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Javi Marroquin Nude Photo: Did ‘Teen Mom’ Really Share Pictures Of His Private Parts?

Javi Marroquin has been trying to get his life back on track after returning home from deployment to a marriage that had fallen apart. Fans are now seeing the aftermath of his deployment on Teen Mom 2 and many people feel bad for Marroquin, as Kailyn Lowry isn’t exactly being a supportive partner upon his return. In fact, she won’t even let Javi sleep over in his own home and she won’t let him borrow the car seats to transport his son back and forth between their places. And she may be mad at home because of what he does behind the scenes. If a new rumor is to be believed, it sounds like Marroquin may have stripped down for a personal picture.

According to a new Radar Online report, Javi Marroquin is making headlines these days because a photo supposedly leaked of Marroquin showing his private parts. In the photo, a naked man appears, showing just his penis and his legs while sitting on a bed. While there’s no face to identify the man, many believe it is Marroquin because the man is wearing white ankle socks. In addition, fans also noticed a striped blue shirt in the background, which is something that he had worn before. But Javi isn’t too worried – he never took such a picture.

“No it’s not me,” Javi Marroquin revealed to Radar Online after people freaked out about the image, thinking that the father of one had indeed sent someone a private picture, which had been leaked, adding, “Someone reserved image searched it and it’s not me. It’s not me so I’m not worried about it.”

Two years ago, Marroquin was at home with Kailyn Lowry and they were happily married. He would have no reason to take such a picture and share it with his wife. Radar Online speculates that the picture was taken during his deployment, which could make sense. However, Javi reveals that he doesn’t wear white ankle socks and the last time he did was years go. In addition, he reveals that the guy’s skin colour in the picture is nowhere near his own skin color.

While one can imagine this isn’t exactly what Kailyn would want circulating about her ex-husband, especially because of the children involved, it sounds like Lowry doesn’t really care what Marroquin is doing these days. She seems to be very distant with him while he is trying to figure out his life, so he probably shouldn’t expect her to come to his defense.

“She saw it in passing when someone sent it to her and she didn’t examine it to find out,” an insider has revealed about the situation to Radar Online, adding, “She just doesn’t care enough if it is or isn’t him.”

When the news first broke, Javi shared his thoughts on Twitter about the picture, giving several reasons why he is not the man in the photo. In addition, it sounds like Kailyn’s friends may have been mocking him a bit over the photo, as there is a shirt in the picture that looks a lot like a shirt that Javi himself has been spotted wearing once before.

“I’m gonna set something straight for you weirdos who think the picture is me. 1. That guy in the pic is white. 2. I never wear ankle socks,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter when the story first broke, adding about Lowry’s involvement, “I’m mad Kail just sent me a screenshot of her friends starting s**t of me wearing ankle socks like two years ago. Stop.”

What do you think of Javi Marroquin being accused of taking a photo of his privates? Do you think it is something he would do?

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