First Family Walks Inauguration Day

Trump’s Bodyguard Rumor: Fake Arms And Hands Maybe Not Debunked? [Opinion]

President Donald Trump’s bodyguard appears to be wearing prosthetic arms and hands in a photo captured during the inauguration events. Although fake arms and hands might sound outrageous, this really isn’t that far-fetched. Some are saying that it is now debunked because one of the rumored fake hands was seen moving in a short clip, but could that be all part of the disguise?

The buzz about the fake hands started when someone spotted what looked like prosthetic hands on one of the bodyguards hanging close to President Trump during the walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. Like everything else, once it hits social media, it festers and starts to grow, which is just what is going on with this story today. The thought behind the bodyguard having fake arms and hands were so he can keep his real hand on a weapon, with the trigger at the ready under his coat.

Footage of Donald Trump, Melania, and Barron walking down Pennsylvania Avenue showed a group of Secret Service Agents on all sides of the First Family. One of those agents, or as the social media is calling him “a bodyguard,” had very stiff-looking arms and hands, which he held in front of him. For the entire walk, the extended fingers on one hand never seemed to move and the other hand stayed in a partially closed position and looked as if it were holding the end of a finger on the other hand. It was a natural pose, which is seen in the tweet above and below. This man’s hands stayed in the same position the entire time he was caught on camera during this walk.

What the social media users are suggesting is that this bodyguard had the prosthetic arms and hands strapped on, so it looked like his normal limbs with normal appendages. Underneath his open trench coat, they believe he was holding a gun with his finger on the trigger and at the ready if need be. Social media users did not just speculate any gun, some are suggesting it was a long gun, like a sub machine gun.

At first glance, the guy looks like he just has his arms bent at the elbow extended across his mid-section. Some very observant person took the time to watch his arms and hands and determined they didn’t make any natural-looking movement at all while they were on the trek down the street. The arms and hands were then deemed “fake” by social media users, reports Au News.

One social media user claimed he asked what some members of the military thought once showing them the video clip of the bodyguard walking down the street with Donald Trump and Melania. The answer, “Their conclusion is they believe he had fake arms so he could conceal a fully automatic rifle in the ready position under his coat.” He went on to say that “Numerous members of the military community speculated it was likely a FN-P90 rifle.”

If you think about it, it is actually quite the clever way to conceal a long gun away from the crowd while still having it at the ready in a moment’s notice if need be. Then a clip emerged on the Twitter page, God and Guns, that actually shows the bodyguard, or secret agent’s hand move. The clip is in slow motion, it looks as if the hand is moving in a rather mechanically looking way. This is seen in the tweet below.

With all the technology available today, if the Secret Service developed a fake hand and arm for the purpose of concealing a gun, wouldn’t you think they’d make it as realistic-looking as possible? That might entail having it move every so often so this type of story wouldn’t end up on social media. The hand might be computerized and either move on a timer or when the agent pressed a button, which would be concealed along with everything else. Is that short and rather mechanically looking move of the agent’s hand really going to debunk this story? You decide.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]