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‘Married To Medicine’ Quad Webb-Lunceford Reacts To Mariah Huq and Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Scandalous Claims About Her Past

On the latest Married to Medicine episode, Mariah Huq made some salacious claims about Quad Webb-Lunceford to Lisa Nicole Cloud. According to Mariah, she and her husband once financially supported Quad when Quad was so broke that she didn’t even have a proper home. Mariah also claimed that she helped Quad get a good job and connections in Atlanta’s medical community. According to Mariah, Quad repaid her by turning against her and trying to get others to do the same. Lisa, in her confessional interview, not only agreed with what Mariah said but added that Quad dated men of ill repute for money.

Quad has now responded to what Mariah and Lisa said about her and her past. On Tuesday, in response to a tweet from a viewer who guessed that Quad is tired of Mariah’s “bootleg tomfoolery,” Quad said that she is.

In response to another viewer who tweeted that the latest episode just showed that Mariah was never her friend, Quad said that it’s true and now everyone can see it.

Quad also called the video recap that a viewer did of the latest episode, in which he heavily criticized Mariah and Lisa for what they said about Quad,”well said.” Quad pretty much accused Mariah and Lisa of playing dirty just to bring her down.

On Sunday, Quad re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that told Lisa that she needs to change and that it wasn’t cool how she trashed Quad with Mariah.

Last week, Quad agreed with a viewer who tweeted that Mariah’s always looking for a fight with Quad. Quad warned that Mariah’s antics get worse in the next episode.

On the latest Married to Medicine episode, Mariah Huq, during a spa visit with Lisa Nicole Cloud, criticized Quad Webb-Lunceford for turning against her after all that she has done for her. Mariah made it seem as if she helped Quad, now married to Dr. Gregory Lunceford, get to where she is now, only for Quad to turn around and drop her as a friend once she was established.

Mariah, married to Dr. Aydin Huq, said that she and her husband helped Quad out financially and with her career.

“With Ms. Quad, she’ll get with these ladies and make it seem like I said all this crap about her but not one time will she utter what Aydin and I and my family have done for her. She won’t talk about when she came here and her license tag number was her address, when we were helping her pay her apartment bill. She won’t talk about me making a phone call, getting her in medical sales. Honey, Quad was working in a nursing home in Nashville. She had no place to live, and that’s okay because we all have a past.”

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Mariah slammed Quad for riding her coattails only to then try to harm her.

“It’s okay to lift a sister up but not okay for me to introduce you to my so-called friends and then try to turn them against me, like that’s crazy to me. Girl, do you not realize who you doing this to? The very person whose coattail you’ve been on this entire time. Are you kidding me? It’s a damn fraud, I mean that.”

In her confessional interview, Mariah accused Quad of going against her now that she’s done getting what she needs out of her to move up in the world.

“When I look back, I see that this was clearly a single Black female type situation. She wanted clout, she wanted friendships in the medical community. She was introduced to those things and now she feels as if I’m no longer needed.”

Lisa, in her confessional interview, added that Quad dated questionable men during her younger years in order to pay the bills.

“What Mariah’s telling me right now does not surprise me one bit. My brother-in-law went to TSU (Tennessee State University) and I’ve heard what Quad’s life was like pre-‘Fabulous Quad.’ I’ve heard that she dated the drug dealers, she dated the ballers, she dated the party promoters, people that had the cash. She did what she had to do to pay her bills.”

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Lisa reminded viewers that Quad once dated a drug dealer and it was her relationship with this drug dealer that led her to Mariah, who then helped her out of compassion.

“Mariah, when she met Quad, she felt bad for Quad because Quad was dating Mariah’s cousin, who was a drug dealer. He got busted. Quad was left with no one to support her and Mariah took her in.”

A flashback scene was shown of Quad, during a previous reunion show, admitting that she once dated a drug dealer and that drug dealer was Mariah’s cousin.

Quad and Mariah used to be very close. In a Rolling Out interview in May 2013, Quad even described Mariah as her sister.

“I’ve known Mariah for many years now. We met back in college. We’re not really like friends, we’re more like sisters. We sometimes disagree with each other but that’s not going to be revealed in the public eye. Why should it be? We really do support each other. It’s a real relationship. It’s not something that’s contrived.”

Yet that friendship deteriorated through the years and, as viewers have seen on the current season, is now no longer existent at all. Viewers are likely to see Quad Webb Lunceford and Mariah Huq hash out what went wrong with their friendship, with Lisa Nicole Cloud backing Mariah up, when the Married to Medicine Season 4 reunion show airs in a few weeks. As the Inquisitr reported, the cast filmed the reunion show last Thursday.

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