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Joe Namath On Tim Tebow: Jets Used QB To Grab Headlines

Joe Namath doesn’t like the way that the New York Jets have treated Tim Tebow.

The legendary quarterback, who has already stated that he doesn’t believe that Tebow is talented enough to start on an NFL team, accused the Jets of using Tebow to grab headlines. Why else would they bring him to New York and then sit him on the bench?

Namath said:

“We can go right to the Tebow thing. I mean, come on … If you’re bringing him in to play, where’s he been? Are you bringing him [in] to make other people practice longer? Are you bringing him in trying to get media headlines?”

Namath, talking on SNY’s “The Jets Blog Podcast,” said that the Jets need to be upfront with their fans about the direction of the team.

Namath said:

“I think that the fans haven’t been given a fair shake. I don’t think they get a straight story, often enough, from the powers that be. I think it’s kind of condescending talk a bunch of times, telling us how they’re developing and who they’re getting … We seem to have regressed with talent. The last two years at least. And I don’t know who’s picking the players we bring in. … I’m disappointed in the talent we have, and I think you gotta start looking at who’s doing the picking and why.”

According to Fox Sports, the Jets current starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, is the least accurate passer in the NFL. Sanchez has only completed 52.9 percent of his passes this year as the Jets have lost 5 of their first 8 games. Tim Tebow isn’t the man to right the ship but he may be a better option than Sanchez at the moment.

Do you agree with Namath? Was Tim Tebow a useless acquisition? Do you think the Jets had a plan when they picked up Tebow?