Emily Ratajkowski hides her nipples

This Is Getting Out Of Hand! Emily Ratajkowski Hides Her Nipples With Her Paws

Old habits die hard! Emily Ratajkowski once again left social media a better place than she found it when she shared a topless photo of herself. In the photo, her hands could barely do the job of covering up her bust well and only served to leave her fans in a frenzy.

When the picture was taken, the model-cum-actress was holidaying in Cancun, Mexico. And perhaps reminiscing and missing the good times she had there, she captioned the photo in which is also captured wearing black sunglasses and gold hoop earrings “Why cant this be right now?”

Even more sizzling for her fans into a frenzy was the fact that her brunette locks were wet and her body was dripping with water in the Emily Ratajkowski hides her nipples photo.

Why can't this be right now?

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In a response to her caption, one eager fan wrote back regarding Emily Ratajkowski hides her nipples photo saying”I think you mean ‘Why can’t this be US right now…'”!

Emily Ratajkowski hides her nipples
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Emily’s secrets

Just a few a few days ago, the actress shared a sexy video of herself wearing white lace lingerie while lying on a couch. This is most likely for an upcoming modeling gig as she captioned it, “Secret project in NYC today. Coming to you March 2017.”

Earlier, she had also shared a video of her wearing just a bra and jogging pants which she was pulling down in front of the camera. The caption of the video was “listens to Feeling Myself once” in reference to a duet by Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

While she may exude confidence and daringness, friends from her college days say she was a shy girl then.

Emily Ratajkowski hides her nipples
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“We shared a bunk bed and dorm room. She was nice, a great artist, kind of valley girl-ish, but pretty down to earth actually, very pretty girl. She actually had kind of a tough time making friends within the program, like she wasn’t interested in doing so. Totally weird now that she’s a big model and sex icon,” a Reddit user wrote of her recently.

Traffic-stopping commercial

As a model, Emily’s most recent gig was in New York City where she did a DKNY commercial. It was not just any commercial, however, as it involved her walking a dog while wearing saucy black lingerie consisting of a black lace brace and black lace briefs as well. She also had on a pair of black boots.

Owing to the confusion that might have arisen, or because she took a joke too literally, Emily had to explain to her social media followers what she was doing walking a dog in her underwear in 41 degrees New York weather!

As it has become clear now, Emily is not one to shy away from showing lots of skin. In 2016 she told the Evening Standard that she wasn’t bothering at all with regards to flashing lots of flesh.

“Like art, there’s a million ways to interpret it. All I can say is that when a woman is naked, that’s not immediately anti-feminist. I have no apologies for it, and I’m not ashamed at all,” asserted Emily.

Of course, this is expected of someone who got into the limelight after dancing in the nude in Robin Thicke’s music video, “Blurred Lines”.

Recently the model also landed on the cover of Vogue Spain.

VOGUE SPAIN! ????thank you so much. @miguelreveriego @belenantolin @makeupvincent @marandahair

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This happened even as her acting career continues to be on the rise. Her debut appearance in a feature film was in Gone Girl where she actress as a mistress to the character played by Ben Affleck. She was to later land a role in the movie version of Entourage besides also co-starring with Zac Efron on We Are Your Friends.

Golden Globes

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With her acting career on the rise, it was not a surprise to see her at this year’s Golden Globes accompanied by her little-known boyfriend, Jeff Magid, whom she started dating three years ago. Lucky guy!

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