Andy Cohen Thinks Kellyanne Conway Should Join One Of 'The Real Housewives' Casts

Andy Cohen Thinks Kellyanne Conway Should Join One Of ‘The Real Housewives’ Shows

Andy Cohen is an expert on all things reality television. He is the executive producer of all of the Real Housewives shows, taking part in the madness each franchise brings. Cohen hosts his own late-night show on the Bravo network, and he has been known to make appearances on various other late-night shows as well. He is known for voicing his opinions and having no shame in asking for things he wants.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Andy Cohen wants Kellyanne Conway to join one of the Real Housewives shows. He actually has it all worked out and is ready to offer her a spot on the franchise, but the likelihood she would even entertain such an idea is slim to none. Conway is currently busy speaking for Donald Trump, enlightening the media about the “alternative facts” that are being reported. In fact, Cohen says her comments about the “alternative facts” are now one of his all-time favorite phrases. It could totally be her tagline for the show if she should decide to take his offer to join the world of reality television.

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This could really be a game-changing event for the Bravo network, especially since there hasn’t been a huge political name on any of the Real Housewives shows. Andy Cohen is completely serious about getting Kellyanne Conway on board, but fans aren’t even giving it a second chance. They have laughed since hearing his idea, especially since he was so excited when he talked to Seth Meyers about it. With all of the division in the country right now, Cohen has found a way to incorporate some of the nonsense into the world of reality television should Conway want a venue to show the country who she really is as a person.

There won’t be too much bidding done by Andy Cohen to rope in Kellyanne Conway though. He is currently busy on tour with his long-time buddy, Anderson Cooper. The two do shows in various cities, and when they aren’t doing that, Cohen is promoting his book. Watch What Happens Live airs several nights a week, and that also takes up a lot of his time. Cohen is a really busy guy and chasing around Kellyanne Conway for a role on a Real Housewives show just isn’t a priority, but if she wants it, the offer stands.

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As of now, there has been no comment from Kellyanne Conway about Andy Cohen and his offer to join the Real Housewives franchise. She has been a little bit busy working with the current president and will likely remain in that capacity for the next four years. It would be interesting to see how Conway would be among a bunch of catty, rich women. Unfortunately, it isn’t likely. Cohen always has outlandish ideas that he tries to bring to fruition, and this is one of them.

One thing is for sure; Andy Cohen will wait until Kellyanne Conway is ready to join the Real Housewives franchise. Fans have criticized his desire to have her on one of his shows, and he just laughs about it. It is more likely that you will see Conway on Watch What Happens Live before you will ever see her on a show in the Real Housewives chain. It will be interesting to see how serious Cohen is about getting her on his show as a guest and how Conway would handle herself in a reality television situation. With all of the chaos going on in the country, Andy Cohen knows how to throw everything together to try and make a buck while giving the people what he thinks they want.

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