Members of the Brown family from the last new episode of Alaskan Bush People

Did ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Secretly Marry New Girlfriend Rhain? New Photo & Ring Spark Rumors

Alaskan Bush People returned to the Discovery Channel this month. Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People has, so far, brought on more conspiracy theories and rumors for the Brown family, including more fakery accusations and supposedly real relationships. Radar Online shared that Noah Brown introduced his new girlfriend, Rhain, on the last episode of Alaskan Bush People, and a new photo has recently surfaced online of the couple in Las Vegas, sparking rumors that the couple may have secretly married.

Railing Kill actually shared the photo of Noah Brown and new girlfriend, Rhain Alicia. The post that goes along with the photo says that “it was only a matter of time” before the new Alaskan Bush People couple were spotted in photos together online. Along with the photo of Noah and Rhain posing together, another photo is shown of Rhain wearing a ring. Now, rumors are putting two and two together and asking if the couple snuck off to Las Vegas to elope.

At 24-years-old, the fifth-born Alaskan Bush People son certainly doesn’t need parental consent to get married, but fans have been wondering if Noah Brown’s new girlfriend is indeed a real relationship this time around. Back in May, Radar Online shared that Alaskan Bush People had been caught in yet more fakery, adding that Noah Brown was dating an actress named Karryna Kauffman. Noah allegedly claimed, at the time, that he had randomly met Kauffman on the beach, but the couple’s relationship instantly appeared suspicious to fans, especially after the Alaskan Bush People family had been caught lying about full-time residency in the Alaskan bush.

Discovery describes Noah Brown as a “can-do kind of guy” who reads a lot, builds robots, and knows how to bow hunt. In fact, Noah’s bow is allegedly his “first love,” according to Alaskan Wilderness Family, but Discovery adds that Noah Brown also hopes to find his dream girl sometime in the future. Known as the “hopeless romantic” among the other eight members of the Alaskan Bush People family, Noah Brown’s new relationship with Rhain certainly seems like the real deal, according to Radar Online, adding that “this could be Noah’s first real relationship.”

Rhain Alicia, who’s two years older than Noah, apparently doesn’t go by her real name, Ruth Alisha Merrill, preferring to use the alias “Rhain” instead. Radar Online says that Rhain is Noah’s new mystery woman, adding that she’s 26-years-old, an Oregon native, and is an “avid” hunter and fisherman, like Noah. Rhain is also in the process of trying to get her legal name changed from Ruth to Rhain, after filing an official petition in Alaskan court last month. There is already one Raine Brown in the Alaskan Bush People family — Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter and “princess.” Is there room for another Rhain in the Brown family?

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Noah and Rhain were apparently not the only Alaskan Bush People caught in Las Vegas recently. Railing Kill also shared photos of other members of the Brown family hanging out in Las Vegas to escape the cold Alaskan winter. The Brown’s allegedly went on a road trip in their RV and are now spending some time at the Bellagio — a luxury resort and casino in downtown Las Vegas, which is very different from Browntown, Alaska. However, the Inquisitr previously shared that the Brown family doesn’t actually live in the Alaskan bush year-round, leaving fans to question the authenticity of Alaskan Bush People, including the new Noah and Rhain plot.

Catch the newest episode of Alaskan Bush People tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET. Season 6, Episode 4, titled “Dead in the Water,” shows the Brown family stranded in the water as “they try to accomplish a haul to Port Alexander” in turbulent weather, as summarized by TV Guide.

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