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Word Leaks That Trump VP Mike Pence Allegedly Calls Wife Karen ‘Mother,’ Internet Goes Crazy

The internet lit up over the last day or so when word that Trump VP Mike Pence has what he thinks is an endearing name for his wife, Karen Pence, but the majority opinion is that it might have been acceptable in 1817, but it’s odd, and a bit creepy in 2017. Pence reportedly calls his wife “Mother,” as in, “Mother, what are we having for dinner?” or “Mother, give me a kiss.”

Many of Mike Pence’s opinions and habits strike many on a national stage, or perhaps outside of Indiana, a state which has elected him to office many times, as behind the times, odd, and even homophobic, says the Inquisitr. Members of the LGBT community want Pence to have an open discussion on conversion therapy, which is also known as “praying the gay away.” Pence also believes that employers should not have to foot the bill for things like birth control or any other treatment that goes against their religious beliefs. Indiana now has some of the strictest abortion laws in the country, which is a source of great pride for Pence.

Rolling Stone recalled a conversation that took place at the Indiana Governor’s Mansion when Mike Pence was in office, and Karen Pence was the First Lady of Indiana. At a dinner party that included some of the Democrats in the legislature, Pence only referred to wife Karen as Mother.

“Mother, Mother, who prepared our meal this evening?”


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Supposedly, the Democrats locked eyes with each other as if to say, “did he just call her Mother? That’s his wife, not his mom, right?” In recalling the story, all stayed quiet, thinking that Pence was perhaps pulling their legs, but then, it happened again.

“Mother, Mother, whose china are we eating on?”

Elite Daily says that people on Twitter think this might just be the creepiest thing about Mike Pence, essentially de-sexualizing his wife, referring to her as “Mother.” Many parents, when they have young children, will say, “ask your mom” or “dad says it’s time to go to bed,” but call each other mother and father in the absence of children under 12 is a bit of a throwback.

“This might be the worst thing about Mike Pence.”

Upon learning this, others think it makes perfect sense.

“Mike Pence calling his wife ‘Mother’ is the most ‘on-brand’ s**t I’ve ever heard.”

Many are now saying that upon learning this, he is certainly even less likable.

Death and Taxes suggests that there are some people out there with folksy affectations, in the south, and the midwest, that might say such a thing from time to time, but likely not as a default, and not in the absence of children. Mike and Karen Pence have adult children, so to many, this is further cementing the idea that Pence talks down to and about women, labeling them with a general noun that can be applied to adult females.

But Death and Taxes thinks that this just might be Mike Pence’s thing, as he believes that women should be told how to make decisions about their own bodies.

“His extreme anti-choice beliefs, which according to Rolling Stone have even isolated many of his colleagues on the Right, seem to illuminate that Pence considers women as little more than sacks for gestating fetuses. He calls his wife ‘Mother,’ but perhaps that’s what he calls all women with ovaries.”


Do you think it’s creepy that Trump VP Mike Pence calls his wife, Karen Pence, “Mother?”

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