UFO sightings have been reported by Austin residents, who claimed to have seen mysterious lights in the sky.

UFO News: Sightings Of Mysterious Lights Over Austin Reported By Multiple Witnesses

UFO sightings continue to crop up everywhere, and another one has been reported Monday night by multiple witnesses in Austin. One witness even recorded a footage of the mysterious lights hovering in the sky over Texas.

Rachel Jensen, a resident of East Austin, called Austin 311 after witnessing and recording mysterious lights flying in the sky over her home, as reported by Fox7 Austin.

“I believe they were UFOs,” Jensen said.

“By the time they actually got here, it’s like they went up and then took off. The speed of them was so fast,” Rachel added.

Jensen said that her roommate noticed three lights coming towards their direction. Shocked by what he saw, the roommate urged Jensen to go outside to check it out. The three lights seemed to form a triangle formation, she said.

“Just as I stepped out, I looked to the sky and saw the triangle. Just as it was separating into three. Well there was one in the front and two behind it. They were bright orange, glowing, almost fiery,” said Jensen.

Amazingly, a fourth light emerged to join the three already hovering in the sky, moving back and forth in an erratic manner, said Jensen.

In every UFO report is the possibility of a hoax, but Jensen’s report gained credibility as the American Meteor Society confirmed that they have also received sighting reports over Austin.. They said that at least five people have seen a fireball hovering in the sky over Louisiana and Texas on that same night.

Christopher V. Sherman, a photographer for OverAustin.com, also captured a stunning photo showing streaks of light in the sky over Austin on Monday night.

The photo shows beautiful downtown Austin, and on the right can be seen a long streak of light curving over the horizon just behind a tree. A smaller streak of light can be seen to the left as well.

The photo was reportedly captured around the same time Jensen saw UFOs in the sky over Austin.

Jensen was heartened over learning that she wasn’t the only one who saw the mysterious lights in the sky.

“You know sometimes you see things and you’re like, what was it? Well, this time it was like, somebody else saw it. Like I said, I’m excited to see what it was,” she said.

The UFO sightings over Texas have been reported just around the time an Englishman who calls himself “John Mooner” claimed that he has irrefutable evidence that aliens attempted to abduct him.

As previously reported by Complex, Mooner says that Google satellites captured the specific moment when aliens tried to abduct him. Identifying himself as a ufologist, he claimed numerous times that he had encounters with extraterrestrial beings in the past.

The self-proclaimed UFO expert told Torquay Herald Express that he stumbled on the evidence while trying to use the Google Earth app on his computer.

“I was having trouble with the Google Earth app that was installed on my computer so I looked for an online option and found Google satellite maps,” Mooner said. “I thought to myself I will view the area where I was UFO spotted from last year and look for anything out of the ordinary. I was left speechless by what I saw. The satellite has captured a real alien abduction taking place.”

Ridiculous as Mooner’s claim may sound, UFO reports that offer compelling evidence should be taken seriously, especially in light of the recent news that the CIA shared top secret documents that may prove aliens exist. As reported by Mirror, the CIA released declassified documents that may reveal more information about many UFO sightings reported in the past.

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