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Malia Obama At Sundance Film Festival Sparks Fears ‘Wild’ And ‘Rebel’ Lifestyle Returned After White House

Malia Obama left the White House days ago and was reportedly spotted at the Sundance Film Festival — possibly not on business. Malia, a former first daughter for eight years, sparked rumors that she had returned to a partying lifestyle.

Malia Obama, 18, appeared at Park City’s Yarrow Theater on Tuesday for a screening of the motion picture, Beach Rats. Eliza Hittman is the writer and director for the film, according to IMDb.

The plot focuses on an eccentric teen (Harris Dickinson) in Brooklyn who battles the volatile landscape of home and self-identity. He balances life with a romantic female interest, older male pals he meets online and “delinquent” associates. Despite the lineup of films at Sundance, Malia Obama is garnering quite the attention.

One source in attendance claimed to have heard Malia briefly talking to a Sundance Film Festival crewmember. Reportedly, she said, “It was interesting,” though, as theWrap says, it is unclear exactly what Malia was expressing approval over.

Witnesses described Malia dressed casually in a green snow hat and a brown-colored goose jacket. Festival visitors made quite a fuss after learning Malia’s identity.

Radar Online reported a different spin on the story. It began its reporting by suggesting Barack and Michelle Obama’s older daughter was present for pleasure, not business.

“Malia Obama’s days of partying are far from over, it seems, as the former president’s oldest daughter was caught arriving at Sundance Film Festival this week!”

Based on the Inquisitr‘s previous reporting, Malia recently landed an internship with the notable movie producer, Harvey Weinstein. He is known for his involvement with blockbuster films like “Pulp Fiction,” “Lion,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “The Founder” and more.

Weinstein, a strong Obama supporter, supposedly hired Malia to work in his New York Office. It’s unclear what role — if any — the teen will have, but she has a history of previous internships with two TV productions: Lena Dunham’s “Girls” and “Extant” starring Halle Berry.

The tabloid said Malia Obama was not at Sundance on an official basis, which prompted rumors she was there to get her party on.

To bolster its case of possible scandal-in-the-making, the gossip site reminded readers about a Malia sighting weeks ago at the Ultrabar in Washington. Although she was not seen drinking alcoholic beverages, spies say she had a grand time — as evidenced by her reported scandalous “twerking” at the bar.

“She was with a bunch of young, tough bodyguards but they looked too young to be Secret Service. A guy came up to her and tried to flirt but she didn’t give him the time of day. She looked like she was having a great time.”

Another witness reported seeing Malia Obama — with Secret Service agents in tow — but she was dressed nicely, was well coiffed and left at a decent hour.

Reports suggest Malia is taking a “gap year” off from college — she was admitted to Harvard University — to relax from eight years in the White House and focus on her internship. Radar says Malia is likely pressing pause to “sow her wild oats.”

Malia has been at the center of controversy in the past when images surfaced of her near a bong in a dormitory room in Philadelphia. Reportedly, Mr. O was “furious” about the embarrassing attention circulating at the time.

To the Wrap‘s point, Malia and Sasha will likely enjoy welcome freedoms in the wake of leaving the “People’s House” and conforming to strict protocols. However, it’s clear that they won’t be able to live a totally incognito life in the near future.

Do you think Malia Obama was partying at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival or was as part of her entertainment internship?

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