Marnie Simpson puts her vagina on display at NTA

Marnie Simpson Goes Commando And Puts Her Vagina On Display At NTAs

Marnie Simpson almost brought the show to a standstill at the National Television Awards on Wednesday after she decided to put her vagina on display while commando and clad in a black sheer dress.

Marnie shamelessly walked the red carpet at the NTAs while leaving nothing to imagination courtesy of her see through dress. Furthermore, the star opted to throw caution out of the window by wearing absolutely nothing underneath. As a result, she gave the crowd and the audience quite a show in which they got to see more than they expected including her vagina and boobs.

This one ????????

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Simpson liked the attention she was getting

Marnie’s interesting wardrobe choice for the evening got her a lot of attention which she seemed to be enjoying. There was a lot to be said about her sense of style that evening but most of all, we admire her level of confidence. The dress was a long black number that had long sleeves and a high neckline. It would have been a considered a very conservative dress were it not for the fact that it was very see-through.

Marnie Simpson puts her vagina on display at NTA
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She might as well show off her incredible body

It was easy to see why Simpson had so much confidence in showing off with her daring dress. Underneath all that sheer cover, it was clear that the reality star has been working hard on her body. The results of long hours in the gym were a sexy tight toned body which was definitely worth showing off.

A closer look at the reality show star’s dress revealed that there was a nude colored material on the chest that covered her boobs thus helping to keep her nipples from being exposed. Simpson enthusiastically posed for the cameras before she was joined by her boyfriend Lewis Bloor and they posed together for a series of beautiful snaps. The two also confirmed that they are back together following recent rumors that they were working on fixing their relationship. This was after a previous breakup but they looked so happy together at the red carpet, thus proving that things between them are back on track.

The rumors that Simpson and Bloor were back together were sparked by their recent Instagram posts. They recently posted an Instagram Story in which they were together.

Marnie Simpson puts her vagina on display at NTA
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“Baby, you are so cool. Why are you so fit, man?” Lewis captioned.

The breakup did not treat Marnie Kindly. She confessed that she thought being single was scary and she blamed their split on the long distance between them. However, they were still in good terms even after the breakup and they still maintained communication. The Geordie Shore star had a hard time getting over Lewis but the two obviously have a lot of chemistry which is probably why they got back together.

While things seem to be getting back to normal in Simpson’s relationship life, a lot more has to be said about her choice of attire for the NTAs. Fans quickly took to social media to talk about the Geordie Shore star and her dress. From the looks of it, some of her fans were in dismay while others were disgusted.

“Was Marnie Simpson trying to do a Chrissy Teigen by showing her ‘bits’ at the NTA’s?” one social media fan inquired

Another fan expressed her disbelief in the fact that the reality star opted to wear a see-through dress without any knickers underneath. A lot of other celebrities took the opportunity to show off their stunning dresses at the red carpet but Marnie clearly garnered more attention courtesy of her sheer dress and the fact that she was not afraid to show off her vagina.

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