimed of how Rihanna supposedly reacted when she saw her ex-boyfriend in the Big Apple. “[Rihanna’s] sure that he saw her too.”

The source then went on to claim that Rihanna allegedly wanted to speak to Chris Brown amid the secret dating and reconciliation rumors, but did not interact with him for fears that seeing the twosome together would create a serious scene after it was reported that she and Brown were supposedly back on speaking terms and had even allegedly met up in recent weeks.

“Her friends were pushing her to go and talk to [Chris] and say hello but he was with another girl and with his friends and she didn’t want to cause a crazy scene,” the insider claimed of why Rihanna reportedly stayed away from Brown. “As far as trying to connect and say what’s up to one another, it just wasn’t the night.”

But while Rihanna and Brown allegedly didn’t speak during their club run-in, the dating speculation was then sent into overdrive once again after it was reported last week that both Chris and Rihanna would be in Paris, France, at the same time.

Though there’s no evidence that Chris and Rihanna were together in the European city, some Twitter user alleged that their simultaneous trip to France could have seen the former couple spend some time together, despite Brown’s past arrest for domestic violence against the singer.

Rihanna and Chris Brown perform on stage during Z100's Jingle Ball
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“Chris and Rihanna spotted at the same club in [New York]. Now they’re both heading to Paris,” @Chrisbreezy_90 speculated amid the dating rumors claiming Brown and his ex could be back together last week. “Coincidence or…?”

“Chris and Rihanna in Paris at the same time,” @ladyadri24 then added, suggesting Brown and Rihanna could now have reconciled more than three years after they officially called it quits and may now be dating in secret. “What a coincidence!”

However, there are no reports claiming that Rihanna and Brown spent any time together in Paris, despite the rampant dating speculation, and neither have commented on the swirling rumors claiming that they could have reconciled but are keeping their potentially reignited romance a secret.

Do you think there’s a chance Rihanna and Chris Brown could be dating again?

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