Jacksonville woman punches pregnant sister over hair weave

Florida Woman Allegedly Punches Pregnant Sister Over Hair Weave

Cops arrested a Jacksonville, Florida, woman for allegedly delivering a series a blows to her pregnant sister in a dispute over a hair weave.

“A weave war has been waged in Jacksonville, and it put one woman behind bars,” WREG TV noted about the incident which occurred earlier this month.

The suspect, who is also reportedly pregnant, gifted her sister the hairpiece in question on Christmas but subsequently demanded its return on the phone, according to police. The reason for the give-back request is as yet undisclosed.

When the victim refused, the suspect showed up at her sister’s apartment where things allegedly got hairy in the confrontation and somebody allegedly may have flipped their wig, as it were.

The Smoking Gun described what happened next in the encounter between Tyteahni Reed, 24, and Aryanna Reed, 25.

“Tyteahni again ‘refused to give it to her because she had it on her head and didn’t want to go to work without it on her head.’ At that point, the sisters began scuffling, with Reed attempting to snatch the weave off Tyteahni’s head. Reed then allegedly began raining punches down on her sister, who is a month into her pregnancy.”

As set forth in the police report, Tyteahni Reed’s daughter, age five, allegedly told cops that Aryanna Reed “beat mommy up,” while another witness, an uncle, explained to officers that the suspect appeared to be the aggressor and the victim was engaging in self-defense.

Fortunately, Tyteahni Reed had no visible signs of injury, although she told cops that she was sore and was heading to the hospital to get herself and the unborn baby checked out.

The suspect was apparently gone when officers arrived, but upon being contacted, she voluntarily went to the police station.

According to the police report, the suspect denied arguing over the hair weave but confirmed that a physical altercation took place in the apartment, although she didn’t remember what happened after the victim allegedly put a hand in her face.

The police report adds that the uncooperative suspect yelled at the arresting officer “at the top of her lungs,” used profanity, accused him of racism, and was unwilling to provide information to enable him to fully complete the necessary paperwork.

Jacksonville radio station WOKV reports that the suspect was charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, a felony, and was released the following day from the Duval County Jail on a $35,000 bond. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office records indicate that there is no pending court date at this time.

The Smoking Gun added that the suspect had a 2009 arrest on her record for allegedly committing battery on a pregnant woman. The court reduced the charged to misdemeanor battery. The suspect pleaded no contest to the charge which resulted in a sentence of probation and community service, but she wound up serving 20 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation.

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