Body Language Expert: 'Melania Is An Object To Mr. Trump - Mrs. Trump Pulled Away As They Danced'

Body Language Expert: ‘Melania Is An Object To Mr. Trump – Mrs. Trump Pulled Away As They Danced’ [Photos]

Now that photos like the below photo gallery showing President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump dancing at the Freedom Ball on January 20 — as well as participating in other activities in Washington, D.C. — have been analyzed, body language experts are coming forward with their concerns about Mr. and Mrs. Trump. Inauguration Day spilled plenty of information, say body language experts, especially in viewing the way Melania and President Trump interacted with one another.

According to the Independent, President Trump views Melania like “an object,” said Susan Constantine. Susan is an expert in analyzing body language — with Constantine having trained attorneys and U.S. government officials on the nuances of analyzing a person’s body language to pick up on their true intentions and motives. By studying the photos and videos of Melania and Mr. Trump on the day that President Trump was sworn into office, Susan came to the conclusion that Melania is more of an object to Mr. Trump.

With so many broadcast cameras and digital cameras following Mr. and Mrs. Trump on Friday — perhaps more than had ever followed the Trump Family ever before — there are thousands of photos and videos with footage that provided close-up footage of their interactions. On social media, plenty of memes and GIFs are being made out of the actions displayed by Melania and Mr. Trump in comparison to the way that former President Obama and Mrs. Obama interacted during some of the same activities years ago.

Videos like the one above show Mrs. Trump being escorted down the stairs next to President Trump, with Mr. Trump giving Melania a slight smile. Mrs. Obama was also led down the stairs by her military escort, but instead of just a smile, Mr. Obama took Michelle’s hand and kissed it in a seemingly natural act that spoke to the closeness of their marriage. Other photos and videos showing Melania looking unhappy during certain parts of the day are also making the rounds on social media.

Those coming against the #FreeMelania hashtag that began trending on Facebook and elsewhere claim that Mr. Trump and Melania may have been caught looking less than pleased during certain parts of Inauguration Day, simply because the day was filled with tiresome activities. Others speculate that Melania may have just had a lot on her mind during such a heavy time. Yet and still, people on social media can’t help but compare the Trumps to the Obamas, and acknowledge that while Barack and Michelle also likely had plenty on their minds during their inauguration activities — with Mr. Obama being the first African-American president in the U.S. — the Obamas still managed to display a closeness and love in their marriage that some claim seems to be displayed differently with Mr. and Mrs. Trump.

As noted by Constantine, Mr. Trump displays a threatening body language. Patti Wood, another body language expert, noted that even though Melania and Mr. Trump danced closely during their inaugural balls, the manner in which they danced displayed an unbalanced relationship. Wood said Mr. Trump pulled Mrs. Trump “in sexually,” by the pelvis area, as Melania appeared to pull away from Mr. Trump, indicating to Patti that Melania didn’t want to “merge with him as a partner.”

Another video making the rounds being analyzed by body language experts is the manner in which Mr. Trump exited the vehicle and climbed the stairs to greet the Obamas, without waiting for Melania. That video is being juxtaposed next to a video wherein Mr. Obama waited for Michelle to exit their vehicle and mounted the stairs together as a couple on President Obama’s Inauguration Day.

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