Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly indulge in naked lsebian act on top of a piano

Jemma Lucy And Chantelle Connelly Share Steamy Naked Lesbian Moment On Top Of A Piano

Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly had quite a hot and steamy moment in front the camera as they posed while naked and having a very lesbian moment on a piano.

Lucy had posted a teaser photo of the shoot on her Instagram page a few days ago, thus building up anticipation for the rest of the photos. Well, it looks like they are finally out and they were very much worth the wait. They feature the two beautiful ladies posed for the camera while seated on a grand piano and they also happened to be naked and in a very sexual position.

“Sneaky peak, an unedited version with me gallllyyyy @chantellegshore just hold tight for the edits!” Jemma captioned the photo which she uploaded on Instagram.

Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly indulge in naked lsebian act on top of a piano
[Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]

It is not always about beauty and the beast

Jemma and Connelly had their hands all over each other in the photo. The first snap from the shoot featured the two ladies sitting on the piano with Lucy’s hands placed on Chantelle’s back right above her. Chantelle had her arms on Jemma’s shoulders while strategically positioning them to hide their breasts. She also had one leg visibly on top of Jemma’s thigh such that they were very close to each other. The fact that they were completely beautiful and naked also made it more scandalous.

Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly indulge in naked lsebian act on top of a piano
[Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]

Spicing things up with some ink

The two ladies added a bit of flare to their naked shoot thanks to loads of tattoos on their bodies. Jemma had tattoos all over her neck and a bit on her forehead though they looked more like temporary tattoos. She also had more ink on her arms and legs while Connelly had a lot of tattoos on her right below her ribs all the way down to her foot.

A different photo features the two sexy ladies posing while standing right in front of the piano with their hands once again all over each other. They were also naked in the second photo, thus leaving nothing to imagination and leaving a great display of their curves. This time their breasts were also clearly touching in what can only be described as a very erotic moment. Flawless skin was also the name of the game with their skin looking shiny and smooth.In case there was some confusion Jemma was the one rocking black hair while Chantelle was had blonde locks.

“Both women sport bronzed make-up, nude lipstick, and thick black eyeshadow,” Daily Mail reported.

There were a series of other nude photos from the shoot including one in which Jemma sat on the piano keys with her legs wide open while Chantelle opted for the pianist’s stool so right between her colleague’s legs. She sat facing sideways to protect her modesty while she also strategically hiding Jemma’s modesty with her body.

Jemma also featured in a few solo nude photos from the same shoot and she totally nailed it. The final edits from the shoot were exactly what fans bargained for and they were oozing with sex appeal. The provocative nature of the photo has also aroused rumors suggesting that a romance has been brewing two ladies.

A look at all the photos from the shoot reveals why it is so easy for such rumors to come up. Both ladies looked very comfortable with each other even while nude and with their hands all over each other. Whatever the case, the camera seemed to love them and the photos speak for themselves. Jemma and Chantelle do in fact look like they were having a very lesbian moment while playing around for the camera on top of the piano.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]