Finn Balor's Demon

WWE News: WWE RAW Star Finn Balor Undergoing Medical Testing To Be Cleared For A WWE Royal Rumble Return

WWE RAW star Finn Balor started off his 2016 pretty hot. He came in as NXT Champion and would eventually become the first ever WWE Universal Champion before he sadly got hurt and missed the rest of the year. This was horrible to see as WWE RAW’s top pick out of WWE NXT was someone they had significant plans for in 2016 and 2017.

Sadly, when Finn Balor went down, WWE had to scramble with what to do next, and that landed them on Kevin Owens, who was more than capable of being a World Champion by that time. He has been killing it since, but Balor had to leave after his injury forced him to have surgery. There were more problems than initially realized as he not only had an issue of a torn labrum, but also a possible bicep issue.

The prognosis is pretty good for the labrum issue as one can be back in four to six months. However, due to the other issues that took place, the thought was that he would be closer to the six-month mark then four. WWE did have plans for him to return at WWE Royal Rumble initially, but when they found out about the recovery time, it changed their plans a lot.

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Finn Balor still ended up on the WrestleMania 33 poster, making people believe the WWE has plans for him at the event. Although it is unknown as of now what those plans are, the fact that he could appear at all is terrific. Balor has even made great progress with his recovery. At one point, he was three weeks ahead of schedule on it, and that was believed to have increased

Dating back to December, Finn Balor was spotted without a sling looking seemingly fine. He has remained that way since, but he has stayed out of the ring during that time as well. No one knows what will happen when he steps foot in a WWE ring again, but it does seem like WWE is confident that Finn is ready to go. According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider in an appearance on The Taz Show, WWE is having Finn Balor undergo medical testing.

He went on to say that a decision to use Balor for The Royal Rumble will be made within the next few days. Of course, one imagines this would all hinge on Finn Balor getting officially cleared to return. He has to have a full evaluation done on him to see if he can actually work well in a WWE ring. People often forget that these men and women are not risking just their own lives, but those in the ring with them.

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If something goes wrong with either one, it could mean an injury for one or both. Pro-Wrestling is a dangerous form of entertainment. It is a live stunt show with a theater and athletic aspect to it. It may not seem totally real, but the falls and moves are taught, and you’re trained to take them. One slip and you’re on the sidelines with an injury. This is how Finn Balor got hurt in the first place.

Seth Rollins powerbombed him into the barrier, and Balor put his arm up too high and too quick, and that was when his shoulder was jarred out of place. Balor did put it back in place and finished the match like a boss, but this one mistake took him out of action for months. That said, you don’t want him to go out there and get hurt again or hurt another person. This is why a full medical workup is not only needed but mandatory before he steps even an inch into a WWE ring.

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