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Joe Namath On Tim Tebow: Jets Used QB To Grab Headlines

joe namath

Joe Namath doesn’t like the way that the New York Jets have treated Tim Tebow.

The legendary quarterback, who has already stated that he doesn’t believe that Tebow is talented enough to start on an NFL team, accused the Jets of using Tebow to grab headlines. Why else would they bring him to New York and then sit him on the bench?

Namath said:

“We can go right to the Tebow thing. I mean, come on … If you’re bringing him in to play, where’s he been? Are you bringing him [in] to make other people practice longer? Are you bringing him in trying to get media headlines?”

Namath, talking on SNY’s “The Jets Blog Podcast,” said that the Jets need to be upfront with their fans about the direction of the team.

Namath said:

“I think that the fans haven’t been given a fair shake. I don’t think they get a straight story, often enough, from the powers that be. I think it’s kind of condescending talk a bunch of times, telling us how they’re developing and who they’re getting … We seem to have regressed with talent. The last two years at least. And I don’t know who’s picking the players we bring in. … I’m disappointed in the talent we have, and I think you gotta start looking at who’s doing the picking and why.”

According to Fox Sports, the Jets current starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, is the least accurate passer in the NFL. Sanchez has only completed 52.9 percent of his passes this year as the Jets have lost 5 of their first 8 games. Tim Tebow isn’t the man to right the ship but he may be a better option than Sanchez at the moment.

Do you agree with Namath? Was Tim Tebow a useless acquisition? Do you think the Jets had a plan when they picked up Tebow?

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36 Responses to “Joe Namath On Tim Tebow: Jets Used QB To Grab Headlines”

  1. Anonymous

    Joe Namath is worth listening too, even if I happen to disagree with some of his comments. I do think that Tim Tebow can play quarterback in the NFL. I also think that the Jets have played him for publicity or to scare Sanchez. Either way (or both) it is wrong. Let Tebow play somewhere else or use him at quarterback now. The Jets have a history of sticking with a failed quarterback too long. Give the Jets fans some respect. And, by the way, they traded away Leon Washington they made yet another mistake.

  2. Peter Dagraate

    I think Joe Namath is a smart guy and knows his stuff but even he cant deny that Tim Tebow did what he had to to turn a struggling Denver team around! That was a fact. Another fact is that all the passes that Tim Tebow through for the jets WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I mean if the coaches want him to come in and Run only the defenses will be keyed on the Run and he wont get anywhere….they should let him pass as well…I don't think its fair to say he sucks when in fact THE JETS DIDn't GIVE HIM A REAL CHANCE AT ALL! Let him come in and pass, or run and see what he might add to the team…ITS NOT AS IF THE JETS ARE KILLING ANYONE WITHOUT HIM!

  3. Jack D. Daniels

    Namath may be a colorful character (we would all like to kiss Suzy Kolber!) but he does know the Jets. I think he is absolutely right about the signing of Tebow. And the Jets are paying for their silliness.

  4. Robert W Kinne

    Jets season is gone. Put Tebow in and let him have the rest of the season to show what he can do. Then draft a top prospect for next year. Joe has it right, for whatever reason. Tebow was a very good running/passing tailback in the high school and college offenses that were tailored to him. The Broncos had some success doing that, but some of their wins can be attributed more to luck than Tebow's skill. For example, catching the Steelers when Roethlisberger was hurting and not able to move much. Can a single wing offense win in the NFL? John Fox, John Elway, Rex Ryan, and Joe Namath obviously don't think so. Meanwhile, Tebow sells a lot of tickets and gets a lot of press, which the owners love.

  5. Darcey Newcity

    Rex Ryan is foolish not using Tebow. Jets fire him at years end i feel.

  6. R Roger Stewart

    Pete is right – Either let Tebow play, or put him on waivers. There's no sense in what the Jets are doing with Tebow. Given half a chance, Tebow might be able to do for the Jets what he did for Denver!

  7. Russ McCoy

    Nameth, your qb rating is a measly 65.5 and you threw 47 more interceptions than td's and your completion rate was only 50.2. you wouldn't even start on this Jets team…

  8. Guy Furfaro

    I would love to see Tebow get a starting gig on any NFL team so he can prove everyone wrong…again. He's a winner and will find a way to win. That's what he does.

  9. Katherine Van Dam

    Not sure what changing an attitude has to do with anything, but 5 wins with scores of (Dolphins 18, KC 17, Jet 17, Chargers 16, Bears 13) certainly doesn't show much of an offense, especially with the quality of the teams they were playing and some of those points were even scored by the defense or the kicker kicking 50+ FGs)

  10. Rob Warham

    Yes, they had a plan, TO SELL SHIRTS AND FILL SEATS! Tim Tebow may not be your sterotypical quarterback, but he does know how to win! Give him a chance and he will do his best to win! The guy is a winner! Period! The only person that has a lower completion percentage than Tebow, is Sanchez, and he is playing in front of him? Doesn't make sense…If you're not going to play him, why didn't you trade him!

  11. Steven Resnick

    What actually did Tebow do? He beat teams that were unhealthy. When he faced off against teams that were relatively healthy he was absolutely pathetic.

  12. Alan Ross

    Thank you Guy! All the Tebow haters out here do not hate Tim because of his skills… They hate him because it's popular with snobbish idiots. Having played football thru my senior year of college, I would say Tebow is a real threat to defenses. I started Cornerback for many years from Jr High thru college. It would be like trying to game-plan for Randall Cunningham – a left QB who can run his butt off… Only difference is Tebow is tougher and stronger.

  13. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    First things first…I am a big Tebow Fan! ( Gator Nation) Joe knows? Sometimes..he makes sense when he isn't drinking and kissing the ESPN sideline women reporters…I think the Jags should have taken Tebow..they are hurting in more ways than one…having him on the team..would fill seats..he is from Jacksonville…I wish the Jets would give Tebow..more playing time…see what happens..nothing to lose….I foresee..Rex and Tebow…moving on…before next season.

  14. Padre Twice

    I don't think it's fair to put Tebow in after another trashed season by another QB. The poor kid has been mis-represented by scouts, the media, and pundits. He has been condemed because he wears his faith on his sleeves and it has made others uncomfortable, so the way to shut him up is to make him insignificant and make him go away. Pathetic, yet he has handled it with patience and grace!

  15. Sonny Losoya

    Are you serious??? Denver's defense?? Really?? It was two month adrenaline rush from Tebow's presence!!!! pingm1, wrong!!!!

  16. Maximilian Knight

    Joe, I luv you… slobber…i want to kiss you…. slobber slurrr.
    Go have another drink Joe! Maybe your liver will unfriend you like the rest of New York wants too!

  17. Jerry Esposito

    Namath is duch__g and should leave the f__king country. He sold his soul to the devil in 69 and that's why the Jets have.
    not won a Superbowl since.

  18. Goonie Duran

    Tim Tebow is a great player and quarterback. They just put him in a wierd situation in New York backing up a popular quarterback Mark Sanchez.

  19. Peter Kwan

    Pingm1, it was the same defense when Tebow took over a 1-4 Bronco. Von Miller and Brian Hawkin said Tebow's winning attitude helped a lot of his teammates play better. His Bronco teammates liked him and nominated him for last year NFL top 100 players.

  20. Noah Landrum

    Go back and read stats, homies. Like every game Denver won last season was on the ground. About a 1:3 pass to rush play ratio. If Tebow threw more, they lost. No BS, man. Tebow is garbage.

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