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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Cast: Did Noah Brown Secretly Marry Girlfriend Rhain? [Rumor]

Did Alaskan Bush People cast member Noah Brown secretly marry his girlfriend, Rhain? There are a few reports floating around the internet this week that claim that Noah and Rhain have tied the knot, as evidenced by a new mysterious ring worn by Rhain on that finger.

According to Radar Online, Noah Brown just introduced his new girlfriend to his family on the most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People. Not long after the episode aired, at least one photo of her wearing what appears to be a wedding band popped up on the internet. Now, some fans are wondering if Noah and Rhain are actually husband and wife.

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Here is what we know about Rhain.

The newest Alaskan Bush People cast member (presuming she makes more than one appearance on her boyfriend’s family’s show) is 26-years-old and is from Oregon. She, like Noah, is an “avid hunter and fisher.” Her birth name is Ruth Alisha Merrill but she will soon be legally changing her name to Rhain. According to Radar Online, she filed an official petition to do so.

“This could be Noah’s first real relationship. He previously ‘dated’ brunette beauty Karryna Kauffman, who was later revealed to be a California-based actress and model.”

Given this information, it is easy to understand why people are curious about Noah Brown and Rhain’s relationship.

Since the Alaskan Bush People cast has been accused of faking scenes and other things on the show in the past — and Noah Brown didn’t actually date Karryna Kauffman — many are wondering if his relationship with Rhain is the real deal.

Now, for the marriage rumors.

A site called Railing Kill posted a picture of Rhain wearing what appears to be a wedding band. The site claims that it was “only a matter of time” before photos of Noah and Rhain together surfaced. The site then seems to questions whether or not Noah and Rhain secretly wed in Las Vegas, pointing out Rhain’s ring.

The Alaskan Bush People cast has been in the news quite a bit over the years. In fact, another recent report from Radar Online has more “proof” that the show is fake (that it is actually scripted).

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The report claims that a recent episode of Alaskan Bush People was filmed “just for television” and that the Brown’s didn’t actually want to do what they did — and that was buy a milking cow.

“On last week’s episode [of Alaskan Bush People], Billy Brown, 64, and four of his seven children bought a brown milking cow named Sabrina from the local town of Hoonah to help the ‘wild’ clan become more ‘independent’ in their Browntown village. But according to a local Washington newspaper, the Discovery Channel hit series’ crew set up the entire shot — and then got rid of the poor cow!”

Aside from Alaskan Bush People fakery being an apparent thing, the Brown family has also been in trouble with the law. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Billy Brown and his son, Bam Bam, were forced to pay a $12,000 fine after being found guilty of scamming the government. Discovery Channel chose to not get involved in the legal matters and kept the show on the air despite this clear act of fraudulent activity.

Fans of the Alaskan Bush People cast have defended them and continue watching and enjoying the show. Ratings are still good and Discovery hasn’t made any mention of plans to cancel the program.

Do you watch Alaskan Bush People? Do you think that Noah Brown and his girlfriend Rhain got married? Who is your favorite Alaskan Bush People cast member? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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