Psy Discusses Gangnam Style Dance And His Career At Oxford Union

The Korean pop star Psy took to the podium at Oxford University to discuss his career and global stardom on Wednesday, November 7, an honor which has been bestowed upon the likes of Mother Teresa, Yoko Ono, and Michael Jackson in the past.

The rapper’s song Gangnam Style has been viewed over 650 million time on YouTube, and the horse-style gallop that he patented in the video came about after he was offered a spot on a Korean TV show.

“I was so desperate to get noticed,” stated Psy to the Oxford crowd, “I went to a TV production company in Korea and started doing a dance – a crazy dance – up and down the corridors.” Apparently it worked and after that he was then offered a slot on the show.

He then added “I stayed up for 30 nights to find that horse-riding dance. I tried every creature: elephant, monkey, kangaroo, snake. The kangaroo hopping was too slow, so we ended up imitating a horse.”

Psy also revealed that he originally trained at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and then went on to pursue his own pop career, whilst also revealing his next single will feature a mixture of Korean and English lyrics. Apparently his appearance at the event was met with unprecedented demand. Queues of students waited outside the venue which hasn’t been seen in the society’s 189-year history and those in attendance were only selected via a ballot.

As you would expect his talk ended with all of Oxford Union’s committee members taking to the stage and participating in the dance with their guest.