Sasha Banks Being Punished By Being Booked On Royal Rumble Kickoff Show

WWE News: Sasha Banks Being Punished By WWE Officials? Reason Why Her Match With Nia Jax Will Be On ‘Royal Rumble’ Kickoff Show

There is some speculation that WWE officials are punishing Sasha Banks by booking her match with Nia Jax at the WWE Royal Rumble during the Kickoff show rather than being a part of the actual PPV. It’s no secret that Sasha Banks has taken a backseat on Raw since the rivalry with Charlotte over the Raw Women’s title ended after WWE Roadblock. The Boss has been feuding with Nia Jax over the past several weeks on Raw.

Banks has been nursing a knee injury on WWE television since the end of the feud with Charlotte, which has been a bullseye to target as Jax attempts to make a name for herself in WWE by saying she has “broken” The Boss. Sasha Banks has gotten some retribution against Jax in some unique ways. She helped Bayley defeat Nia to become the No. 1 Contender and recently used a crutch to even the physical difference between them.

At the WWE Royal Rumble PPV on Sunday, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax will finally have a match to settle the score between them. However, Banks vs. Jax will be booked during the Kickoff show on the WWE Network before the official WWE Royal Rumble PPV begins. Many people consider a match on the pre-show to be a demotion, and some are wondering if Sasha Banks is being punished because her match has been taken off the PPV.

Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks Happening at WWE Royal Rumble
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Recently, it was reported that Vince McMahon is not a big fan of Sasha Banks. He considers The Boss to be a big star for WWE and a top babyface on Raw, but he and other WWE officials were not willing to allow her to keep the Raw Women’s title for a long title reign because of her history with injuries. Because of that, she is now being booked on WWE television as a top babyface in the midcard of the Raw women’s division.

Heading into the WWE Royal Rumble, a lot of people have been vocal that Sasha deserves better than being relegated to the midcard and to the Kickoff show during WWE PPVs, especially one as massive at this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. Some people are questioning if WWE is punishing Banks somehow by booking her on the preshow this Sunday. However, it’s being reported there is a logical reason why she’s on the preshow.

According to a report, Sasha Banks is not being punished in the slightest her match with Jax being booked during the Kickoff show of the WWE Royal Rumble. The explanation is the PPV card is simply too stacked, and WWE officials can’t fit every match onto the PPV’s card. Some matches are needed for the preshow anyway. For instance, the Raw Tag Team Championship match will be on the Kickoff show as well.

Sasha Banks Could Be Headed to SmackDown Soon
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It’s understandable why the WWE Universe would be so defensive of Sasha Banks’ position in the company because she’s been doing nothing but great things since her run caught steam in NXT. Considering her age, The Boss will be with WWE for a long time, so the WWE Universe wants to ensure her potential isn’t wasted by the powers that be focusing on the feud between Charlotte and Bayley heading into Wrestlemania 33.

It’s been reported that WWE officials are planning a Fatal Four Way match between Bayley, Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks for the grandest stage of them all. Other rumors are claiming that WWE is planning a huge match for The Boss in Orlando. For instance, a match between Sasha Banks and Stephanie McMahon has been rumored. It seems that no matter what happens, The Boss won’t be featured during the preshow of Wrestlemania 33. In fact, WWE officials are rumored to have some huge plans for Sasha Banks in 2017.

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