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Fast Food Worker Accused Of Serving Burger Tainted With Menstrual Blood And Saliva

A Columbus, Mississippi, fast-food worker is accused of serving a cheeseburger tainted with menstrual blood and saliva. According to reports, the incident occurred on January 7 at the Jack’s Family Restaurant on Highway 45. Authorities confirmed 18-year-old Sky Juliett Samuel was arrested and criminally charged. Unfortunately, the customer was not aware that the food was contaminated until after she ate the burger.

In an interview with KFOR-TV, Columbus Public Information Officer Joe Dillon said the incident began with a misunderstanding at the drive-thru.

Officer Dillon explained that Sky Samuel and the customer were both frustrated because they were having trouble communicating via the drive-thru speaker. When the customer pulled around to Samuel’s window, “words were exchanged, and it went downhill from there.”

Tabatha Hollins, whose daughter worked with Sky Samuel, reportedly witnessed the incident. In a January 10 Facebook post, Hollins said her “daughter saw another worker put her period blood and lick cheese that went on a customer’s burger.”

Although Hollins did not identify Samuel by name, she provided a clip of a conversation between her daughter and another woman, who was reportedly identified as Sky Samuel.

In the recording, Hollins’ daughter questioned the fast-food worker about putting menstrual blood and saliva on a customer’s cheeseburger. The woman did not deny the accusation. However, she said she was not concerned about getting caught because she avoided the restaurant’s security cameras.

Hollins said she and her daughter reported the incident to the Jack’s Family Restaurant general manager. However, instead of disciplining Sky Samuel, Hollins said her daughter was forced to resign for making “false reports.”

Although Samuel was indeed charged with serving tainted food, Officer Dillon confirmed she and Hollins’ daughter were both terminated from Jack’s Family Restaurant for unrelated incidents involving “food theft.” Jack’s Family Restaurant CEO Todd Bartmass also confirmed the women were terminated for incidents unrelated to the allegations of food contamination.

The alleged victim said she was unhappy with the service she received at Jack’s Family Restaurant on the evening in question. Unfortunately, she was unaware that her food had been tampered with. She said did not know the fast-food worker put menstrual blood and saliva in her burger until she saw Tabatha Hollins’ Facebook post.

A subsequent investigation, which was conducted by the Mississippi Department of Health “found the restaurant is meeting all safety standards.” Officer Dillon also stated that Sky Samuel’s contamination of the burger was clearly an isolated incident.

In addition to the Mississippi Department of Health and the Columbus Police Department, Jack’s Family Restaurant confirmed they launched their own investigation into the “alleged food tampering.”

In an official statement, Jack’s spokesperson Miguel Piedra said the company is cooperating with authorities and the Department of Health. Piedra also confirmed internal and independent investigators have reviewed the video surveillance footage and interviewed employees who were working on the evening in question.

The Jack’s spokesperson echoed Dillon’s assertion that it was an isolated incident, stating, “alleged action by a single person, is not representative of our many dedicated and loyal team members who take pride in serving each and every guest with smiling faces and friendly service.”

When authorities were alerted to the alleged food contamination, a warrant was immediately issued for Sky Samuel’s arrest.

Columbus Dispatch reports the woman turned herself in to authorities at the Columbus Police Department on Monday afternoon. She was then transported to the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center where she was formally charged with knowingly selling “unwholesome bread or drink,” which is a felony in the state of Mississippi. According to reports, Sky Samuel was eventually released on $5,000 bond.

If the former fast-food employee is convicted of putting menstrual blood and saliva on the customer’s cheeseburger, she could serve a maximum of five years in prison.

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