Jenelle Evans Daughter

Jenelle Evans Daughter: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Slammed Over Sharing Breastfeeding Picture

Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter Ensley yesterday and she announced the news on social media shortly after the birth. The night before, Jenelle had been very active on social media, tweeting her explanation as to why the Teen Mom 2 producers kept pushing about the pregnancy news and why she was caught lying. As it turns out, Evans wasn’t pregnant at the time and had been told by a doctor that she was no longer pregnant. But her daughter showed up in her belly a few weeks later and they announced the news on social media when they learned it was a baby girl.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans was excited and thrilled to show off her baby girl on social media for all to see yesterday and she essentially invited the Teen Mom 2 fans into the delivery room, as she shared intimate pictures of herself and David Eason gushing over their new bundle of joy. But sadly, someone took the opportunity to slam Evans for showing off some skin in the pictures, even though Evans is clearly breastfeeding her baby.

“And she has arrived,” Jenelle Evans tweeted yesterday just hours after giving birth to her baby girl, who wasn’t due for another few days, but it didn’t take long for this new mother of a baby girl to face some harsh criticism.

“Anything to show your boobs,” one person wrote to Evans as a way of criticizing Jenelle for showing skin in her pictures taken right after birth, to which one person wrote in defense of Jenelle Evans, “You must not have kids. When you are about to have the baby most women want skin to skin contact as soon as possible.”

Of course, when mothers give birth to their babies, doctors encourage as much skin-to-skin as possible. This allows the baby to find comfort with the mother, learns the natural smell of the mother’s skin and gives the baby an opportunity to calm down after the trauma of birth. Doing this early allows the mother to have a safe place should the baby throw a tantrum later on.

“Yeah I don’t skin contact of course but her boobs are fake. Not much milk,” another person wrote in criticism of Evans, to which Jenelle herself replied, “Well I’m breastfeeding as we speak soooo…”

But luckily, Evans could focus on the joy of having a baby girl join her two sons. She already has Jace with her high-school boyfriend, Andrew, and Kaiser with her former boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Both boys have been caught up in respective custody battles and it sounds like she’s thrilled that she can keep her daughter with her right now.

“Let the collection of baby girl bows begin! she’s so precious and beautiful. I’m so in love with her already! Happy and healthy!” Jenelle Evans later revealed after getting over the initial breastfeeding and skin-to-skin session with her new daughter.

And of course, Evans faced criticism over her third child with a third man, but it sounds like she could ignore the harsh comments and focus on her baby girl. And in between the harsh comments, Evans did get plenty of positive tweets and even a few jokes.

“3 babies 3 different baby daddy’s where do I sign up to be number 4? I’m just out here trying to be baby daddy number 4 or even 5 I don’t care,” one person wrote to Evans as a way of either flirting with her or mocking her, to which other people just wanted to share their congratulations, writing things like, “Congratulations! Can’t wait to see her, I’m sure she is beautiful like her mama!” and “Congrats David n Jenelle!! I bet she’s beautiful just like her momma!! You’re doing amazing keep it up! Congrats again.”

“I think it’s in their contracts that they can’t show face until Teen Mom film,” one person pointed out about Jenelle Evans’ decision to hide her daughter’s face from the cameras, while another added, “Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!! Can’t wait to see pics but understand u want privacy right now.”

No word on whether Evans will have to wait until Teen Mom 2 starts filming again to show Ensley’s face, as this could be over a year from now. But she could have a magazine deal, where a magazine would get exclusive photos of Ensley before she makes her way onto social media.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans being slammed for breastfeeding her daughter on social media?

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