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Amal Clooney Pregnant? George Clooney Reportedly Becoming A First-Time Dad At 55

Amal Clooney is pregnant according to In Touch Magazine. The report states that Amal and George Clooney are expecting twins in 2017 thanks to IVF treatments. The couple was rumored to have started IVF treatments shortly after their wedding. While Amal is only 38-years-old, many believe that she’s had a hard time getting pregnant for whatever reasons, mainly because IVF rumors started circulating straight away.

Now, however, this new report claims that the Clooney’s are going to be parents.

“When George and Amal found out it was twins they were surprised, but also a little scared because they both had said that one was enough. But the news that it was a boy and a girl made them both really happy. They feel like they’ve hit the family jackpot,” said an unnamed source.

The Clooneys attend movie premiere
Amal and George Clooney. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Amal Clooney pregnant rumors have been abundant since she and George got married in Italy in 2014. Sources have continuously said that George never wanted to have children but that Amal changed that about him. Since the pregnancy rumors have settled down, for the most part, this new report is almost believable.

The source says that George is beyond excited to become a dad and that he has been taking excellent care of his (reportedly) pregnant wife.

“He’s gone from never wanting to be a father to being totally excited about Amal’s pregnancy and the thought of raising two children who will call him Dad. He’s been doting on Amal’s every need and talking to her belly. He’s also having a blast coming up with baby names. They can’t believe in just a few months, they’re going to have two babies. They’re having so much fun looking at all the latest baby gadgets and getting everything ready for the twins. They’re going to be such amazing parents,” the source added.

George and Amal Clooney have reportedly been doing some home renovations in an effort to get ready for their new additions. The couple took an entire wing of their UK home to make a special area where their kids will spend quite a bit of time.

Amal and George Clooney in Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Clooney. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

“[They’ve added] a nursery, a baby spa, a playroom, a children’s library and a mini swimming pool. They’ve also splurged on a changing table, a $10,000 Notte Fatata crib and a $19,000 armoire from one of the top baby boutiques in Beverly Hills. [They’re calling it a] sanctuary,” the source also said.

Generally speaking, any tabloid/gossip story that claims a celebrity is “pregnant with twins” is looked upon as a major stretch and usually pans out to be false. Many hope that George and Amal are blessed with children if that’s what they both want. Whether that “want” comes now or in a few years, fans wish George and Amal nothing but the best and hope that their babies –if and when they arrive — are happy and healthy.

George Clooney seems to be really happy as a married man. While many people thought that he’d be an eternal bachelor, he found something really special with Amal and she has completely changed his outlook on life. He has had nothing but wonderful things to say about his wife and he seems like he’s really enjoying going through life with a true partner by his side.

If fatherhood is in his future (now or in a few years), George will experience life in a whole new way.

Do you think that Amal Clooney is really pregnant? Do you think that George Clooney will be a good dad?

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