Pokémon Go update Gen 2

‘Pokemon GO’ Update Won’t Revive Game, Fans Warn

A Pokemon GO update is coming very soon, according to Express. In a bid to revive Pokemon GO and return it to being the app sensation it once was in summer of 2016, Niantic is preparing to release a new update containing an enviable list of new features.

Niantic is about to release a Pokemon GO update with a long list of new features, including Evolutionary Stones, Shiny Pokemon, and Pocket Monster form variations. While fans of the hit app are wondering when they will get to try out the new features, experts at Trainer Tips are teasing that the update might be just around the corner.

A recent Trainer Tips video explained that Pokemon GO players on both Android and iOS will now be forced to update the app to its latest version.

“When Niantic forces users to update, it’s because they’re about to roll something out that requires you to have code and assets that are in the most recent update files.”

The video added that “something very big is coming very soon,” teasing that it could be Shiny Pokemon, Pokemon Genders, or Gen 2 Pokemon. Although there is no telling yet what the new Pokemon GO update will bring, players and fans of the app game are starting to speculate that it could be a full second generation of Pokemon.

The latest Pokemon GO build features an updated news function, which will take the form of a top-level button on the in-game menu. The latest news function will now provide the app game’s players with information about Pokemon Go events, patch notes, and new updates.

Releasing a new Pokemon GO update is a good idea, but it’s not what Pokemon GO truly needs, according to Forbes. Die-hard fans of the app game are arguing that the new update won’t really wake Pokemon GO up from its slumber.

Pokemon GO might seem as if it’s dead by now, but it’s actually only sleeping. While millions of Android and iOS users are continuously losing interest in the hit 2016 app game and more and more users are deleting it from their smartphones and tablets after months of inactivity, Pokemon GO could still wake up and take over the app market once more.

Some Pokemon GO fans are arguing that the new update introducing Gen 2 Pokemon won’t wake the app game up. Pokemon GO, which became one of the most popular entertainment sensations within just a few weeks in summer of 2016, needs fresh gameplay in order to bring back millions of players around the world and make them want to come back for some more Pokemon-catching activity.

While Niantic is preparing to roll out a full second generation of monsters, Pokemon GO fans fear that it won’t be enough to make a difference in the player base’s activity. The app game, which is often referred to as one of the most consuming entertainment forms in history, actually needs a full “year two” to bring all those millions of players back.

Pokemon GO fans are asking Niantic to introduce a new battle system, single-player progression, and PvP battles to bring fresh gameplay and truly wake the app game up. Apart from that, monster customization would also help spark some interest.

Pokemon GO would also benefit from some sort of guild system, which could be a good addition to the PvP battles. While these don’t sound like challenging things to do, they could make a huge difference in bringing back Pokemon GO’s massive player base.

Pokemon GO still has what it takes to be one of the most consuming app games of all time, but only if it gets fresh gameplay.

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