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WWE News: WWE RAW Star Sasha Banks Still Pushing For A Move To WWE SmackDown Live?

WWE RAW star Sasha Banks killed it with Charlotte Flair in 2016, taking female wrestling to heights it had never seen before them, but could she be looking to do the same on the blue brand in 2017? Sasha Banks won three WWE RAW Women’s Championships last year, and along with Charlotte set the record for the most amount of reigns in one year by one woman. Charlotte then beat this record by winning her fourth before the year let up.

What she did in 2016 cannot be rivaled by much in WWE history, and that is a very good thing for her. However, it seems to some like she has tired of the red brand and may want to jump to WWE SmackDown Live this year. She made it known in late 2016 that she may want to win her next WWE Women’s Title on the brand. When a fan asked her about winning another, this is what led to the answer we saw.

Clearly, if you’re Sasha Banks, you want to be the best there ever was. Staying on one brand would ruin that because you want to win every title that you are eligible for. She would be the only woman to have won the NXT, RAW, and SmackDown Live Women’s Titles if she did move and win the title on the blue brand. Despite this, most seemed to think that Banks was done teasing a possible jump and that she would be happy with being on what WWE calls the “A” show.

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That has not stopped Sasha Banks from dropping more hints that a move to WWE SmackDown Live is in her sights. She wrote on Instagram recently…


In the midst of her great uplifting message, the words “SDWOMENSCHAMPIONSHIP” appear. This is clearly Sasha Banks dropping a hint that she wants to move to the SmackDown Live brand to win the championship before too long. This would be good for the brand if she did make the jump, as it would sort of even out the women’s rosters.

While WWE SmackDown Live does have Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, and now Mickie James…WWE RAW seems to be a bit more stacked. They have Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Paige, and Emma. While Paige and Emma have missed time due to injury, both are clearly impressive and would surely help the red brand when they are healthy and finally back on television this year.

When you look at the rosters, trading people around would not be a bad idea whenever the WWE Draft comes into play. It is uncertain who will get some of the WWE NXT women as of now, and if someone like Asuka comes up, she could easily take Banks’ spot on WWE RAW if they indeed did want to move Sasha to the blue brand this year at some point.

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Obviously it is uncertain if they will put her over on WWE SmackDown Live. However, she does want to be there, and that alone makes the move worth considering as of now. The WWE women’s roster may be the best they have ever had, and it continues to grow as they bring more and more amazing female wrestlers to the company. The question is, will Sasha Banks manage to stay in her top girl status if she remains with WWE RAW?

Charlotte Flair is their top chick right now, and it is unlike they will ever move away from Charlotte in that role until she decides to retire. Having Sasha Banks be the top woman on WWE SmackDown Live would make perfect sense, and as a character even more. Charlotte represents RAW so well, in that she is the one promoted and used heavily. She is the one they care most about and who they make sure to feature over any other.

Like WWE SmackDown Live, Sasha Banks is terrific and underappreciated by the WWE. She might be better, or on an even scale but WWE refuses to really acknowledge that as fact. They represent the brands so evenly that it is scary to see right off. If Sasha Banks does, in fact, move to SmackDown Live, it will surely work out very well for her, regardless on if she is a heel or babyface.

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