James Blunt gets naked to promote his album

James Blunt Gets Naked To Promote His New Album, Sending Fans Into A Frenzy Over Huge Reveal

James Blunt whipped his fans into a frenzy after he released a video of himself naked in the bath tub, and enticing fans by telling them that “he has something huge to show them.” The video shows James laying in bath tub, glancing down at his nether regions, before his huge message for his fans. Luckily for viewers, or not, the camera pans down to reveal an enlarged picture of the albums cover, a possible blessing in disguise.

This will be James’s fifth studio album release, his first since his 2013 release, Moon Landing. The new album, entitled The Afterlove, has seen James take his internet comedy antics to another level, blending his off-the-cuff sense of humor with some good old shock and awe. The singer-songwriter has also released a second video for the promotion of The Afterlove, in which he is also naked.

In his second video, the 42-year-old is dressed in a multi-colored robe which he lets drape to the floor. The camera then pans out from Blunts naked body, only to reveal once again, an enlarged version of his new album’s cover, more than covering up the necessaries. James posted the clip on Twitter with the caption, “Check out my 12 inch.” And it seems that his fans were more excited about the naked videos than his huge announcement.

Some fans admitted that they were a little too distracted by the singer’s physique to appreciate his comedic sense. Donna Green revealed that this is what happened to her.

“Had to watch it again as I was too distracted by your body and didn’t notice the album the first time.”

James Blunt gets naked to promote his album
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Wicked Sense of Humor

James Blunt has most certainly proven himself to be the “Comeback King of Twitter,” never afraid to poke fun both at himself, or at his reputation for making bland music. During the height of high-profile celebrity deaths nearing the end of last year, James thought it funny to post a self-mocking tweet to end the year in comedic fashion.

“If you thought 2016 was bad – I’m releasing an album in 2017.”

James seems to be a regular target for disapproving ears, but he does not seem to mind the banter as he is quite good at dishing it out, and is not afraid to ridicule himself. His snappy one-liners have the desired effect, every time. One social media user posted on Twitter that, “your music s****,” to which James swiftly replied, “And it’s taken you a decade to figure that out.”

In May of last year, James appeared as a special guest at the opening of the Invictus Games where he performed for thousands of adoring fans and distinguished guests. While most appeared to enjoy his performance, one Twitter fan voiced her dismay when she took to social media to give people a piece of her mind.

“Who the f**** invited James Blunt to the Invictus Games? He better be out of Disney World before I get there,” she wrote.

Seemingly without even batting an eyelid, the special guest shut her down, responding simply, “Prince Harry by text. BOOM!” The comeback received more than 3,000 likes and 1,000 retweets, and it’s comebacks like that that have made James Blunt the unofficial Comeback King of Twitter.

James Blunt gets naked to promote his album
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James and Ed

It has been reported that Castle on the Hill frontman Ed Sheerman has invited James Blunt to join him on the U.S. leg of his upcoming tour in March. The move is reportedly to help James attract a new audience, and coincides with the release of his upcoming album, The Afterlove. It has been reported by The Sun that the 25-year-old Sheeran has scribbled down a few songs for James’s new album, and the two are looking forward to the American leg of Castle on the Hill’s tour.

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