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Wonder Girls Officially Disbanding: The K-Pop Girl Group Will Release One Last Single As A Tribute To Fans [Breaking]

K-pop girl group, Wonder Girls, is disbanding according to an official statement by JYP Entertainment. The management agency released a statement on Thursday and broke the news.

The last few months have been tough for the K-pop fans. They had to come to terms with the spilt of 2NE1, bear the news of Big Bang going on hiatus and now, news of Wonder Girls disbanding. According to the official statement by JYP Entertainment, it seems the recent addition to the above list is Wonder Girls. The Statement said,

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are announcing that Wonder Girls, after 10 years, is disbanding.”

Of the current four members of the all girls group, only two will stay. Hyerim and Yubin have re-signed their contract with JYP Entertainment. They will continue with the music, MCing, acting and all other activities.

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On the other hand, Yeeun and Sunmi will leave the JYP Entertainment resulting in Wonder Girls disbanding. Both Yeeun and Sunmi have decided to pursue different paths on their own. The official statement said,

“Yeeun and Sunmi, after much deliberation, have decided to leave JYP Entertainment.”

Since the news emerged that Wonder Girls’ contract was expiring, there have been several rumors suggesting that the K-pop group will disband. Fans were hoping for the rumors to be false, but today all their hopes have been shattered.

Some fans have speculated the reason for Wonder Girls disbanding. They believe that the JYP Entertainment was sidelining the girl group for a new younger group. News had also emerged that some members of Wonder Girls were looking for another agency. Both the aspects have not been confirmed yet.

All four members of Wonder Girls left heartfelt farewell messages for their fans in a video. Sunmi thanked the fans for their support and also regretted breaking the bad news of Wonder Girls disbanding. As reported by Soompi, Yubin said, “To Wonderful, with your never ending support and trust, Wonder Girls was so loved for 10 years. Always, with thanks, I will treasure all of our moments together.”

Hyerim hoped that their songs would give comfort and strength to their fans and assured they would do their best to become a pillar of strength for their fans. Yeeun also thanked the fans with a similar message.

The Wonder Girls are one of the most popular K-pop groups. They broke into the Billboard Hot 100, charting at 76 with their single “Nobody.” They were the first South Korean group to break into top 100. The group began with five members but underwent several changes over the years, but has maintained the current lineup of four members since 2015.

The five-member K-pop group had debuted in 2007 and had over the years enjoyed considerable popularity. Some of their other hits include “Why So Lonely,” “So Hot,” “Be My Baby,” and “Tell Me.” They have also released three studio albums “The Wonder Years” (2007), “Wonder World” (2011), and “Reboot” (2015). The album “Reboot” was considered as a successful comeback by the K-pop group, Wonder Girls.

The news of Wonder Girls disbanding is too much to take for K-pop fans. Over the past few months, there has been a sort of “Kpopcalypse” with several established K-pop groups being affected. Last year saw disbandment of Kara, and 4minute a few months later. Recently, another prominent K-pop girl group 2NE1 disbanded, and fans could not even see them performing one last time. Their performance at MAMA 2015 became their final act together. But, for Wonderful (official fan club of Wonder Girls), there is one good piece of news, though.

Before officially disbanding, Wonder Girls will release their final digital single on February 10 which also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the group’s showbiz debut. The video is a gesture for thanking fans who have supported the Wonder Girls for the past decade.

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