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Ruby Rose ‘Glad’ She Didn’t Transition To Become A Boy In Childhood

Ruby Rose is “glad” she didn’t get gender reassignment surgery, according to Fox News. The 30-year-old actress got candid about struggling with her sexuality in her troubled childhood but admitted she wants to have babies one day.

In her recent interview with The Edit magazine, Ruby Rose spoke about struggling with her sexuality while growing up in Australia and confessed she once took a beating from a couple of boys, who didn’t identify her as a woman.

Ruby Rose, who says she knew she wasn’t interested in girly things by the age of six-years-old, revealed that she was bullied by other girls while growing up. While all other girls played with Barbies, the xXx: Return of Xander Cage actress had Ninja Turtles and Superman.

“I was crazy about Archie comics. I played footie with the boys.”

Ruby Rose admitted she once tried “the feminine thing” and started wearing makeup and growing her hair. But the bullying didn’t stop there, as she was now accused of trying to steal other girls’ boyfriends.

Ruby Rose says she could never win the Boys vs. Girls battle because when she came out as gay, other girls thought she was trying to hook up with them.

“‘First you want our boyfriends, now you want us’ – that kind of thing. I couldn’t win.”

Ruby Rose also complains that after she had come out as gay, boys didn’t see her as a woman anymore, so she was once physically abused by a couple of boys and was even hospitalized.

Although Ruby Rose reveals she once wanted to become a boy through gender reassignment surgery, the actress now admits she’s glad she didn’t do it. That’s because Rose proudly says she’s “a woman” who wants to have babies one day.

“I want to have babies one day, so I’m glad I didn’t make changes earlier in my life.”

Ruby Rose, whose new film xXx: Return of Xander Cage premiered in the U.S. last Friday, is currently dating Jessica Origliasso, best known for her pop duo The Veronicas. Although Rose says she wants to have babies one day, she’s not sure if getting married would be a good idea for her.

“I don’t know. Can you imagine? Ruby Rose in a white floor-length gown and her Hells Angels tattoos?”

Whether Ruby Rose deep down wants to tie the knot one day or not, she couldn’t be happier about dating her girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, according to Fox News. The Orange is the New Black star gushed over her lady love at last week’s premiere of xXx: Return of Xander Cage in Hollywood.

Speaking to ET‘s Carly Steel, Ruby Rose explained why she is happy in her relationship with Origliasso.

“She is the most amazing person. We just jam every night. We just play music and sing and cook dinner, and she’s amazing. She’s wonderful.”

Describing Origliasso as a “source of moral support” and “a moral compass” the Australian actress said she was “glad” her lady love showed up at the premiere event that night. Ruby Rose, who plays Adele Wolff alongside Vin Diesel’s titular character, has received much praise for playing a female lead character who’s gay.

While gay lead characters are not a common occurrence in action movie films, Ruby Rose admits it’s “special” and “unique” to be playing the character.

“Those relationships exist in life everywhere, but they’re not shown in cinema so much, so that was great.”

Ruby Rose also briefly talked about her upcoming role in the comedy film Pitch Perfect 3, in which the actress will have to put her singing skills to test. In fact, Rose admits that she hasn’t done much singing since her church choir days, so she’s “relearning how to sing again.” Fortunately, her girlfriend is a prominent and talented singer!

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