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WWE News: Goldberg Reveals Why He Remained With WWE After ‘Survivor Series’

When Goldberg returned to the WWE in the fall of 2016, the direction he was going in was a concern to many. It wasn’t that they didn’t care for the former World Heavyweight champion, but it was another part-time wrestler coming to take away spots from full-time WWE superstars. Shortly after his return promo on WWE Raw, Goldberg made his in-ring return against the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. In less than two minutes, they had the entire WWE Universe talking.

Lesnar was nearly unbeatable in the WWE. It took Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to stop the Beast from conquering once again at WrestleMania 31. At Survivor Series, Goldberg didn’t even need two minutes to pin Lesnar in front of a rowdy Toronto crowd. The reaction wasn’t what anybody was contemplating before the match. Everyone thought Goldberg would win after 10-plus minutes in the squared circle.

Goldberg And Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series
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Following his huge win at Survivor Series, the WWE Universe believed Goldberg was going to say goodbye to the WWE fans one last time and ride off into the sunset. After all, he was focused on wanting his son to see him wrestle for the first time. That was until he cut a promo on WWE Raw the night after. Goldberg revealed that he spoke to Stephanie McMahon and she asked if he had another championship run left in him. Apparently, he did.

Goldberg said he was entering the Royal Rumble match in hopes of capturing one more WWE championship. Many outlets reported that he changed his mind and was originally supposed to stay for only Survivor Series. In a recent interview with Brian Fritz of the Sporting News, Goldberg revealed why he decided to stay in the WWE past his original date.

“You know, I think the reaction of my son, the reaction of my wife and, you have to say, the reaction of the crowd. I’m greatly appreciative than anybody would ever know who I was, especially back then when I was doing my thing, let alone 12 years removed and the welcome that I got. I’m very humbled and it just makes me want to go out and work harder.

“I’m here in Cleveland, woke up at 5 o’clock, already worked out the first time today, ate a couple of times, gonna go to the gym again here in a little while. I’m addicted to this training thing. I’m an extremely lucky guy. Vince McMahon has opened his doors and I’m back at home. It’s a different experience this time.”

In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Goldberg also said that he would go back to a full-time schedule if he became the WWE Universal champion. Unlike the Rock and Brock Lesnar, it appears that Goldberg actually enjoys being back on WWE programming occasionally, rather than relying on the substantial paycheck to curb his enthusiasm. Much like Goldberg said, it is different this time around, even from a fan’s perspective.

Goldberg on Monday Night Raw
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He’s also taking the time to be a babyface the fans can support, especially the younger demographic. On his way to the WWE ring, Goldberg hugs the little kids at ringside. He even shows stages of transparency. On the January 23 edition of WWE Raw, he did his patented headbutt to the door and split his head open. A Cageside Seats article shared a Goldberg Instagram post that said he’s going to retire that bit for now.

Could Goldberg actually win another WWE title? That remains to be seen, but Brock Lesnar is right on his tail, trying to avenge his loss to the WCW legend at Survivor Series. WrestleMania is right around the corner, and Goldberg is here to stay. How will the WWE Universe respond?

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