WWE News: Recent John Cena Promos Point Towards Eventual Heel Turn

WWE News: Recent John Cena Promos Point Towards Eventual Heel Turn

John Cena has acted very strangely since the WWE brand split and his appearance on the SmackDown Live television show. He lost cleanly to AJ Styles in a world championship match and cut a promo against fan favorite Dean Ambrose where he insulted everything the former Shield member ever accomplished.

Now, Cena is back on television and heading into a world title match against AJ Styles at The Royal Rumble and just about all of his promos makes him sound like the heel in this entire feud. Fox Sports reported that the Cena promo on SmackDown Live this week was very similar to when he was a heel and the self-proclaimed Doctor of Thuganomics.

WWE News: Recent John Cena Promos Point Towards Eventual Heel Turn
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When John Cena returned from shooting his most recent television show, he said he was going to fight AJ Styles for the world title at The Royal Rumble. He even mentioned that a lot of guys in the back might wonder why he should immediately get the shot, and he simply said that it was because he was John Cena.

That came across as incredibly egocentric and arrogant. It was something a heel like “Nature Boy” Ric Flair or “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels would have said when they were the top heels in the company.

However, John Cena is a face, or at least he claims that he is.

On SmackDown Live this week, AJ Styles came to the ring and started in on how John Cena is continuing to disrespect him. He pointed out how he has beaten John Cena cleanly in the past, and he deserves respect.

WWE News: Recent John Cena Promos Point Towards Eventual Heel Turn
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John Cena came out next. Instead of giving AJ Styles the respect he deserves for beating him cleanly and then carrying SmackDown Live on his shoulders, he insulted everything that AJ Styles stands for. Much like when he feuded with Daniel Bryan, Cena insulted the fact that AJ Styles wrestled in the “indies” before coming to the WWE.

AJ Styles was a world champion in TNA Impact Wrestling when names like Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and more were there. While the WWE wants fans to just consider TNA as an indie federation, it was much more than that when AJ Styles ruled the company.

AJ Styles was also a champion in New Japan, a promotion that is as major of a wrestling company as it gets. John Cena insulted everything about those promotions and simply said he was “built for the WWE” and that AJ Styles was just “a guy” who was holding the world title because John Cena let him.

John Cena then pulled a classic heel tactic and just dropped the mic and walked out on AJ Styles without waiting for a retort or response. AJ Styles claimed that John Cena did nothing but disrespect him and then John Cena came out and proved that AJ Styles was 100 percent right.

AJ Styles came out on Talking Smack after the show and WrestleZone reported that Styles continued to speak the truth. Styles pointed out that John Cena said he was never in the indies and then said that he would never have made it in the indies.


It was similar to what Daniel Bryan always said when he was feuding with John Cena. The guys on the indies could do things that John Cena can only dream of, and they would wrestle rings around him.

Looking at the last few years, guys like Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, and AJ Styles have all beaten John Cena cleanly. Those are all indie guys; people that John Cena continues to disrespect. One has to wonder how much longer John Cena can act holier-than-thou before the fans finally realize that he is playing the heel.

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