Melania Trump Assembles Social Media Team To March Into Battle Brewing [Opinion]

Melania Trump had every intention of fighting online bullying as part of her new role as First Lady, which she stated during Donald Trump’s campaign. Little did Melania know at the time that her goal of becoming an advocate would start by having to fight the online bullying targeting her own family. There is a battle brewing online with the Chelsea Handlers of the world and Melania is not sitting back and watching this all unfold without taking some type of action.

In the short time Melania has been in the public eye, she has already demonstrated she is not going to quietly stand by while others berate her and her family or start rumors online. This was seen with the threats of lawsuits made by Melania after it was suggested that Barron Trump had the diagnosis of autism by online trolls.

The creation of Melania’s social media team came on the heels of comedian Chelsea Handler’s immigrant shaming of Melania in a recent interview. This interview drew major backlash from both fans and non-fans of Handler, but this didn’t stop her from continuing this type of mean-spirited targeting of Melania. What is even more baffling today is why Melania, who didn’t do a thing to provoke this treatment, continues to be a target.

Donald Trump doesn’t need a team, or even another voice besides his own to battle the online vile. Trump has no qualms about lashing out at those who are attacking him on social media. The President’s life in business has given him the tools to deflate the best of the blow-hards online, but Melania hasn’t been up against this type of vile behavior being aimed at her until recently. For some unknown reason it has become a campaign online for people out there, like Chelsea Handler, to continue with rude and cruel remarks about Melania.

The First Lady has shown nothing but class since becoming front and center in the public eye, so biting back at derogatory remarks aimed at her and Barron is not a skill she’s honed in on. It is not as if these horrific rumors and disparaging remarks pop up once in a while. This is becoming a daily occurrence and Melania aims to send in her team to do battle.

Just by doing a quick Google search of “Melania Trump” you will find fake reports citing everything from divorce allegedly festering to a campaign that’s dubbed “Free Melania.” According to Fox News, this hashtag “Free Melania” was created after a video that shows a smiling Melania suddenly dip into a frown as Donald Trump turns away from her.

This has gotten way out of hand and Melania is taking action instead of letting this type of behavior continue. As a mom, it has to tear her up to see some of the things that have been posted about 10-year-old Barron online. One of the latest vile postings was made by a SNL staff writer, who has since been suspended.

For some unknown reason, this professional woman writer honed in on a 10-year-old boy suggesting he will become the first “homeschooled shooter.” The White House recently issued a statement asking that Barron Trump be off limits to the press, as seen below on the Facebook post.

The post by the SNL writer not only sent shock waves across the social media sites, but it was also met with instant backlash. Calls for Katie Rich to be fired followed, but she was put on suspension indefinitely, according to NPR. She has since apologized, but the damage has been done.

Now Melania is assembling a team to deal with these online attacks against her and Barron. According to the Daily Mail, Melania’s social media team is close to becoming finalized, and it is believed Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is heading this team. Winston Wolkoff worked in tandem with Tom Barrack to plan the inauguration events for President Trump. She is also a former Vogue staffer and Met Ball organizer.

Besides assembling this team, Winston Wolkoff is also tapped with interviewing for the posts of Melania’s chief of staff, her social secretary and a communications staff for the First Lady. This new social media team sounds like a tool against the type of online badgering that continues today.

[Featured Image by David J. Phillip/AP Images]