Chris Brown Soulja Boy feud lawsuit owe money

Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Publicly Feud While Both Are Pursued For Substantial Amounts Of Money

Chris Brown is often regarded as the “bad boy” of rap, as he seems to go from one controversy to another. Even though he is a Grammy Award winner, Chris Brown has earned notoriety for his aggressive and violent behavior.

Chris Brown was arrested on charges of domestic violence when he assaulted his former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, and old memories of the gruesome incident became fresh in 2016 when the “Say Goodbye” singer beat Michael Guirguis, his manager, when they were in the midst of a routine business discussion about Chris Brown’s upcoming European tour.

Guirguis alleges that Chris Brown asked him to join him in another room for a discussion, and proceeded to throw punches as soon as they went into the room. Guirguis was reportedly beaten to the point where he required hospitalization, and now the manager has filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against Chris Brown in an attempt to make the singer compensate for his violent behavior, and also to recover the money that the “Turn Up the Music” singer allegedly owes to Nitevision Management, Guirguis’s company.

Chris Brown’s manager’s anger against the singer partly stems from the fact that it was Nitevision that helped Brown to bounce back in show business after his career almost ended due to his assault on Rihanna. In addition, Guirguis claims that Chris Brown also harmed Nitevision by posting defamatory messages on social media. According to Digital Music News, the lawsuit filed against Chris Brown accuses the singer of refusing to pay the commissions that he owes the company.

“Although there can be no dispute that Brown owes Nitevision the unpaid commissions, he refuses to pay them.”

In other news, Chris Brown’s New Year has started with an explosive fight with rapper Soulja Boy, who reportedly enraged the “New Flame” singer by liking an Instagram photo of Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. The singer became so much angry that he challenged Soulja to a boxing bout to settle the matter. According to Uproxx, Soulja’s tweet revealed that Chris was very serious about settling the score with Soulja.

“Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this n**** a b*tch”

Karrueche Tran, the American model, had been in a relationship with Chris Brown since shortly after Brown’s split from Rihanna. However, Tran reportedly broke up with the “Turn Up the Music” singer after she learned that he was romancing Nia Guzman, an aspiring model, who also had a daughter with him.

Soulja’s social media attacks against Chris Brown continued, and he also called the “Say Goodbye” singer a “woman beater.” Brown further posted social media messages that attacked Soulja for being kept under probation by the authorities for carrying guns.

The feud grew so explosive on social media that former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather expressed his willingness to train Soulja in his boxing bout with Chris Brown. However, Soulja had a change of heart as his mother was hospitalized due to poor health, and the doctors have urged the rapper to remain calm. According to the Daily Mail, Soulja expressed his willingness to end the feud by apologizing for his wild behavior.

“I just want to send an apology, over the past couple of months, i been acting out, i been wilding out. At the end of the day it’s not about who start the beefs, its about who end them.”

Moreover, Soulja Boy has also shown some interest in producing music by collaborating with Chris Brown.

Incidentally, Soulja Boy is being chased by his landlord who says the famous rapper owes him money. The landlord claims that Soulja isn’t taking good care of his property after assets worth more than $20,000 had been stolen from the property. Now, Soulja is on the verge of getting evicted from the property.

In a strange turn of events, it appears that both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy will need to make amends with each other while they are being chased by people who are adamant that they are owed money. Fans can only hope that the two settle their disputes, get together and produce brilliant music in 2017.

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