Sophie Kasaei gaping hole in her bum

Sophie Kasaei In Anguish After Emergency Surgery Left Gaping Hole In Her Bum

Sophie Kasaei’e life has taken a dramatic turn after doctors discovered that she had an infected abscess on her derriere, which they managed to remove but it left a gaping hole.

Sophie had just returned from a vacation with her boyfriend before the emergency surgery on her bum. Kasaei explained that she had been having the time of her life in Mexico with her main squeeze Joel Corry when she felt a pain in her bum. The Geordie Shore star did not want to ruin the holiday so she chose to ignore it.

Sophie Kasaei rushed to the emergency room

Sophie could no longer bear the pain upon her return to the UK so she decided to visit a hospital. Upon examination, doctors decided that she needed to be rushed to the emergency room and that is exactly what happened. They managed to remove the painful abscess and Kasaei gave all the details including the fact that the surgery left a gaping hole that is a whopping seven inches wide on her bum.

“It looks like someone’s got a knife and stabbed us in the bum. It’s like a shark attack!” the reality show star revealed.

The Geordie Shore star shared her ordeal and explained that the Abscess that was removed from her bum was the size of a golf ball. She also added that the aftermath of the operation was not pretty. The reality star was referring to the gaping hole that was left in her bum. She also explained that it was a very painful experience for her.

“I was so scared. I don’t know what childbirth is like, but I imagine it being like that,” the Geordie Shore star explained.

Sophie Kasaei gaping hole in her bum
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Luckily, Sophie was not alone during the scary ordeal. Her boyfriend was by her side and he has been very supportive of her. Unfortunately, the surgery means Kasaei has to be bedridden to allow for healing. She is currently recuperating at her father’s house where she has been receiving daily visits by her nurse who also changes her bandages.

The 27-year-old claims that things have been really tough for her after the surgery because of the pain obviously among other things. She added that she has since then lost her appetite and she also cannot get dressed. What a sad way to end a vacation. The whole situation has also presented a tough time for Corry because he cannot spend as much time with his girl as he would like. This is because he has to give her time to recover before they can resume their romance which is currently the last thing on their minds at the moment.

Doctors claim that the swelling could have been caused by an insect bite though they do not know for sure. That must be one dangerous insect. Other than dealing with the healing process and the pain, Sophie is also worried about getting back to Geordie Shore. The next filming of the series is scheduled to commence soon and she is worried that she might not recover in time. She stated that she was also scheduled to go to London for an advert shoot for the show but she was uncertain about how she was going to make it happen.

The doctors have most likely advised the reality show star to have lots of rest so as to facilitate healing and we wish her a quick recovery. This, however, means that there is a huge possibility that she might not be joining the rest of the Geordie Shore cast members anytime soon. If the gaping hole on Sophie’s bum is as big as she claims, then it might take some time before she makes a full recovery.

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