'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 20 wrapped up the acclaimed 2016 Korean drama.

‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 20 Finale Recap And Review: Fans Welcome Happy Ending As #LOTBSFinale Trends On Twitter

The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20 has just aired, and the acclaimed Korean drama could not have ended on a better note. The final episode of the K-drama was rife with emotion, goodbyes, and reunions, ultimately culminating in a final scene that was as sweet as it was satisfying for fans of the series. Overall, The Legend of the Blue Sea concluded as strong as it started, with the hashtag #LOTBSFinale even managing to rank among Twitter’s top trends on Wednesday.

The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20 immediately picked up from the final scenes of Episode 19, with the K-drama’s two leads contemplating the departure of Chung, the series’ main female character. Over the course of the episode, her departure and return to the sea, as well as her eventual return to the arms of her lover, Joon-Jae, were fully explored. Numerous fans, posting their views on Twitter, have unanimously lauded actors Gianna Jun and Lee Min-Ho for their performance in the K-drama’s last episode, with many stating that the dynamic of the two characters was no less than perfect in the LOTBS finale.

The final scene of 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' brought the K-drama's narrative full circle.
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In a lot of ways, The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20 managed to deliver fully, addressing many of the series’ weak points that emerged during the series’ run. After starting very strong and garnering some of the most formidable ratings among Korean dramas in 2016, several flaws and inconsistencies in the LOTBS narrative began to emerge. This all culminated in one of the biggest revelations in the entire drama, that of Chung’s identity as a mermaid, being completely underwhelming due to the manner that the reveal played out.

Nevertheless, The Legend of the Blue Sea caught itself by Episode 18 and Episode 19. Over last week’s episodes, most of the conflicts in the narrative were fully addressed, and a number of the characters were able to complete their development in the story. The significant movement of the plot was appreciated by numerous fans of the drama last week, with many noting that the pace of the plot has picked up very well.

With Episode 20, The Legend of the Blue Sea managed to bring its story full circle, with the relationship of the two main leads being the focal point of the entire episode. Chung’s return, for one, received much acclaim from fans, especially her scenes with another mermaid who opted to travel on land in search of a man she fell in love with. Although very brief, the scenes between the two mermaids were quite pleasant to watch, especially since it showed just how much Chung had to go through in order to find genuinely fall in love.

Contrary to fans' speculations, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 20 ended on a very positive note.
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While most of The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20 was focused on the main pair’s separation and eventual reunion, it was the final few minutes of the acclaimed Korean drama that truly managed to satisfy fans. Due to the nature of the Episode 20 teaser, numerous viewers were speculating that the K-drama would be ending on a tragic or, at least, a melancholic note. As noted by Korean drama-themed website Couch Kimchi, however, there was a huge chance that the story would end on a light note. As it turned out, this was exactly the case, as LOBTS fully wrapped up its story with one of the most well-rounded K-drama endings in recent years.

The last few scenes of The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20 were very brief, and there was barely any dialogue between the two main characters. Despite this, however, the final sequence of the hit Korean drama was powerful and poignant, showing the two main characters being completely secure with each other. A final detail, revealed in the series’ last few minutes, capped off the run of The Legend of the Blue Sea effectively.

The Legend of the Blue Sea, while enjoying great ratings during its run, is not a perfect K-drama in any way. Inconsistencies with the theme, the characters, and the plot itself weighed down the series on numerous occasions. Despite this, however, the chemistry of the two main actors, together with the score and overall premise of the narrative, ultimately made The Legend of the Blue Sea an enjoyable watch from beginning to end. It might not be flawless, but it nevertheless stands as one of the finest and most satisfying K-dramas in recent years.

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