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‘Little People, Big World’ News: Amy Roloff’s New Boyfriend Speaks Out

Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World has moved on and didn’t stay single for long. She recently got a divorce, and now it turns out that Amy has already found someone new in her life. Radar Online shared the news that Amy is now dating a man named Chris. The two seem great together, and she is already taking things to the next level and letting him meet the family.

Amy is dating a guy named Chris who is a real estate broker. The two have already been together for about six months. He is from the area of Portland, Oregon and wasn’t shy to admit that it is already getting serious with Amy. He is 54-years-old and wasn’t scared to talk to Radar Online himself to share that they are dating. He said, “We’re officially dating, yes. It’s been fun! Amy and I are getting along great.”

When it comes to Amy Roloff’s kids, Chris admitted that he has already met all of the kids except for Molly. It sounds like it just hasn’t worked out for him to meet her yet. She recently got engaged, but Molly lives six hours from the family. Hopefully, they will find a way that Chris can meet her soon.

It is almost time to start filming Little People, Big World once again, and everyone wants to know if Amy Roloff’s boyfriend will be on the show with her. He doesn’t have plans just yet to do the show, but Amy’s new man also said he isn’t against the idea, and they will just have to see if it comes up. This will be the 12th season with the Roloff family, and things are really different now since the big divorce. Matt Roloff is still seen on the show, though.

IB Times shared that the fans were first introduced to Amy Roloff’s boyfriend last season on the show. He was briefly seen at the end of Season 11. Her new boyfriend has actually never been married before. The fact that he will be spending so much time with Amy makes everyone think that it is possible that he will end up on the show at least some this next season. That will be the best way for the viewers to get to know him better. Amy has been raving about her new boyfriend. Here is what she had to say recently.

“Moments are important and necessary to stay connected, develop and strengthen relationships and to stay connected w/ yourself. Had an awesome fun weekend on the beach sharing food, having great conversations, a 3 mile walk on the beach, playing games, having fun with awesome wonderful great longtime friends.”

Since the new season of Little People, Big World is just now starting to film in February, it will be a bit before the fans get to see it on television. It will more than likely air at the end of this year or start of 2018. That is a long time to wait to see Amy Roloff’s new man on television if he even decides to do the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Amy Roloff has found love again? Do you think that Chris should join them on their show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss Little People, Big World when it airs on TLC. The fans can’t wait to see the Roloff family once again.

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