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Ted Nugent On Election: Obama’s ‘Soulless’ Supporters Chose Economic And Spiritual Suicide

ted nugent

It probably isn’t too much of a shocker that Ted Nugent is upset about President Obama winning the election. After all, he is the same person who had the secret service come knocking on his door due to violent threats he made against the president.

Well, last night Nugent went on a bit of a rant about the future of America now that Obama will serve for four more years in the White House. Nugent, however, didn’t direct his anger at the president. Instead, he chose to ridicule the pimps, whores and welfare brats that re-elected the president.

Nugent wrote: “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America”

Then added: “So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonwotkers. Shared opportunitiesmy ass”

Nugent returned to Obama’s voters, saying: “What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives”

Nugent on the future of America after the election: “Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools”

The rocker, of course, isn’t the only person upset with Obama’s re-election.

Former SNL member Victoria Jackson, former Clueless star Stacey Dash and conspiracy theory king Donald Trump also unleashed rants shortly after the election was decided.

Are you surprised by Ted Nugent’s rant on the election? Do you think America has committed “spiritual suicide” by electing President Obama?

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830 Responses to “Ted Nugent On Election: Obama’s ‘Soulless’ Supporters Chose Economic And Spiritual Suicide”

  1. Anonymous

    "pimps, whores and.. brats" sounds like Ted's describing himself and his circle! He's an a**hole Nazi!

  2. Anonymous

    'Soulless' America? OK Mr. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang! Give me a break you damn neocon idiot! Why don't you go hunt the real varmints on Wall St! Too much time in the spotlight has dimmed your senses, Teddy boy…

  3. Mike Condon

    I didn't vote for Obama, but Nugent is a MORON…the motor city motormouth.

  4. Larry Teague

    Yes I do. Demographics have changed to the point that even lies no longer matter to people as long as they get what they want…..guess what? Sooner or later your free ride is going to end, no matter who your president is.

  5. Bernie Surita

    I just hate people that loom their "education", their facts and bitch about problems in front of peoples faces and yet do nothing to help solve them. Stand up and do something about it or sit down and deal with it!

  6. Phil Matheis

    He needs to just not talk, ever… Trump needs to do that same thing too.

  7. Tena Wright Byrd

    This guy is NUTS! I'm NO whore, pimp or welfare nothing. I am a U.S. Citizen who served this country for 28 years! God bless this Country and our President!

  8. Keith Karvelis

    Keep in mind this is the same guy who soiled himself on purpose so he wouldn't have to fight in Vietnam and yet wraps himself in the flag. And hardest working people? Give me a break.

  9. Carl Demarais

    Another clueless blame Wall Street, Koolaid drinker, non-thinker replies. Yes I know, making money is bad, rich people are bad, having a job is bad……now shut up until your next check arrives at the end of the month so you can buy more beer.

  10. Dan Kostecki

    Nugent is spot on. It's the people getting the free handouts that wanted him re-elected.

  11. Anonymous

    YES! I believe we have screwed up for different reasons then ted, But we CAN 'T continue to spend money we don't have and expect to survive as anything resembling a country! The debt and interest will bring this country to the bottom and KILL a lot of people on the WAY!

  12. Philip LaMarre

    I'm with Ted. You idiots who voted the assclown back are mindless retards who have no clue of the damage coming.So sit back smoke your weed collect your check and remember to sip your kool-aid.

  13. Terry Swain

    Gotta love good ole Ted. Gotta wonder how well off he would be if he didn't write a couple hit songs over 30 years ago.

  14. Doug Ramsey

    That's how you guys roll. Don't agree with them or refute what they say. Just label them a moron, moron.

  15. Rick Nelson

    Ted has the money to take care of his. The tax payers (people with jobs) take care of everyone else's. get a clue.

  16. Anonymous

    I think that Ted has it wrong. I believe that voter fraud was responsible. this election was fixed. In colorado , I can tell you that illegal alien voting caused Obama to win.

  17. Anonymous

    Go screw yourself ya jack wad. Wall Street isn't to blame for the problems you moron. The Community Reinvestment Act Is to blame, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie mac (ALL INSTITUTED BY THE demonRAT Party). Wall St had to invest in bad credit people because they were under threaat by the demonRATS to be sued for racism and also to be fined for not loaning to enough people, even though those people had no business getting a loan, So go back to mommies basement where you belong you uninformed idiot.

  18. Anonymous

    I agree with Ted. Yes, there are many hard working people who have a hard time for a while due to circumstances beyond their control. They are ~6-8% of any given population. The rest are as Ted described them!

  19. David Herman

    This person is a mental midget and because of his past efforts in the music industry he gets an audience for his rantings. This clod along with all the other tea party clowns got kicked to the curb and now they are crying foul. Time to forget them and drop them from all media outlets.

  20. Gary Young

    nugent is a loud mouth freak! If he had any b-lls, he would join the military and let out some of his frustrations! He is a wanna-be that won't be. In other words he SUCKS!

  21. Anonymous

    He's an insane whack-job. And Carl – you are too, with that ridiculous stereotype of Dems that so many of you insist is the truth. Dems I know are white, college-educated, with a job or are retired, and not one of them, ever, has gotten one of those 'checks' you refer to. Further more, they think a LOT, unlike you.

  22. Richard Osorio

    WOW your a clown TED. If it sucks so bad here, then split bitch.

  23. Anonymous

    Too bad we can't have America back, all the oscumma leaches stole it for socialism. Too bad you oscumma voters fell for fancy talk rather than make an informed decision. But, what can we expect from low iq'd morons?

  24. Anonymous

    All the ones that are reacting to what Ted Nugent said are, in a way, the "Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America.” So they have to bark.

  25. Arvill Hicks

    Obama couldn't shine Uncle Ted's boots. Obama will never do anything except contiue to screw this country up. Obama is an idiot!

  26. Robert Hollingsworth

    Every single election that people vote Dem or Rep is another nail in the coffin of this country. Neither party works for the American people anymore. They work for corporations, banks, unions, and other entities that further control the flow of money and keeping the working class struggling to survive.

    If you need to see proof of how corrupted out government has become, just look at the Colorado and Washington votes, who approved legalization of marijuana recreationally. One day later, the feds promise this law will be blocked at the federal level. 100 percent AGAINST what our Constitution states. We do NOT work for government, they work for the People! This simple act could be the trigger to start the people on a mission to take back our country.

  27. Anonymous

    Hey Carl, been blowin you boss at Goldman-Sachs again? Rich people aren't bad-just corrupt CEP/politicos who love the revolving door of corporate America and elected office. Wonder how the TAXPAYER go shafted paying for this subprime debacle? BTW, I don't drink-at all. Better to focus on the convicts we elect and the fools who vote them in.

  28. Wendy L. Och

    jeffrey.harrell .. you arent much better. Shouldnt throw stones sweety

  29. Anonymous

    The GOP has caused the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Don't lecture us about what damage is about to come. It is already here and we are paying for it.

  30. Rich Hogan

    Ted Nuggent loves to push Republican candidates but doesn’t say much about their records and policies, the typical Republican con. The Pew Economic Mobility Project, a non-profit, non-partisan research organization, released a report on May 5,2012, on upward mobility. The 9 Worst States:Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas. Now US census data reveals the 10 poorest states : Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Montana, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina and Louisiana. They all have common denominators. According to Republican rhetoric these states should be the best performing. Every state in these surveys are Republican strong holds for very long periods of time. This is the Republican record. Also According to Forbes magazine Maryland , Connecticut, New Jersey. New Hampshire, Alaska, Massachusetts, Virginia , Hawaii, Delaware and California10 Richest states by Median Household Income. Republicans don't seem to fair up here either. Republican policies appear to be working to you Ted? Ted has obviously made his dtermination on other reasons than policies that help average Americans but isn't man enough to admit it.

  31. Emancipated Tea-Partier

    And Obama really did win.
    And he really was born in Hawaii.
    And he really is -legitimately- President of the United States.

    And the Bureau of Labor Statistics did not make-up a fake unemployment rate last month.
    And the Congressional Research Service really can find no evidence.
    That cutting taxes on rich people grows the economy.

    And the polls were not skewed to over-sample Democrats.
    And Nate Silver was not making up fake projections about the election.
    To make conservatives feel bad.He was doing math.

    And climate change is real.
    And rape really does cause pregnancy sometimes.
    And evolution is a thing.
    And Benghazi was an attack on us.
    It was not a scandal by us.

    And no one is taking away anyone's guns.
    And taxes haven't gone up.
    And the deficit is dropping, actually.
    And Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction.

    And the moon landing was real.
    And FEMA isn't building concentration camps.
    And UN election observers aren't taking over Texas.
    And moderate reforms of the regulations on the insurance industry.
    And the financial services industry.
    Are not the same thing as communism.


    Adapted from The Rachel Maddow Show 11/7.

  32. Matthew Pletcher

    So much vitriol here. So were all attacking each other and we still have a 16 trillion dollar deficit and 50 million aborted children. How do we reduce those? I don't see the answer here.

  33. Gary Hettinger

    jeffrey.harrell only 1 of the 25 major banks had to give out those loans, the rest did so on there own,

    The law, however, emphasizes that an institution's CRA activities should be undertaken in a safe and sound manner, and does not require institutions to make high-risk loans that may bring losses to the institution.[3][4] An institution's CRA compliance record is taken into account by the banking regulatory agencies when the institution seeks to expand through merger, acquisition or branching. The law does not mandate any other penalties for non-compliance with the CRA.[6][9]

    Reinvestment Act was not a mandate….it was mostly intened for lower class areas not 400,000 dollar homes….

  34. Anonymous

    And by the way, I have never collected anything from the government and have a decent job.

  35. Lawrence Mintz

    He did promise to leave the country if Obama won. Well then hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more no more no more no more. And take the underwear he defecated to beat the draft and no have to go fight in Vietnam. He only likes to shoot at things that can't shoot back.

  36. Padma Thornlyre

    Nugent continues his desperate and near-comical war against his own irrelevance. Neither poet, scholar, serious musician nor politician, he speaks from the nether-regions of his own mouldering heart.

  37. Jason Snair


  38. Dawn Longeway

    Yep! There are ships leaving 24/7, he cab just get his sorry ass on one!

  39. John McFadyen

    Surprised that more folks done agree with him. The New York Times in an article headlined "Triumphant Obama Faces New Foe in ‘Second-Term Curse’" noted that: "It is almost a truism that second terms are less successful than first terms—". Considering that the first term was, for all intents and purposes, a train wreck, it's scary to think what the 2nd term might inflict on us.

  40. David Yaroch

    jeffrey.harrell . You should go read that piece of legislation. it Make ZERO requirements for banks to loan.
    NO doc loans? not in there either. Dreamed up by Wall St. Why ? Ever hear of a Creid Default Swap

  41. Anonymous

    The election was pre decided in Obama's favor. This was one of the most rigged elections in our time. Since the country is divided 50-50 we will make no progress. More debt will lead to world currency, world government, and the demise of the US Dollar.

  42. Jimmy McClellan

    Ted Nugent and Donald Trump are has-been's. Who gives a crap what they have to say. America spoke!

  43. Anonymous

    OK, dipwad. Who do you think benefited from the FANNIE/FREDDIE debacle? How does one make such 'sub-prime loans' without GUARANTEES that their investments are secured? Only those who have the backing of our political leaders who'll bail them out when the SH*T hits the fan! Ever hear of critical thinking? MORON…

  44. Anonymous

    Right on Ted, Obama is dragging us down to the lowest common denominator. By the end of his term, we will all be on, and addicted to the Gov't teet, with no chance of recovery. Our future as a people and a world power is bleak.

  45. Matthew Scerpella

    At Jeff. You have good points, but the repubs were also on the way to CRA and dicthing glass steagal. (spell?). The Dems happened to be in office when it was signed. (kind of like GATT and NAFTA. bipartisan sellout). AND…it was WAllstreet that pushed for CRA and Glass Steagall as a money making venture.

  46. Mark Allen Courson

    they do need to leave. the tea party/right wing/et al are isolated from the truth soooo much they think the super rich elite of wall street work hard to make their money or pay their fair share of taxes. They need to leave so the rest of us can get this country going again.

  47. Anita Beesley

    I agree with you Jerry! Ted for President, and he is not a loony web_(i'm too chicken to use my own name)bandit. This country did just commit spiritual suicide but most of the lazy citizens won't realize their wrongs until it is too late.

  48. Mark E. Vidosh

    Unfortunately, with this election the white man has now officially become the minority here in the USA. We all better get used to that.

  49. Richard Redding

    The in your face truth hurts but Ted is 100% correct. Obama worked the many many idiots in this country perfectly. Obama was very effective in getting down to the level of the idiot voter in this country. Romney is a way better choice but he appeals to people with actual brains as opposed to lemmings and drones that will follow the master scam artist off the edge of a cliff.

  50. Anonymous

    Go ted. As always tells the truth and pulls no punches.America has indeed committed suicide. A committed socialist /marxist , by his own words from his book, knows nothing about how a free market economy works. Only how to tax and spend.

  51. David Yaroch

    So let me ask you Steve. If Romney won would it be ok for Ice-T to be talking about getting some pipe hittin niggas and go medevil on his ass? You conservatives belly ached about "respect the office" when Bush was there. Last I looked Obama got the majority of the votes and the Electoral College. Fair and square. You dont have to like him, you dont have to like his policys. Just grow up already!

  52. Lawrence Mintz

    He did promise to leave the country if Obama won. Well then hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more no more no more no more. And take the underwear you defecated in to beat the draft and not have to go fight in Vietnam. You only like to shoot at defenseless creatures that can't shoot back.

  53. Jerry Carlson

    Jeffrey, your iq is suspect. Doubt if you ever took part in an intelligent conversation. Go get your sister to help you read this, you idiot.

  54. Michael Herbert

    Its the mindless people like you who preach hate and division that keep this country from moving forward, its time to wook together, both sides and fix the problem.

  55. Steve Taylor

    Why does ANYONE(either side) listen to what TN says? He has been a 'has been' for years now. About the only thing he is good for is mindless TV…

  56. Anonymous

    Not surprised, and I agree with him. The 47% + assorted communists elected Obama.

  57. David Yaroch

    Hey Phil, go back and watch the Faux News predictions about Obama's first term.Guns taken away, churches closed. Blah Blah. Get a clue. What was Romneys 5 point plan?

  58. Anonymous

    Like you would know how to the run this country. You're an idiot, good luck with this socialism thing.

  59. Carla Boswell-Ksenak

    Yep! I agree with Ted! 100 percent! We're just about there any way after these last 4 years with Obama and the people just don't WANT to see it! UNBELIEVABLE! Time will tell.

  60. George McMillan II

    It takes more than 47% to win a popular vote. Suppose this election was decided by people other than system leeches, socialists or any other minimizing faction you can think of. Regardless of the numerous reasons that led to the outcome, the GOP should now focus on retooling their platform, or perhaps it is time for a viable third party to emerge. Wouldn't it be grand if a moderate, fiscally-conservative, socially-progressive party (or some variation) emerged with a viable candidate in 2016 which could provide a real choice? Americans are far more centrist than people want to believe. It is time to quit squabbling, and become part of the solution. Develop a platform, press your representatives (you know, the people that actually make laws and stuff), and try to produce something other than cliche', blame-game insults. A blend of social and personal responsibility would bridge the two parties, however, neither base seems to want to recognize the need for the other. Whether you take your cues from religion or personal experience, there is no denying that social and personal responsibility must coexist for any society to maximize its potential.

  61. Carl David Ford Sr.

    Truth hurts, the Obumaphone bitches and the welfare junkies, and and pimps and whores is who DID elect Obuma for a 2nd term, just look at the map, accept for the west coast, the only areas he won were the inner cities, and the states with the biggest welfare roles, when the "give me" crowd is larger than than the "give me a chance" crowd, this is what happens.

  62. Mark Allen Courson

    me too! i saw ted eight times growing up and loved his music. but the HATRED and VITRIOL that spews from him and the hillbilly right who refuse to learn, or read and think FOX news is an accurate reporting agency makes me want to boot all their backward, racist, right wing, religious fanactic asses out of this country! twenty first century you backwards ignorant mutts! deal with it!

  63. Tiray Killings

    No Anita! Old time WHITE AMERICA is suicidal BECAUSE your time is over! No matter what you say now,YOU know it,I know it,and AMERICA knows it! So,YES! Suicide isn't too far out of the picture for you! Now run on back to that trailer Park and use those 30 guns ya got tucked away for a rainy day,ya hear?

  64. Armond Avanesi

    As for Ted, Brains aren't everything. In fact in his case they're nothing!

  65. Lawrence Mintz

    I have worked for 45 years I have paid my taxes and I voted for Obama. I am thrilled he won. You don't seem to be very happy about it Anita. Well you only have to wait around 1500 days till he won't be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

  66. Gavin Maus

    Uh, Bernie Madoff, brian smart, tom petters, Ben Bernake, insider trading, false accounting reports(Tillions in ponzi schemes.), bailouts to fraudulant banking practices. I wouldn't say it has nothing to do with Wall Street! Jefferey! You could say the regulation of the housing industry by Clinton and then Bush really created the questionably legal home lending and insurance purchasing from Fannie Mae. Directly related to share holders earnings from wall street. Again, what were you saying?

  67. Armond Avanesi

    Jerry I don't know what makes you so dumb but it really works!

  68. John Christensen

    I agree with Ted Nugent. People must be blind look how the country ended up his first.
    four years? Hello What is our young children and grandkids going to do now, Stand in line for food stamps and wellfare, Sorry no room thanks to all the illegals there already. We are in deep trouble.

  69. Anonymous

    ted is an idiot – really people? even if you do support thr GOP and their agenda/platform why the heck would you want that egotistical, half schizophrenic, I can play guitar and kill things, maniac speaking for your cause? almost as good as clint eastwood talking to the empty chair or donald "i'm an a$$hole" trump being the GOP frontmen! no wonder they lost the election! what a fools nest!

  70. Becky Dale

    ted for president? you simpletons do realize he is what he bitches about right? he has made half a dozen kids, gave 2 up for adoption, had to be taken to court to pay for others.and made himself the guardian of a 17 yr old girl so he could fuck her legally. he is a baby making welfare factory himself..i wouldn't praise him for it.

  71. Ed Fillman

    I thought that the Congress could override the President. Maybe they aren't doing their jobs. Doesn't the Congress propose legislation and spending programs, i.e. Welfare, etc. I don't agree with Obama, but maybe we are blaming the wrong person, he is only one man and the Congress is 545 people. Maybe the Dems and Repubs should put aside the differences and start representing their constituents and correct the problems that we face and quit taking money from special interest groups, i.e., lobbyists. When they take money from these groups, they are prostituting themselves and screwing the taxpayer.

    Enough said.

  72. Kris Swearingen

    Republican policies of two unpaid for wars and deregulation that caused the housing collaspe are republican policies, when Obama started we were losing 800 THOUSAND JOBS a month before Obama even started change. He's cleaning the mess you idiots created and the stock market is stronger, the housing is stronger, the job market is stronger, foreign relations are stronger, the only thing that is weaker is your minds, stop being greedy, pay your taxes or move to Pakistan, they love Romney and greed as much as you do.

  73. Seaside Jimmy DiLorenzo

    Breaking News "Former Clueless 'Star'…Still Clueless"….Nugent is an a$$ along with Trump…. Hank Jr. your your father would be so dissappointed. It's one thing to voice your opinion but Nugent is inflamatory and should check himself or be charged with promoting violence agains OUR President. For the record I am a 47 year old hard working middle to upper middle class professional caucasion male. After study of the issues and each candidate I made what I believe to be a moral choice with my vote. Like it or not it's PRESIDENT Obama even to you Theodore. If youre not part of the solution then you are part of the problem Ted.

  74. Michael Rich

    David Yaroch , U.N and Obama agreed to talks yesterday about taking away people's guns. Liberals, especially young ones have no clue how to run anything but their foul mouths.

  75. Mark Allen Courson

    agreed. but make the super elite rich who have raked it in- thanks to fuck head Ronald "Clueless Cold War Leftover" Reagan and deregulate everything – need to bend over and pay their share finally!

  76. Butch Brewer

    It doesn’t depend on who is president; it depends on what 300,000,000 people want to do with their lives. Sorry Ted, Obama will not get a job for anyone, they have to get that on their own. Obama was more about helping people with college that Mitt, why do you have a problem with that? Obama doesn’t care about your guns by the way. Jeeze.

  77. Arlen Barham

    Romney and the other super rich don't pay the taxes I do, why should I even listen to them? I pay my share!

  78. Butch Brewer

    It doesn’t depend on who is president; it depends on what 300,000,000 people want to do with their lives. Sorry Ted, Obama will not get a job for anyone, they have to get that on their own. Obama is more about helping people with college than Mitt, why do you have a problem with that? Obama doesn’t care about your guns by the way. Go hide somewhere.

  79. Ray Wortel

    Didn't this drooling, ignorant ape say he would be dead or in jail if Obama was re-elected? Why can't HE keep a promise? Furthermore, his music is crap.

  80. Anita Beesley

    Tiray, If your rant were true it would be funny. But I would be willing to bet, I live higher on the payroll than you ever will, and me and my husband have to "toys" to prove it.

  81. Bruce P. Duncan

    Ted Nugent is an unintelligent little man. He has absolutely nothing of value to offer this country. I feel sorry for anyone that actually listens to him, because those people obviously didn't get a quality education and are missing out on a lot of great things in life.

  82. Lawrence Mintz

    Gee are you upset that Romney isn't going to live in the White House? Do it bother you that Obama won a resounding victory because a majority of Americans don't agree with you. Well too bad. It's the way it is. Either live with it or move to Iran.

  83. Larry E. Jackson

    Hey Ted, I think your gun is empty. Put the muzzle in your mouth and pull the trigger and I'll see if I'm wrong.

  84. Kate Thayer

    I am sorry. I did not know I was supposed to take the rantings of an acknowledged draft dodger seriously!

  85. Becky Dale

    i know..romney should have stomped his feet and demanded a recount. it worked for bush.

  86. Anonymous

    and what has mr nugent done for us nothing but do drugs and sleep with god knows how many teen girls while on his many tours some people need help and some are abuseing the system just like he did when he was god in his own mind paying hush money to keep parents from sueing him and I know because I know a family he paid off so stop your whinning ted and continue to be a hasbeen.

  87. Anonymous

    Well then, there have to be an awful lot of “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters" in this country in order to get the reelection accomplished. So, just how sour are those grapes, Ted?

  88. Brad Boe

    You're spewing a little hate yourself… the nice thing about being online is you can say what you want without the risk of getting knocked on your ass… Truth is, I know a lot of small business owners who are ready to liquidate assets and call it a day. Welcome to socialism douchbag.

  89. William Mcgettigan

    is it really going to be four more years of listening to this whining about how hard you work and crying about the FACT that you really just a bunch of bigots. if you guys ever get a clue you'll know how wrong you are on sooo many levels.

  90. Jerry Rudd

    Tiray Killings I am gonna get on welfare and SSI and make the idiot tax payers that voted obama in office take care of me!!! how about that?!

  91. Anonymous

    Becky, you are complete moron. Go to Walmart, buy your contraceptive and then chill out!

  92. Jose Menendez

    hey ted you promised you'd bein jail within a year of his election, clock ticking you draft dodging coward.

  93. GeorgeMichael Raynor

    I concur with the spirit of Nugent's words, if not the tone. By the way, he did not threaten the President; he stated that he "might be dead or in jail' if Obama was reelected. Which could happen…the video maker that Obama blamed for the attack of our consulate in Libya just got a year in prison on a trumped up probation violation….while one of the attackers ships mango juice in a cafe in Libya….

  94. Geoff Willams

    Romney didnt' hqave to win to receive threats. A buch of foodstamp mommas said they were going to assassinate Romney if he got elected and there were a number of Tweets saying they would riot if Romney got elected. Romney never did threaten Obama either before or after the election-get informed!

  95. Armond Avanesi

    The GOP used to have legislative relevance. They worked to govern in the best interest of all of America. That's not the case any longer. They have created their own bubble which is dependent on belief over fact. They seek to move the country back to a time that will never again exist. They protect the wealthy by using social issues to spread fear amongst the uninformed and emotional. And technology has played a huge rule in their efforts. No need for the truth when you're trying to convince people to kiss the hand that beats them.
    They will HAVE to stop their obstructionist ways if they want to continue as a party. And watch how quickly they distance themselves from the Tea people. That movement is dead.

  96. John Berg

    Gee Angie, I am an American citizen and you think that firing in my direction is what? Clever? Funny? Sad for you that you find that type of emotion a good thing.

  97. Anonymous

    it was the 16 yrs that the 2 bushes were in office that screwed this country up and just because in 3 plus yrs there isn't a turn around come on at least comment like you have a lil intelligence.

  98. Butch Brewer

    Steve, you're only worth is looking like sexy meat just like some bimbo, and just like a bimbo you should keep your legs open and your mouth shut.

  99. Karen Sellers

    silverbullet325 And you're an idiot to believe that. Obama has doubled our national debt, which we will ALL be paying on, only to give money to "green energy" companies that immediately went belly up. I think the Obama admistration should have been smart enough to pick viable companies to invest OUR money in. But apparently, they weren't.

  100. David Swindell

    Ted, I actually like you but Romney was wrong person to run against Obama. He is rich, you are very well off and I'm doing well, retired at 47 with a bunch of coin. Romney does not understand the normal working person, he just can't relate. I was positive he wouldn't win.

  101. Jim Comfort

    God Bless Ted, Victoria, Stacy and America. Trump? He can buy his own blessing.

  102. Matthew Hanson

    Well for all of you who blam all of this on BUSH… OBAMA said by now he would have this all fixed if not he would not run for another term…. He is a lier and what about ambasador Stevens…OBAMAs to blam it was on his watch and they trid to cover it up.. 4 americans dead…But who cares. if Bush was in office the media would have hung him…

  103. Anonymous

    Geoff Willams LOL where do you guys come up with this stuff? Oh…FOX NEWS LOL

  104. Jeff Hurley

    Conservatives must change the way we do business. Yacking in the forums won't get it done. Let's adopt the liberal model. When we don't like something let's raise holy hell about and protest by making claims that our rights are being compromised. It's great that Ted has the nards to raise hell but where are the rest of us? In forums? F that! Let's rush the capitol and surround it. Refuse to let them leave until we accomplish what we set out for. Let's raise hell and let Obama know if he crosses the line, we will rush the White House too. It's our house not his. This is the time to fight not complain.

  105. Anonymous

    Dave, you are a hypocrite! YOUR PARTY talked about murdering Romney and raping his wife if he won the Presidency and rioting if Obama didn't get reelected. Wasn't it Jay-Zee who substituted the name Mitt for the word "bitches" in one of his songs? People in glass houses should not throw stones!

  106. Dan Smith

    silverbullet325 stop blaming the gop for Obamas mess that he inherited from himself. 4 years of no results. unemployemnt still high even using the liberal medias numbers instead of the real ones . were in big trouble with huge debt that will grow every day he keeps spending

  107. Anonymous

    I used to be a big fan of Ted Nugent. I agree with some of his issues, esp the right to bear arms. But after some of his rants and then tweeting like a teenybopper on twitter, I seriously question his common sense. His music still rocks though.

  108. Wendy Malsbury

    Ronald Edwards I bet all those young men that died did not feel like it was a fake war.

  109. Brent Guillory

    Uncle Ted is a REAL AMERICAN! Piss on Obama….The socialist regime continues….

  110. Heliodoro Castaneda

    Jerry Rudd You should take a little look at statistics. It just so happened that the smartest and most educated citizen of the US were the ones that elected Obama. How can you call them stupid.

  111. Kevin Beninati

    Ted is also a racist redneck piece of shit just like you Anita and Jerry! Go watch Fox News scramble and crumble as they try to make dumbass excuses why Romney got his ass kicked! Jerry and Anita go back to your trailers and your cousins for spouses and get a life!

  112. Mordacai Deveraux

    Now that the country has chosen to protect those who need help instead of blindly deciding to feed the rich with more money, people are going to resort to extreme measures to prove their displeasure.

  113. Kelly Blomme

    It is nice to see the high school teacher using douchbag and the internet. In your own words, "the nice thing about being online is you can say what you want without the risk of getting knocked on your ass." It is just sort of sad.

  114. Danielle D King

    I am a black woman that's worked since I was 10. I am smart and educated. I have never received any assistance of any kind and no special tax breaks…..but why would I vote for a man that doesn't serve or any attempt to address any of my interests but continues to take my taxes-Romney! You call African-American citizens ignorant when they vote to serve and promote their own purposes……hmmmm wonder where we got that example…..go to hell Ted Nugent….you're an out of touch rock star…..

  115. Anonymous

    web bandit. You are soooo brave on the internet. You sound like a guy with little man syndrome suffering from the snipping of his synapses'.

  116. Michael Bly


  117. Jim Comfort

    Jerry Rudd : When the Sheeple's well runs dry and they don't get their monthly feeding. They will be gnashing their teeth a wailing at the moon. Ted will have his and will be ready. The Zombies will be laying face first in the dust. Once again the biblical accuracy of the Bible is apparent: You Reap what you Sow. So Sheeple….I see nothing growing in your garden. Look at Downstate NY…lots of Sheeple there. Didn't know it did you until the stuff hit the fan. Well then, I'll see all your smiling faces someday on the Lib-O-Turd Press when you are blindsided too.

  118. Kelly Blomme

    The republicans should be able to spot a rigged election very easily since they they are so good at them, ie. 2000 and 2004 elections.

  119. Georje K Carter

    How many millions of republicans are also receiving food stamps, section 8, welfare checks , medicare and free phones? People like Ted Nugent and Fox news want you to believe that it's only democrats or by a large margin mainly democrats. Only them lazy colored, Hispanics and illegal immigrants are the recipients of government benefits. they want you to think that in applying for benefits you are asked your party affiliation because republicans are excluded.Iif that rings true to you you are not thinking on your own but letting ted and Fox news and Rush Limbaugh and Hannity think for you. Especially if you cash a disability check or have food stamp food in your fridge.

  120. Brian Pyle

    Actually NAFTA was signed into Law, there was Blackhawk Down situation in 1991, then the forcing of banks to take unsecured loans and believing the economic SIN curve was a straight line were the start of the issue all under Clinton's reign. Keep drinking the coolaid though Comrade.

  121. Tony Elar

    Ted is a classic racist and hard core gun nut in my view. He talks about welfare brats—–what does that tell you?

  122. Clarence Beckham

    dummy..finish high school first..quit pissing your pants before you make an opinion..clown

  123. Susan Eastman

    And the article itself seems rather slanted even in the way it phrases the question asking if readers think this country committed "suicide" by re-electing Obama. And look what disregard Nugent has for so many other people. UGHH!!!

  124. Brotherap Brotherap

    MF, Ted "faggot ass: Nugent. This stupid MoFo is talking about people like me who for no reason was put out of a 20+ year job because the division of my company was outsourced to a German Company, in Germany. Now after paying in for almost 40 years I'm supposed to feel ashamed for demanding some of mine back from this S*** @$$ US Government that Ted Nugent and others celebrated and remained quiet while they spent a Trillion dollars of the US Treasury on a senseless war in Iraq based on lies re: WMDs. I'm dead serious about coming for mine and MF a Ted Nugent!

  125. Anonymous

    That's not how it work's in this country. But it will as soon as obamageddon makes an Executive order to stifle speech.

  126. Anonymous

    teddy, why don't you play music and let go of it. if bush was not such a f-tard it would still be a republican white house.

  127. Clarence Beckham

    save our land..join the klan..what a dickweed.nugent is an asshole..racist fuck..

  128. Nick Ball

    I see all the hillbilly rednecks are out in full force. Shouldn't you quacks be out hunting squirrels for supper or something?

  129. Garry Hughes

    Only sociopathic arrogance drives people to fury because others don't agree with them. Get over yourselves. The majority chose Civil Rights over religious fanaticism, A Common Sense foreign policy over warmongery, the welfare of the elderly, the disabled, the chronically sick, and the poor over the greed of those who prefer a "you're on your own" world. Face it. America belongs to all of us, not just those of you who want to wallow in Hate, Bigotry, Intolerance, and Greed.

  130. Ray Wortel

    It seems, Philip, that your education did not go beyond Cortland High. Am I wrong?

  131. Anonymous

    The only thing Ted did was make himself look more crazy than usual. It's one thing to not agree and another thing to throw out useless criticism. No not all of us Obama voters are on welfare, I work and go to school full time while raising my younger brother and receive no government assistance what so ever. fact of the matter is the republicans are angry they choose an ingorant naive crazy mormon for their candidate and lost. That's on them, not on us. Romeny managed to constantly piss off America with his out there comments and views so heres a tip: pick a better candidate next time if you want to be able to compete.

  132. Fabio Carpanini

    For all you moronic, ignoramus, low information, rednecks republican voters :

  133. Darin Smith

    Ted should be doing life for being a pedophile! CHECK IT IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!

  134. Anonymous

    Ted made no violent threats against the president, as the soulless, pencil-necked weasel newslib states. If he did, he would be in jail, buttf*ck. His rant implies suicide or committing a crime (from anger). Where is the direct, stated threat to the prez? Nowhere, except in your polluted, deluded mind. That being said, my fantasy is that media snots like you end up dead, have your body cut into pieces and fed into a wood chipper, then have the remains pissed and shit on. Why? Because you enjoy misleading, misinforming, and withholding important information to the public so that they carry on your socialist, liberal agenda. All because you hate America and everything we used to stand for.

  135. Gwen Hall

    I had no idea there were so many people suffering from mental illness. I see evidence of hysterical personality disorder, amnesia and paranoid delusions in the last couple of days. As for the cause of economic crisis and the deficit, the over-simplification is ludicrous. It wasn't Bush's fault – trying to blame one individual or even one party is nuts. It was a perfect storm: greed and reckless behavior on Wall Street, faulty government policies, poor consumer decision making, fighting two costly wars, international trade inequity. The steady decline of the middle class, however, began during the Bush era.

  136. Bob Moench

    Ted is under the delusion that if we listen to his music, we'll listen to his opinion. Most of his best songs use someone else's voice…He should take a lesson from that.

  137. Mike Weirch

    If nugent really cared about the USA he wouldn't be a draft dodging coward. He should be sent North Korea with the rest of the communist assholes.

  138. Reginald L Minor

    TED blames everyone else. How about some blame for his millions of gun owners? There were plenty of them to make a difference and they still voted for Obama. Look at Penn.

  139. Candace Farace

    Watching the sum of the earth (Ted Nugent), criticize anyone's morals? His fifteen minutes of fame were over decades ago. Just over-dose already Ted. No one gives a sh*t what you have to say, nor will anyone mourn once you finally die.

  140. Jim Comfort

    Ray, no more nor no less than yourself. But then, Performing Arts is such a difficult curriculum. LMAO!!

  141. Dan Tinsley

    I complelely agree with Nugent. It's just sad to realize what a mindless, gullible society we live in. It's really quite sickening!

  142. Candace Farace

    Watching the scum of the earth (Ted Nugent), criticize anyone's morals? His fifteen minutes of fame were over decades ago. Just over-dose already Ted. No one gives a sh*t what you have to say, nor will anyone mourn once you finally die.

    I've got an idea, why don't Ted, Ann Coulter and Karl Rove all move to Iraq? They clearly enjoy fighting, being anti-American and would be best used for assault weapon target practice.

  143. Jesse Singh

    Yeah, he's a king-size douche bag. I saw him in concert like fifteen years ago, and he wasn't really playing guitar. It was funny. You could see the dude behind the curtain that was actually playing. Dude can't even play guitar anymore. lol

  144. Irving Young

    I get free medical and a goverment check, because of that jerks think I am lazy. I think cowards who never served a day in the Military deserve nothing.

  145. Mark Allen Cooper

    Ted hit it on the nose. We are going in a downward spiral that will destroy many american lives. Yet all I hear from the Obama worshipers is that we are all raciest for not voting for Obama. How much more of this are we going to take before people open their eyes?

  146. Michael Bly

    really people are stupid for voting?!! really is that what vet's like myself and my friends put on the uniform and served our counrty (some of my friends have shed blood lost limbs and died!!!) i am all for EVERY AMERICAN having an a voice and EVERY AMERICAN has a right to vote and has a right to be heard and to have their voices count PERIOD!!!! america is not for a select few it is for everyone and if a person has such a problem living in america here a thought LEAVE PERIOD NO ONE IS MAKING ANYONE STAY AGAINST THIER WILL YOU DO NOT LIKE IT GET THE HELL OUT move somewhere else and see how you like it !!! i love all the celeb's like "GOOD OLD" TED who said if obama get's elected they are leaving well guess what it is time to put up or shut up (and i can guess that good old ted will not be leaving anytime soon!!!!)

  147. Terrey Barr Watson

    Without a doubt they changed the face of America, we now become just like another country, not the wonderful America we used to be 4 years ago. Why is it my responsibility to support those that want support themselves, nor even try to do so? We have lost the very foundation this country was founded on. But here's something new, since White people are now the minority in America, I see some serious problems with the other races getting the benefits that they want now that they are no longer minorities. So be careful when you pull the race card if you are a different race than white we get to play the race card on all of you now. No more free college for other races, etc. THE LORD WILL WATCH OVER MY HOUSE, But he want our Godless country, Obama took care of that.

  148. Michael Fedorchuk

    Excuse me, but “Pimps, whores & welfare brats" rarely vote. Americans re-elected Obama, and it's time you acted appropriately toward our president.

  149. Anonymous

    Carl Demarais – Hey Carl, I own a business and employee 8 people, a real small biz(not one with 500 like the GOP protects), Making money is good, but compassion for those with less is better, free of corporate overlords is the best yet. Wall street clowns are a big reason the economy crashed, along with deregulation that began many Presidents ago. We just did you a big favor by Re-electing President Obama and your to dense to realize it. have a good day and you need to put the kool aid down and invest in your own education or get a soul and be compassionate yourself.

  150. Candace Farace

    I love the drama queen, I just had no idea so many of them were hiding under the skirt of the GOP. Tell me Douglas, where does one find the Freshsnack? If you are Director of Operations, I'm guessing their business will soon suffer.

  151. Joe Zulewski

    Time will tell. We had to deal with Slick Willie for 8, W for 8 and now Barry for 8. We all better get what we can for free because it will run out soon. I'm not blaming Barry only. I blame the people for electing these types of leaders. We deserve them. Good Luck. Hang on to your wallerts. I suggest we save as much $ as we can.

  152. Daniel Cordova

    Ted Nugent- draft dodger and rock & roll artist whose songs are flashbacks of drug and alcohol induced stupor and claims he did none of the above. I did not vote for Obama, and I wouldn't vote for Ted Nugent. What gives him so much credibility other than his senseless babbling as a former rock star? Anybody who writes and sings songs about the cat scratch fever and white buffalo has problems. Thank God the South didn't win the Civil War and thank god Ted never served a day in the US military because if either had occurred he would have a nanometer of credibility.

  153. Anonymous

    It is time that Ted Nugent just fade away. If he is so upset about the way the country is running, then just leave! Go take your bow and arrow to Russia or Iraq. He has no right to threaten the President, no matter how much he CLAIMS to be buddies with the Secret Service. Although there is a freedom of speech, to call his fellow citizens welfare brats, etc….but he clearly is another decisive Republican that is Hell bent on destroying the country with hatred only in the name of their own egos and money. Shut the F*** up already. Take Donald Trump hunting and shoot him kinda like old Dick did to his buddy.

  154. Jim Comfort

    Were you posting to me Jay, uh? Read Son…I was answering Ray and his performing arts crap.

  155. Martin Roberts

    Congratulations on the stunning defeat of Romney. We were saved from a tyrannical king that could not tell the truth about anything. Usually it is a choice of the lessor of two evils.

  156. Michael P Cookson

    No surprise here! Ted is really upset because a majority of Americans don't agree with him! It's called being arrogant! Ted has no shortage of that! I personaly find his misery, to be funny and enlightning! As for what he has predicted for America, judging from the conservatives media failure tlo predicted anything correctly, I'm not worried!

  157. Brandon Dennis

    this whole damn country is filled with hillbilles. Im about to move out of it! this country aint worth fighting for anymore. Its gone to hell with people like Ted and his hillbilly followers

  158. Anonymous

    Jerry Rudd, Ted is a tool. The damage was done by you guys Golden Boy, George W Bush, he presided over the greatest economic down turn since The Great Depression. That ass got us into 2 unjustified wars, that he put on the credit card. NO President has EVER gone to war and cut taxes, the math doesn't add up. , You idiots that think tax cuts = jobs, how did that work from 2000 to 2008? IT DIDN'T!!! You morons can't get past the fact that President Obama is Black, that is really pathetic. I would be willing to bet not one of you morons on this message board bothered to read Romney's plan, it would have been hard to do, because he didn't have one I went to Romney's website and his plan was generalities, what specifics were there did not add up. I saw Economist after Economist say it wouldn't work, and some of these Economists were people he was quoting. STOP WATCHING FOX(FAKE)NEWS AND GET EDUCATED. Don't just listen to the sound bites, do some research, because your vote is important

  159. Brandon Dennis

    As long as Ted's unhappy, I'm happy! He's the soulless piece of shit! Its a damn shame there are so many who don't realise they are under his thumb when they side with him. He is the one who only went into music back in the 70s for the $ and fame. He is the one who murders innocent animals and wants to poach and claims its being close to nature when infact he kills it. He is the worst of the worst!

  160. Ben Press

    Ted Nugent and the rest of his conservative asshole buddies like Donald the dick licker Trump and Ann Coulter should just pool their money and buy an island somehwere. That way they can have the government they want, and the rest of us don't have to listen to their candy ass whining and crying. Grow the fuck up douchebags.

  161. Hugo Vargas

    This is a real piece of turd. I can't believe that I used to like some of his "music" when I was a kid.This "man" has cerebral diarrhea and everytime he opens that ugly mouth it leaks sh33t everywhere Stupid old white fart. This country is so divided not because a "nigg3r" like they die to scream it loud is president of "their country" but for their outdated predujices. I wish there was a time machine and they could go back to the pre-civil war times. Remember, old "teddy", when you made racist rants in your "concerts" about hispanics and pretty much the rest of the people who are "not like us"? Fu&& you, stupid gun-loving, hate-made soulless piece of rancid garbage!

  162. Jim Comfort

    Brandon Dennis : Bye Bye… I hope Cuba or where ever likes ya.

  163. Anonymous

    Anita Beesley check your facts…blue state taxes pays for red state roads… states would be a third world country on their own…except for TX

  164. Anonymous

    Michael Bly
    Well Michael is seems you comprehension as well as your memory are faulty, the people who threatened to leave the US were DEMOCRATS not Republicans. See Repubs fight for what we believe in and the fight has only begun. I guess your uniform didn't teach you that America doesn't leave another American behind like this administration did with our brothers in arms. My uniform taught me that when you serve you expect your country to stand behind you, not simply bring your body home and lie to your parents at the funeral.

  165. Kevin G Barone

    Ted Nugent is an ignorant piece of trash that spews venom like a deadly snake, but he doesn't have the courage to follow through with his bombastic threats and actions. Go ahead and leave the country, you big mouth a-hole. It will be one less idiot to have in the USA, preventing possibilities to inspire change and move things in a positive direction. Every one is entitled to an opinion, but when you start trashing the president AND his supporters you lose any credibility you may have had and just stir the pot of bigotry and hatred. There is a way to express yourself while being intelligent, respectful and credible. He's like a hot air balloon without the air…useless.
    I am 51 years old. I am not a supporter of any of the lying puppets that have been around for many years and I claim support to either. They both suck. However, in my 51 years, I have NEVER witnessed such blatant disrespect to whomever is/ was in the White House. Nugent and his trashy cohorts are the disease that is rotting America. Shut the F*ck Up or get the f*ck out!

  166. Jacinto Jay Assunto III

    Yes Ray before you knock someone for an education get one yourself. An art degree is very difficult to achieve like most college degrees. I can read and fact is the educated back Obama while the less educated back Romney. Where did you get your degree?

  167. Kelly Lewis

    Ted pays for HIS OWN kids! If you can't feed 'em, DON'T breed em!

  168. Jim Comfort

    Jay Assunto ..Jay Assunto : OOOOO, Jay your wit is so pointed and lively. I guess that peforming arts magnet school teaches you very well in – how to …ACT? I heard the Clown Class was very hard to register for. Apparently you were first in line.

  169. Michael C Jaffe

    Hi Ted- Americans cast their votes, and Obama won, fair and square. It's understandable that some would be upset with his victory. You sound like American's should not have the right to disagree. If they don't see things your way they and soulless and stupid… There are countries where there is only one way… you should consider moving to one: Iran, Syria, China, Uganda…. This is America man and IN this country millions have shed their blood to give us all the right to choose, AND DISAGREE! This is America Ted… LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

  170. Kent F. Parks

    What does teddy know about working hard? I'm gald he's a republican. As long as he keeps spitting out his hate, we'll keep winning because people don't like his vitriol.

  171. Anonymous

    Frank Williams I agree with your comment, but the Patriots SUCK~

  172. Jerry Rudd

    paul_w_97007 I do not care about color of skin! I care about having a future and retirement and my kids having a future!

  173. Carole Emond

    Ted Nugent is irelevant. His "music" got him some fame so he thinks he's well qualified to comment on politics.As far as I'm concerned Nugent is irresponsible and useless. His prediction of jail or death by May would be a blessing if it were to materialize.

  174. Janelle Juneau Barbara

    There should be more people like Uncle Ted in this country! Love this man! He speaks the truth and those that don't like it or either who he's talking about or thinks it's ok to be a "welfare brat."

  175. Tomas Suniga

    This great country still has no room for racism and bigotry. There is always Canada for you to move to, or how about Russia…

  176. Jim Comfort

    Jay are you having a dementia minute? Let me help you out Boy. Your last post should have been directed at me, Jim not Ray. Ray is in the O'Blowzo hip pocket with ya. Got it straight now? I know this is hard for you "Educated" types but try to keep up.

  177. Anonymous

    Ted Nugent, Trump are idiots. Just because others have a different opinion than you do, does not mean it warrants venom and hate. Very christian of those of you who do it. Good Republicans and Good Democrats would be wise to cut out the cancer of both left and right extremes, which ted and the donald belong. WISE up you haters…

  178. Jay Sills

    Hey…..Ted said he would be dead in a year if Obama was re-elected…….can't wait

  179. Anonymous

    The real name is 'I have an IQ over 30 and didn't vote for Romney.' Are you serious? The only 'stupid people are the ones who want more of the Bush.Cheney years!

  180. Gary Volante

    While I wouldn't go as far as to say Canada is Socialist, they are doing pretty darned well compared to US, still knee-deep in the mess brought on by 8 yrs of Bush, Cheney & Co. I'll take that brand of "Socialism" anytime right here is the USA. Better than the Fascism espoused by alot of the Republican Fringe.

  181. Anonymous

    Ted is a complete racist bigot and all these White people who love him are just as annoying! Face it – soooo many White people in the country are sooo angry because a Black man won over the AssHat Romney! Ha Ha! Republicans are problematic and obviously becoming a thing of the past!

  182. Seaside Jimmy DiLorenzo

    I have a family and I am a home owner as well. As far as I'm concerned Bill O'Reilly and all the other talking heads can stop with the "People who Voted Obama want stuff". By the way Bill & Ted…The African American and Latino people I know are very hard working honest intelligent people as well. AND stack Ted up agains Nuno or Satriani, Vai, Eric Johnson, Jason Becker….Brian Setzer and sooo many and you realize he's not even that great of a guitar player. Who cares what Nugent says or does? I am choosing to leave this discourse.

  183. Scott A Jones

    It boils down to trust and past actions romney proved by his past actions that he's money hungry with few morals and aparently the american people saw that. atleast most of us lol.

  184. Kelly Lewis

    "You can't have America back"? WTF is that supposed to mean? YOU now "own" America because your black? Is that what you are saying? 12% of the total population are what blacks make in this country and you still think you have an upper hand because a HALF black guy got re-elected with the help of the 95% of blacks who wanted him back in because of his skin color. Get back to us in four years and tell us how much better off you are, racist.

  185. John Sherman

    The moron who wrote this article started out by saying Ted made violent threats against Obama. He did no such thing, or he would have been arrested and charged! GoUncle Ted! You rock!

  186. Anonymous

    Mordacai Deveraux We have always helped people who needed it. Everyone knows someone who games the system. Eventually you run out of other peoples money.

  187. Butch Brewer

    Ted's right because he has the right to speak his mind? How are we less like Americans? Do you know how it is in the world Mark Allen Coop? Read some son, don't listen to the people around you.

  188. Kevin Mason

    Fuck Ted and the rest of them! If he so damn mad where was all this anger from 2001-2009 sorry motherfucker and that goes for all you haters! Leave Obama alone so he can do his damn job all this bullshit ya'll talking about ya'll need to go somewhere and stfu!

  189. Anonymous

    Ronald Edwards I thought Vietnam was called a conflict, technically, organized by the budding CIA to get France out. Or you could say we bailed them out of the colonization mess they got themselves into. Either way since Obama claimed foreign citizenship on his college application I don't think he would have been eligible without as SS#. Even though I voted for the other guy I'm hopeful that the economy will turn around. I've always thought the President is as smart as the people he surrounds himself with.

  190. Pat Fettinger

    Canada works because they do not have the no producing, non working drain that our society has!
    Australia is a a self sufficient continent!

  191. Jerry Rudd

    Republicans protect our civil rights! the right to bear arms, Freedom of speech, They protect christian values, Democrats want to give rights to gays, Stop the coal mining industry which nationwide provides several hundred thousand jobs Americans need!

  192. Erik Nash

    I just want to know one thing, if we're the working, mindless retards sipping kool aid, then how big is your jug you working, mindless retard?

  193. Jacinto Jay Assunto III

    Yes it is Jim. My apologies to Ray. And if this is your idea of wit I do feel sorry for you. Teds rant and now your's seems childish and immature. I can't have everything I want but when I don't get what I want I don't cry and call other people stupid for their ideas. Even when they believe in things without proof (i.e God).

  194. Linda Valerio Hayes

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Ted…sad day it was….we will soon be "one nation, under Allah". :-(

  195. Jim Comfort

    Michael Bly Your not the only Vet here….72 to 76. So your touting your service is great, but you'll only get checked by another vet on the other side. Bless ya son.

  196. Anonymous

    Carl Demarais: another mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, ignorant cretin replies. You're one of the retarded fools who think the fat cats on Wall Street actually give a crap about your pathetic worthless life. They just laugh while you idiots whore yourselves for their table scraps. And you're way too stupid to be gainfully employed. Now shut-up, collect your disability check, stock up on canned foods and prepare for when the government comes to take your guns away. Moron.

  197. Wendy L. Och

    I'd like to know how exactly I am a whore because I voted for Obama? Ted my friend, you are the least American person I know. We ( the people) make our country great regardless of who is president and to talk so shallow of your fellow Americans for having thoughts and ideas different than your own makes you an idiot. We never put those different than us aside because at some point their ideas may be in your favor one day. Stop being sorry losers and get out there and make a difference yourself!

  198. Anonymous

    The right seems so concerned about the 30% of U.S. budget spent on medicare, medicaid, welfare and Social Security, but never talks about cutting the 50%+ we spend on military and military related. Why is that?

  199. Tom Ravencroft

    Ted…stfu and go back to playing guitar! Yes, Obama is a retard, however Ted is no saint. Vietnam draft dodging PUSSY. Cheated on his wives and girlfriends while on the road.Oh but I guess that's ok because Ted doesn't use drugs or alcohol…

  200. Anonymous

    Luv Ya Ted. And, I would vote for you in a second." Bronco Bama" is going sink us even further into a socialist country!

  201. Jason Van Hoesen

    Ted Nugent is just a big baby that has nothing to do than cry about something that was out of his control. I mean seriously who cares what Ted says or Donald Trump or anyone like that. Go back to playing crappy music Ted and go back building sky scrapers Donald Trump.

  202. William Arnett

    What's so sad all of these illegal immagrants that Obama allowed to vote for our America when they had no right to even vote if it wasn't for that Obama wouldn't be president

  203. Jeff Avants

    Ted Nugent, I love you brother! You're spot on. And let me add, this election more than proves that the masses are, indeed, the a s s e s!

  204. Elizabeth Ledesma

    Ted, if Romney won, do you think the pimps, whores and welfare brats are just going to disappear? I think not. Look at history. If you ignore certain classes of people, crime and hate will just multiply and multiply. What president do you know purposely brings the country down? It just shows how closed minded and bigoted you are. Where do you think you'd be without music? Think about it!

  205. Bruce Hauge

    Why bring up this nutjob? This has been had one hit titled "Cat scratch fever", enough said. People realize when people like Teddy and Hank Williams Jr (both of who were draft dodgers) shoot their mouths off it's only because their careers are in the tank and they need that attention. No wonder they like Trump, Bush, Cheney, Romney.

  206. Anonymous

    Luv Ya Ted. I would vote for you in a second."Bronco Bama" is only going to sink us further into a socialist country.

  207. Hope R Rose

    OMG! We have a bunch of adults that are emotionally involved in who won this election! The majority has spoken, including the electoral votes. Those who did not get their way can now understand how others (including myself) felt in 2000 & 2004. There was some negative rhetoric, but we have people killing their families, people ranting on national TV and on social networks, and people who have invested lots of money on trying to skew statistics and rhetoric in the media (which should be illegal) to affect less educated and informed people to get them to 'believe' in what they want them to believe in. Try to work with and respect those who were elected to their respective positions. You will live. I certainly survived two questionable elections that did not go MY way.

  208. Anonymous

    As long as Ted's unhappy, I'm happy! He's the soulless piece of shit! Its a damn shame there are so many who don't realise they are under his thumb when they side with him. He is the one who only went into music back in the 70s for the $ and fame. He is the one who murders innocent animals and wants to poach and claims its being close to nature when infact he kills it. He is the worst of the worst! He is the one who committed spiritual suicide a long time ago.
    Ted really needs to get over himself and he and his millions of followers need to go to Iran. They'd be better off there since all of them have the same thing in common (guns).
    I suppose he likes rich ass Romney who has a wife with 3 Cadillacs and he himself has an elevator for all his cars. He does not know what it means to fall on hard times. He is out of touch with America. Obama has been in our shoes, well most of us. He has been in middle class, which is what most of America is. As for me, I'm independent, and didn't vote neither one.

  209. Anonymous

    Nugents dead on the mark. Obviously a true American who cares less abot the money and more about his country and the legacy this generation leaves to the next.

  210. Anonymous

    Typical Republican, he promised he would leave the country if Obama won. Turns out to be another empty promise.
    Very sad that these clowns parade around as the keepers of democracy and instead are the epitome of the hypocrisy.

  211. Anonymous

    The Nooge said he would be dead or in jail if Obama was reelected. If he is the voice of the people, which will it be? Probably neither, or will he just cry and wine instead. Or, will he just slaughter some more animals. He can speak for himself but don't speak for America. God bless America and those who fight to protect it.

  212. Anonymous

    Why does anyone care what some has been/never was rocker singer think about anything? The guy had 15 minutes of fame thirty years ago. He says outrageous things merely to try to keep his name in the headlines so that someone might buy one more copy of Cat Scratch Fever. Please Ted, go back to Michigan and bow and arrow a few more deer and fade off into oblivion where you belong.

  213. Phil Betts

    You go Ted!! Dude speaks his mind, out in the open. Right or wrong (and who gets to decide that) he's no coward.

  214. Bob Giz

    “What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives” This about sums it up!

  215. Anonymous

    Well the conservatives screwed everybody over in the 80s, time for the dems to screw everybody over know.

  216. Lucy Price

    My husband and I are both college graduates with doctorates in our respective fields. We aren't pimps, whores or welfare brats and voted for Obama. You are an old, has-been rocker who undoubtedly has brain damage because of years of drug abuse, so we will forgive you because of that. It's a shame that people like you get the publicity that you do. Why don't you and The Donald go out to lunch together and exchange bitter comments. It would be fun for ya!

  217. Anonymous

    ted, and donald, and all the other celebrities, that spout off about the regular folks in this country, have no clue what the hell they are talking about. they don't walk in our shoes and they don't live our lives. they still belong to a caveman era that has long since died out. the day I vote for a canidate, just because these idiots tell me to, is the day I should go to the looney bin. I wish they would just dry up, and go away.

  218. Garry Hughes

    Mostly I'm responding to those who are snarling and sputtering, Like Nugent. Most of the people who voted for Romney make sound arguments for why they did so and are not whining about how things went. They know that you win some and you loose some. They also know that Obama winning isn't the end of the world. For them, I offer an olive branch. For the extremists, I offer nothing. You can't feed tolerance to them with a spoon.

  219. Anonymous

    Why would anybody care what and old washed up rock and roll star has to say. He made his millions form all of those pimps, whores and welfare brats.

  220. Ted Johnson

    The Nuge deserves our country's devoted indifference. And The Inquisitr looks like a sensationalist publication unworthy of intelligent eyeballs.

  221. Diane Bello

    I feel sorry for OBAMA, He is going to have a tough time cleaning up the mess from the last president 2008-2012…so I guess I agree with TED.

  222. Phil Betts

    Extremists nearly always make fools of themselves. I stoped counting those posts weeks ago. There were MANY! Unfortunately they didn't stop once the election was over. I am patient though and forgiving.

  223. David Sellers

    Dems also want to give rights to all people (gay or not). You act as though they don't deserve rights? You know, back in the day women didn't have rights and neither did minorities. This is no different why hate on something you don't understand? In you logic, since I'm not a christian I dont think those damn Christians should have rights. Christians are a virus. You see I could say all of this, but I don't because I believe everyone should have rights! Stop the coal mining industry and in with the new "Green" energy. Sounds like a plan to me.

  224. Anonymous

    Of all the joys I have felt since the victory Tuesday night, I think the one that makes me smile the widest is thinking about the utter disappointment of Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Donald Trump, and their ilk. With this group of nut-cases leading the way, expect similar results for the GOP in the future.

  225. Anonymous

    Of all the joys I have felt since the victory Tuesday night, I think the one that makes me smile the widest is thinking about the utter disappointment of Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Donald Trump, and their ilk. With this group of nut-cases leading the way, expect similar results for the GOP in the future.

  226. Gary Johnson

    to all the dumbasses who agree with that jerk Nugget, this all started a long time ago with Regan and the Shrubs those are the jerks who started this mess so check youre facts before listening to that anti american Dead Nugent.

  227. Anonymous

    didn't Ted promise to leave the country now is the perfect time good bye.

  228. Anonymous

    BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH, Nugent, you tea bagging law breaking psycho!

  229. Anonymous

    Crazies Like Ted Nugent and Donald Trump is what is EXACTLY what's wrong with this Country. I use to never think this way But I Do now, Ted, Don: America Love it or LEAVE IT Your Really not trying to Help anything here you just PRETEND you are Right Wing Commies.

  230. Anonymous

    hes right obama is lazy as hell 4 more yrs now of him doing nothing for this country like he did last 4 yrs except drive our debt up even more shame on u people for voting for him welcome to a even crappier america now! fools!

  231. Anonymous

    I have said for years that 80% of the American public is politically ignorant. I would venture to say that if you ask 10 people who voted for Osama Obama what his tax policies are or what is foreign policy is…maybe one…maybe they would have an intelligent answer…maybe not intelligent but maybe an answer.
    When you have 95% of black people voting for the man because of the color of his skin…something is wrong with that. They discredit Dr. Martin Luther Kings memory. He said you should judge a man by his character, not the color of his skin. If that were the fact in this election Romney would have won a landslide. For those of you that voted for Osama Obama… deserve what you get…unfortunatley you are taking the rest of us down with you.

  232. Willie Leach Jr.

    who cares about a washed up tired gun nut.What he thinks is nothing to any one.He is old news.

  233. Sy ElAmin

    Stop threatening American's with doomsday prophecy. Get off your duffs, stop slugging PBR and Rolling Rock and get serious about life. It's time to grow up. The boogie man does not exist. You got Obama again because you elected Bush for two terms just because his name sounds like the beer you drink. That alcoholic drove this country into the ground when he should have had a proverbial DUI after 911, yeah kinda like Benghazi my ass. Except that was NOT on American soil! You suck at your jobs, you feel entitled to everything without earning it, and you don't know how to spell big boy words, so stay off the blogs and I won't tell your neighbors you're on food stamps.

  234. Damian Magarelli

    In addition to being a stupid redneck, Mr. Nugent is also a really shitty guitarist.

  235. George D. Miklos

    I grewup a Sweaty Teddy fan and I while don't agree with him on alot of things he is dead on right on this election and the lowlifes that voted him in.

  236. Terry Morgan

    Ted, After ' Intensities in ten cities' you should have retired. Cat Scratch Fever was awesome, but you made that like over 30 years ago. You were awesome! Now your just a hate machine, bitter with faded glory. Kind of sad, man.

  237. Eric Remington

    It is becoming very clear who the truly evil people are in our country. Talk about a bunch of racist a-holes! PEOPLE! IF YOU REALLY HATE THE PRESIDENT OR THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM THAT MUCH, THEN YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO MOVE TO A COUNTRY THAT MEETS YOUR HOLY STANDARDS OF HATE AND HOLINESS. If the country fails, it is because people like you who refuse to work with people of different ideals. America is the land of the free. That's what makes our country what it is. May God bless us and bring us together.

  238. Frank Duvall

    Ted Nugent is a pure IDIOT….And his only claim to fame…Is one record… he may go find the rock he came from and….you know the rest.

  239. Tom Ferris

    I have always thought Ted Nugent was a classless bum. I hate his music anyway so, he can just leave the USA if he is not happy. Quit cutting the US down Ted, get out and go to Europe!

  240. Irma Paola Cardoso

    Between this guy and Trump I hope their plane falls on a COLD island and they disapear!!

  241. Eva Feeley

    The composer of the song "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" is calling Obama supporters "soulless"?

  242. Daniel Cröss

    Yeah, everyone who voted for Obama is a no job having, beer drinking, lazy ass bumb and collects welfare. What a dumb fuck this guy is. I VOTED FOR OBAMA and I work darn near 7 days a week; at least 10 hors each day. I pay for everything out of pocket, never been drunk or high, or done drugs. Never been arrested and I whol heartedly believe in God 100 times more than his ignorant rightwing ass.

  243. Anonymous

    All you right wing sickos need to back off from "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" and enjoy some truth about the Consevative lie machine. Go to Youtube and check out "Dumb Like a Fox" by the Crow Knees. Here's your link:

  244. Anonymous

    I can't believe what sore losers you all are.Your unfouded Obama is soulless comment, the birther garbage, him being a Muslim, a terrorist. This is why the Republicans lost the election. The Nation said to you Tuesday that this was all BS. Ted is soulless with his relentless killing of animals, his treatment of animals; this all proves he is a complete maniac. Obama has more soul in one hair on his head than Ted has in his body. I say DOWN with Ted. He's irrelevant!

  245. Anonymous

    I will be so glad when Ted Nugent dries up and BLOWS AWAY and hopefully takes DONALD TRUMP with him. Ack! for such a "macho" turd of a rocker all he does is whine. Go back to you casino tours and shut up.

  246. Anonymous

    clearly this man has problems with simple facts and elemental logic…. it's that 47% of moochers, right!
    Does this man ever read?
    He needs to put down the Jack Daniels and pick up a newspaper.

  247. Steven Luker

    Those who are on the right know the kind of misery we are in for in the coming years. But most of the Obama supporters are absolutely clueless about the left's intentions. Little by little they will learn. More poverty for us. And they will then blame the right for it.

  248. Anonymous


  249. Heath Sorrell

    Let us not forget Ted's illegitimate children whom he hasn't paid a dime for.. Lets not forget Ted buying off parents of an under age Hawaiian girl so he could legally have sex with her..And a draft dodger which he admits.. This is your voice of reason people? Please sit in a corner and rock with that….

  250. Mike Ganson

    To Whom It May Concern.
    We the American people, are now the offical newest third world country. With the foreign born dude at the head of the greatest country in the world he will bankrupt the country. I just can't find the words to put here to show how disappointed I am with the outcome of the election. To all of you that voted for him I'm sure you will be very happy when he finds a way to become ruler of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for the remainder of his life. The newest in a long line of dictators in a world that needs citizen rule. He will have our weapons taken away like Hitler did in Germany in the 1930s and take away any rights given by our forefathers when our country was created by far better people than we now have in office. I pray that I'm wrong.

  251. Anonymous

    I grew up in jackson Michigan, that's teds homestead, out by concord mi, I didn't see him help out the community when our factories were shutting down, or the town itself turn int a hole in the earth when reagen was slamming the unions, and run out of town, this place is depressing, and talk about hard working people, My dad was a heavy mechanic for forty years, and I was a millwright in heavy industrial, and I also play guitar, let me tell you working on 100,000 lb industrial machines is just a tad harder then playing a guitar or hunting everyday, I am so sick of people buying into this welfare crap and they work so hard, go ask my dad what 40 years of working his butt off did for him, he doesn't have a pot to piss in, just a wore out body and his social security.if ted cared he could of started a busineess out there I am sure he had the money so all u idiots that buy into this crap can kiss my behind, and no I didn't vote for anybody and never will until there is a different party.

  252. Larry N Doris Wheat

    Ted , loved your music back in the day , anymore you are about as relevent as little donny trump. sad to say.

  253. Matt Williams

    The problem is with almost everybody here – all hard right or hard left. There is no solidarity in this country anymore, politically and culturally. No desire to compromise, no attempt to really make bipartisan progress. That's congress' fault and the fault of most of the people posting here – we all need to try and get along better, and that would help us find a reasonable balance of the ideas represented by both parties – that's what will help America and society the most, culturally, economically, spirituallly – we need to all start trying to get along and work together in a sensible and reasonable and empathetic way.

  254. Kevin Smith

    LOL, so everybody who voted for Obama is a pimp a whore or a welfare brat…..Silly Redneck.

  255. Kevin Smith

    Why don't nuts like Ted and those on the left run for office? Show us how really popular your views are?

  256. Amy Duvall

    He can join Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and fall off the face of the earth. Who is he to judge who is souless……common people…..this is getting way out of line….the hatred is just plain out of control!!!!!

  257. Garry Lafferty

    Ted Nugent for moron of the year,no wait Trump would be better choice,Palin,Christy,Bachman,999,Perry.Romney your party have a lot of wont to be presidents for a day.

  258. Anonymous

    Ted, let me say this. First your music sucks. Second, why don't u get a clue and some common senses before you start mouthing off. Its pretty much a given, you don't have a college degree. You may not even have graduated from high school. The biggest problem in this country, is me responding to a idiot like you. For someone to give a shit what your views are on the world. You have lived off of peoples coat tails for years. Your a little kid, who never grew up.

  259. Ginny Logsdon

    Hey Ted and anyone else who thinks like him, There are plenty of other countries you can move to if you do not like it here. Better yet find a deserted island , move there and start your own country.

  260. Paul Broadway

    The only problem that I have with Mr. Nugent's comments is the selfish and UnAmerican sentiment behind them. The USA had an election. One person recieved more votes than another. The people decided. Now, it is time to suck it up and find a way to live with the decision. If you really love your country, you have to try to make it better. This is especially true if you believe that the leadership isn't up to the task. Being a poor loser is unAmerican.

  261. Christopher Galindo Castor

    ted is correct , all the obama supporters are always trying to get some thing free , I think real hard workers in this country didn't vote for that asshole , fuk obama , and his mama.

  262. Ray Shoukri

    Wow, could anyone in the United States be a more racist, ignorant redneck than this a-hole?

  263. Marvin Journell

    Obama's pastor once said the horrible words God Damn America, funny his disciple is doing just that. Destoying oiur economic and military might from the white house. The dishonorable rev must indeed be proud.

  264. Brandon Dennis

    As long as Ted's unhappy, I'm happy! He's the soulless piece of shit! Its a damn shame there are so many who don't realise they are under his thumb when they side with him. He is the one who only went into music back in the 70s for the $ and fame. He is the one who murders innocent animals and wants to poach and claims its being close to nature when infact he kills it. He is the worst of the worst! He is the one who committed spiritual suicide a long time ago.
    Ted really needs to get over himself and he and his millions of followers need to go to Iran. They'd be better off there since all of them have the same thing in common (gunhappy).

  265. Para Profess

    So many dumba** lefty liberal idiots! We are now, truly, SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS! Nuge knows this, and I commend him for speaking out against the uneducated, pimps, ho's, welfare cheats, and liars and thieves that make up the core of Obama's base…Heaven help us all, and God please save us from these heathens! Come home to CONSERVATISM!

  266. Stan Toohey

    I love TED but instead of crying about taking care of Americans , let us first channel our attention on the trillions of dollare spent on wars that are not in our interests.

  267. Robert M Moon

    Ted is correct about economic suicide. In one year we'll have 20% unemployment, $6.00 gasoline, double electricity rates. Food prices which are already up 20% will rise by 40% more. There will be a Civil War over gun control. Obama will invite the UN to help. Obama will eventually turn over our security to the Islam supporting UN, if they win the gun war. The Gun war will be the final opportunity to get America back.

  268. Mary Kay Thompson


  269. Anonymous

    Hey Aunt Ted, when you going to off your dickless self? You promised you'd be dead or in jail, I know you can't handle jail pussy, so come on put that big gun to your head and pull the trigger pussy! Let's see ya make good on your verbal vomit. A true American c unt, pussy and coward.

  270. Anonymous

    I believe that Ted hit the nail right on the head. I was sick and tired of obama's useless programs and lack of leadership and socialist agenda before Nov 6th. Now, I an just sick of the people who gave this man carte blanche to rape and pillage the people who actually work for a living. BTW, all you black folks who work hard for what you have, you are not immune. You will pay the same price whitey pays for all this. The only people who will make out on this deal the most are all the anchor Mexicans who pushed him over the top. Stand by America.

  271. Anonymous

    I thought nugent was leaving the country. I'll buy the dang fool a ticket today if he promises never to come back. That piece of varmint vomit. Take that guitar with ya.

  272. Ben Miles

    What Ted said or will say is miniscule compared to what I have to say!

    I just have enough sense to keep it in my head.

    and among friends I trust!

  273. David Thomason

    He promised he would be dead or in prison by April of 2013 if Obama won the election. Maybe he can take Trump and Norris with him.

  274. Maureen Owens Johnston

    When's the last time this idiot was paid for acting like he played a guitar. Not only is he a has-been, he's stupid and ugly and I can't believe that anyone pays any attention to him and that idiot meatloaf. Isn't this the draft dodger who soiled his pants to get out of the draft. He's a murderer of animals and will be more than happy to send your sons/daughters to war because he's a war monger. It looks like most of the people that commented; Anita, Jerry, Phillip and Carl are just as bad as he is.

  275. Rick Dawson

    Just as the right always says that actors should stick to acting, musicians should stick to music. Sadly, a drunken redneck such as Ted is able to influence a lot of people just because they like his music. Too bad. His music hasn't even been relevant for close to 30 years, so it is no surprise that his comments are equally irrelevant. He "drunk Tweets" about as much as any "celebrity" out there.

  276. Kirsten J Walstedt

    Pretty sure Mexico doesn't have any of the things Nugent doesn't like. No healthcare to cover birth control and people without means, no welfare, rich people at the top and everyone else at the bottom. Lack of regulations. Why doesn't Ted move there and start an empire?

  277. Tanya Johnson

    To any that don't like it that we voted for our BLACK PRESIDENT for the same reason they didn't, two words for them…WE WON!! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!

  278. Anonymous

    America would be better off if Ted would would stick to music.pimps and whores lol what a joke.Oh and you all probably think George W Bush was The best president we ever had I mean Dick Cheney. Vietnam was a fake war? please 58,000 soldiers was lost thanks to People like The Bushes and Romneys.. Wake up.

  279. Gloria Ann Jenkins Ted…U kill it U grill it. Although, I feel Ted's comments were abit "blunt," much of what he stated…is true. There are so many people in this country that do not realize(or do not care) that a government big enough to take care of you from the womb til the tomb…is big enough to take away…everything. Sheep to the slaughter. God have mercy on this nation. (we the people…get the leaders we deserve).

  280. Anonymous

    What simplistic, silly, ignorant comments Nugent and the brilliantly, inarticulate Trump and their ilk are capable of. It is that kind of hateful sophomoric rhetoric which the average American is sick and tired of – and one reason they re-elected Obama. Empty, egomanical trash talk which neither furthers genuine political discourse nor advances their beliefs in a way that anyone with half a brain would or could take seriously.

  281. Cynthia D. Jones

    These comments are sickening and the reason why EVERY other country hates us so much. For the record, I am a black woman, have been working since I was 19(I am 45 now) as well as most of my friends. My 2 children are grown and working as well. President Obama was and is the best man for the job because he is trying to help Americans not just the rich. Smdh @ this messiness. Get over it. President Obama is in for the next 4 years. Stop being a part of the problem and try helping with the solution. People on here are acting as though welfare benefits only go to the black race. How the hell is that so when we are such a small part of the stats. Get over yourself people and try a little love toward your fellow man instead of bashing.Ted Nugent, I thought he had died! Tell his ass to go to the hood and spurt all this nonsense. Mitt lost, Mr. Obama won. It is what it is and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Sure blame the black man when he was met with opposition from the good ole boys @ every turn. Trying to make President Obama a 1 term Pres. See how far that got you. All the while, WE were the ones suffering. Just messy!

  282. Anonymous

    So the king of rednecks has spewed again. To think I like the way this moron plays a guitar. Get used to it my right wing friends the culture war is lost. We have medical marijuana, legalized marijuana, gay marriage and the abortion war which was lost long ago. Until the right gets their butts into the 21st century on these issues they will continue to lose mational elections. Poor Ted. Maybe he should have been a liberal like most hard rockers. Oh by the way how many kids did you have out of wedlock Ted? How dare you talk family value when you screwed half the groupies in the world. Ted is a hypocrite in the first degree.

  283. Andrea John Lorenzo

    There is one thing in this world you can never change, and most people can't deal with it or understand it.????????? And that is the TRUTH You will never change the TRUTH

  284. Erdody Nicholas

    funny how every one can thnk every one else is stupid or just wants stuff, or is greedy, or don't get it, or what ever. truth is funny. I bet every one is correct about it too. if every one is say every one else is wring chances are, NO ONE is Right.

  285. Ray Wortel

    Ted Nugent is a draft-dodger pretending to be a patriot…just like O'Riley and Trump. They were to scared to hold a gun, so they hold a microphone instead.

  286. Ray Wortel

    Ted Nugent is a draft-dodger pretending to be a patriot…just like O'Riley and Trump. They were too scared to hold a gun, so they hold a microphone instead.

  287. Carol Smith

    He is free to leave this country any time that he wants. Hope he can find another one that allows freedom of speech or his mouth will land his ass in jail.

  288. Gary Holmes

    Only way this guy can get attention anymore is to run his mouth, lol…

  289. Anonymous

    Like I care what a punk ass draft dodger, pedophile thinks. BTW Ted, seeing as the President WAS reelected shouldn't you be dead or in jail by now? Just another bunch of big talk with zero follow through from a racist, POS Bagger. How boring.

  290. Anonymous

    Obama has made healthcare more available, got us out of Iraq, killed terrorist leaders, saved the automotive industry, and worked to get our economy back on track (which is seeing slow improvement), and been a thoughtful voice. Ted Nugent had a mediocre rock career 40 years ago. So I think I know who I respect.

  291. Bobby Grafe

    Ted Nugent is a traitor to the USA. He should be deported. I don't care what you believe, if you can't respect the president then don't expect anyone to respect your candidates either. Grow some balls and act like an American instead of whiney baby.

  292. Tyler Griffin

    "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."
    – Alexander Tyler, 1787.

  293. Aaron Black

    How can you say such a thing about the writer/performer of "Wang-Dang, Sweet Poontang!". Have you no shame, sir? Have you no shame at all?

  294. Anonymous

    Turd Nugent needs a boot in his ass.Too bad you loud mouth redneck, if you don't like it then move out of America.

  295. Andrew Dunning

    Ted Nugent is an example of the worst of America – Mr. Patriotic himself – kept himself out of war – but is a war hawk – selfish racist scum.

  296. Kelly Dorn

    Only a Nazi or Fascist considers those that disagree with them to be subhuman. That is a term Hitler used for gypsies, blacks, and especially Jews. As for being soulless Ted, I've seen your show. Your attempts at being soulful are pitiful, vain attempts to elevate yourself, not the music you claim to so love. But it's always about you isn't it Ted. When you dodged the draft, it was about you, yet you claim to honor our military. You're a fraud that has fallen in love with the sound of your own voice and like Narcissus you will drown in your own image. Good luck Teddy.

  297. Dan Heinz

    All I can do is laugh……mostly at the the people who deeply support Obama but it's their right as an American to feel that way. I myself don't believe it what is Obama's methods are. That will show itself in time! What I don't understand is how most of you can say Obama has done a great job as President. Instead of trying to fix the deficit he keeps borrowing more. Our children 's children will be paying for this.

  298. Anonymous

    Thank you Ted for having the ball's to speak what every hard working American is feeling. You my friend are the man!

  299. Anonymous

    fundamentally Ted is right. this country can't survive with more debt and progressive (socialist) policies for much longer.

  300. Sherry Morrison

    If Ted really threatened the President's life, then why wasn't he arrested, and why were the SS agents convinced there was no problem as they walked away from their interview with him?

  301. Kevin Hancock

    I agree with Ted fully! I lived in the ghettos until I could afford to rent to low income people. I saw the ones moving up and the ones satisfied with handouts! Obama is the president of parasite society!

  302. Joe Mendez

    You cannot get anymore white trash than Ted Nut Job Nugent, having grown-up in the hair days of the 70s, many of us Latino's sad to say bought Nugent albums. This guy has really turned into a real right wing wack job kook. He seems to bring out all the racists from under their rocks, by the looks of all the comments on the blogs he still has a few wack job friends.

  303. Joe Mendez

    …this is also a guy that avoided Vietnam with some pathetic excuse, and also urinated into one of his guitars on stage in some small Hillbilly town.

  304. Richard Leonard

    I was a Nuge fan until all this. Now you couldn't give me tickets or pay me to see this UNAMERICAN. Ted. You are as idiotic as mop top Trump. You both should be tied to a leaky boat headed to Africa.

  305. Bill Williams

    Hey all you guys posting on here… OPINIONS are like ASSHOLES. And you all are Assholes! HA HA HA HA!


  306. Ronald Bobeck

    TED, my picture say's it all I Am a Vietnam combat Veteran the place you Draft dodging buddies Rush & Mr Romney. could not be bothered going to. Me I am a totally and permentally disabled Veteran YES, I have to depend on the US Government for my pension and Medical care for my service connected disabilities. So you Killer of defenseless animals , you such a Hero, I'd like to see what you'd do faced with combat veterans like the NVA or Viet-Cong.

  307. Anonymous

    I think a Democrat wrote this — What with all the mis-spellings — I'll apply for your job! ~ I can do a lot better. :-)

  308. Marguerite Winningham

    Wow he does not mind taking the money of the soulless fools for one of his concerts!

  309. Keith Kinion

    What is that I hear? Oh, yes. Its the sound of 10,000 rightwingers crying over a lost pacifier. No compromise. The working class has compromised for 40 years. Its time for those on the other side of the class line to compromise. The working class shouldn't compromise until we have established a dictatorship of the proletariat.

  310. Robert Winnett

    They well probably start the same thrash they cried and lied for the last 4 years. Trash and scare tacts of peope who only listen to Fox.

  311. Dave Dobbs

    Hey Crazy old Ted; now do what you said you would do, a man's only good as his word;kill yourself or get arrested and take the "Fixed Noise" crew with you! That would do all the U.S. a big HUGE favor! Thanks Bro!

  312. Iris L. Adams

    I have always liked Ted Nugent.. but I'm nt a pimp, whore, welfare brat or a soulless supporter and I take offense to his comments.

  313. Tammykevin Plair

    I didn't even know he had a hit! He does have one hell of a album catalog and performed flawlessly just this year. He has a political opinion like all of us. Reactionary? Perhaps. I could care less. I like his art.

  314. Nate Kempf

    Sickem Ted! You awsome bastard! From a northwestern lower Michigan, deer huntin, gun slingin, gas guzzlin 4×4.
    drivin farm boy.

  315. Joanne Lindberg

    Specifics please. We can then have a discussion. Uh, Congress is the purse strings. What happened with the republicans this cycle was that it chose to appeal to a base with a platform of fear mongering, xenophobia, demagoguery, and inchoate anger so extreme as to make Reagan seem almost a hippie by comparison. Moderation seemed a sin, ie. legitimate rape, pregnancy from rape a blessing. Ouch! At least those two fools lost! Time to be all American! Smart, caring, working together for a common good! We, yes we are the government!

  316. Donny Cherf

    So, Tweet Nugent. Are you going to be dead or in jail within the year? Just asking.

  317. Tom Kelliher

    Hey Nuget-STFU you worthless pile of schmidt. Go kill some animals and all will be better for poor teddy. People like you suck.

  318. Dale Hawkins

    I once many years ago was a huge Sweaty Teddie fan.I never missed a local concert of his. Any more I wouldn't walk across the street to pee on him if he was on fire.

  319. Aaron Slusser

    Yes, I'll hate going through this problem again for four more years, I just hate being in this situation and I'm only a teenager and it affects me still, I think with Obama in office that will be suicide to us.

  320. Hoss Firooznia

    Seriously, why should we pay attention to anything Ted Nugent has to say about politics?

  321. Emily Rader

    Absolutely! How are you doing? Heard NGDB on my MP3 today while I was working. :)

  322. Anonymous

    Sore losers are soulless. Especially Ted for the senseless tens of thousands of animals he's murdered! Many of those died long cruel deaths. This is a man with no soul. He was a druggy, a partier, a cheater and all those things that make him less than a man. Go to hell, Ted. You and those like you are the ones causing the deep divisions in this country. Obama's win no makes you completely irrelevant.

  323. Sal Criscione

    Your foolish to think that what was said by some congressman in MO reflect all Republicans.All of you left wing liberals love exploiting ignorant comments to further your cause.Specifics?Unemployment is the same,household incomes are down 3000 dollars from four years ago,our national debt has quadrupled from four years ago,and our military is getting cuts.Its a joke.President Obama has NO PLAN as Romney opposers claim Romney has no plan.

  324. Michelle Gonka

    A Sad thing that America would Choose this Socialist again! but you get what you vote for! called and everyone or should I say the world will suffer. I Pray for this Nation and hope it doesn't turn away from freedom and that wonderful document called THE CONSTITUTION.

  325. Linda Chudej

    I'm open to the possibility that Ted Nugent in all his "wisdom" is wrong about the President and the fate of our country. I'm trying to discern when Ted Nugent became someone who thinks people should listen to him. Was it at the same Egos Anonymous meeting where Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh decided they were intelligent?

  326. Anonymous

    Ted; you are right on the money! I couldn't have said it any better. I'm a Romney voter. Can't believe with Obama's track record people would be so incredibly stupid! But yet they are! Nothing amazes me anymore. Down the s*itter we go! Thanks to all you reject as*tards! How can anyone be so lazy, stupid and careless with our beloved USA!

  327. Darrell Sours

    Ted Nugent is a total jerk. He is still trying to ride on his laurels from the 70's. Got news for you Ted there was a lot of great music during the 70's but yours sucked. You are a total no talent republican nazi a**hole!

  328. Glenn Hamilton

    Right on Ted! USA is screwed! We are now a nation of idiots!

  329. Greg Pusczek

    Love ya Ted and with you all the way. The 47% of takers now is at 52% or the stooge factory that re-elected the dumbest president in American history.

    The Revolution is near. Keep your eyes and ears open.

  330. Mike 'n Rosanne Misener

    Time & History will tell! In 2 years you will see where we are going. When that day comes then lets see how you Dems cry then. This country is on it's way to fail. Will we still blame Bush or can Obama stand up and be a man and say his way has failed? It will always be someone elses fault, but not Obama's. History is bound to repeat it's self!

  331. John Loughry

    Oh so its ok for those of us that are truly disbabled and unable to hold down a job (let alone find one) to be lumped in with the same people who would rather not work? Yea right…. I wonder if Mr. Nugent is going to follow through on his promise to leave the US since President Obama was re-elected or will he hide out on his ranch in Texas? I am not siding with one political group or the other (I personally think the entire system is corrupt and needs to be replaced)… As a matter of fact I personally believe that at the end of the day the 2 party system is actually one big political party beholden to their corporate masters who pull the strings behind the scenes. The sad reality is that very few people want to admit that this is how the US government is now setup….

  332. Anonymous

    I guess we can look forward to four more years of blaming Bush. God help us all.

  333. Nick Brandriet

    If you want a real revolution, Elect all republicans, then we'd all be raped even more than now. Middle class taxes under Rmoney would have gone up 2600 per family, all while your jobs would be outsourced at an alarming rate, at least he was gracious in defeat unlike the whiney pussies on this site.

  334. Anonymous

    who gives a crap what a geriatric rock and roller thinks anyway…for that matter ANY "celebrity". Ted Nugent stopped be relevant in 1977.

  335. Joanne Lindberg

    Now I want resources :). I do believe public approval of congress was around 4 percent. McConnell said that the only goal he had was to make president Obama a one term president. The result was hundreds of filibusters rather than doing the job of their constituents. Solutions are what we need , not this blazing hatred! So what are you going to do? Continue with name calling? And hatred? That kind of behavior is so counter productive! Hugs!

  336. Suzanne Rosenorn

    Wilson, Obama was not old enough to go to the Vietnam War back then.

  337. Naomi Cassese

    Ted speaks the truth. You might not like the message or the way it was delivered, but it is true. Our country has gone over the cliff. Never have I seen so much disparity among people that understand the implications of the next four years under Obama.

  338. Anonymous

    Ted Nuggent is as big an ass as Donald Trump, only difference is one wears a cowboy hat and one wears a wig. They are both irrelevant, totally. Barack Obama is the best President this country has ever had.

  339. Anonymous

    I feel bad for Mr. Nugent. It's obvious to anyone why thinks it through that we all do better when we all do better. This society succeeds or fails by how well its least privileged citizens live. I am willing to work hard to be able to give other people the opportunity to succeed so that someday they may be able to do the same. It's time to stop looking at our neighbors as competitors and realize we are all in this together.

  340. Lee Alan Bartholomew

    sure why not. anti woman jerk looses his cool. He only had one good song Fred Bear… alas the NRA gets to keep their jobs because they've been making a killing on $$ since 2008. Alas we had nothing to do with it. Mitt kicked out the Ron Paul Supporters (which could be in the millions) and then 3 morons made dumb comments about Rape. Dems simply sat back and watched.

  341. Don Kartofel

    Fu## Ted. He wasn't much of a guitar player and after hitting it big he NEVER practiced and it showed. Sad little man. Thank god for democracy.

  342. Anonymous

    I am a hunter , he is a killer , I was in Nam , he ran like a girl from the service , We in Michigan are glad hes gone , but I feel sorry for Texas , they are better then him! He is a coward , but for his money , he would be gone!

  343. Dick Rogers

    pretty close to the reality of the hand out society that continues to grow. look at the welfare rolls, look at the food stamp recepients, If this was such a booming success over the last four years, why have the numbers increased? the 12 million illegals will continue to increase. What about us that work and pay taxes? Well, we will continue to support those and become taxed more. This Robin Hood crap is not taking from the rich, it is taking from every level of hard working American. Re the super wealthy, who in the hell do these idiots think help to create the jobs, it damn sure is not those that are on the dole. I heard the comment in the last few days, that soon when we call for any department of our government, we will first hear a foreign language response followed by a recording to push 2 if you wish to hear English.
    There is no longer a "United" States. This bs phrase let's all get together" is a long gone civil rights banter that will not work. More see the reality of a marxist socialist who has been put back into an office that he has no idea of using to the benefit of America.
    It was a shame that the Republicans had nothing better to offer than Romney, I know none of my peers that really supported Romney, We all were against Obama.
    Ironically if you looked at any of the maps that designated the states that did not support an Obama win, It was indeed the heartland of America. This will be further supported in the next four years.
    Obama and Biden: leaders of this great country?
    What a joke!

  344. Brady Kohuth

    I am unhappy that Obama got in, but am also glad Romney didn't. All the 2 candidates talked about, was creating jobs. That wasn't the important issue, it happens to be spending. I was for neither, but for Ron Paul and he was the only one who made any "common sense". He was the only one who talked about the Constitution, none of the others did. The winner in this election was the Rothchilds. Of course if Romney had won, I would say the same thing. It doesn't matter who gets in as President(except Ron Paul), they take orders from the Rothchilds and on down the line….the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergers, then the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists and last but not least, the Zionists.

    Because Obama is black and from another country, doesn't matter, he'll be getting his orders on what to do from the Rothchilds, they control ALL the money and that is the bottom line. The Dempublicans are controlled and corrupt and nothing will change unless we start at the ground level. When the U.S. Senators can vote themselves a raise, you have to know we are in trouble.

    So, what does my message say to all you people bickering about the 2 parties. The 2 parties is just a dog and pony show to make us feel good, thinking we have this "right" to vote and we'll make a difference……it is all very laughable. Why don't you people quit watching the manipulated news media and do a little investigating. But, then again, you might be the type that collects Food Stamps etc and don't want or ever intent on getting a job.

    If you care about YOUR Liberty and Freedom, stop name calling and the childish bickering and do something. If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. Perhaps read the Constitution.

  345. Anonymous

    want to hear TED rant…wait till some idiot wants to do away with the term limit…that keeps him from running again..

  346. Randall Turtleface

    I hope we are all paying attention to his opinions. Nugent said that he will be dead or in prison by april 2013 if obama is elected. Lets all keep watch. When April comes around we will know how tuned into reality Nugent is.

  347. Leo James Muñiz

    Hay Mr. Nugent I was born here in the U.S.A. but I'm also a hispanic, and serve my country with pride and you are 1000% right. FU^% all this low life son of bi&^…..YOUR MY GOD…

  348. Joe Goldspring

    you go ted I am a 52 year old man who for years voted democrat but I realized all that was getting me was more taxes to take care of people who don't want to take of themselves now I am on disability and people give me grief because they think I'm taking there tax money but I have worked since I was 12 years old and when I was 42 years old had no choice to go on disability I put into the system for years sometimes worrking 2 full time jobs and a part time on weekends I fought thru drug addiction and alchol addictions to get better now I have 22 years of sobriety and I am also a veteran and people make me feel bad because of the situation I'm in as if I'm taking there money I am tired of listening and I went republican this year and I don't care anymore what people say ted nugent for president 2016 //.

  349. Rex DuBois Jr.

    Piss on crazy ol' Ted Nugent and every other idiot that thinks like him. These guys are just lucky that more than half the country was smart enough to save them from themselves. All they thought about was what they were voting against. Have you heard one of them say what they were voting for? No, because research makes their beans hurt.

  350. Anita Backus Pepper

    Soulless? Spiritual suicide? Since when is Ted Nugent an authority on matters of the soul and spirit?

  351. Sander Gordon

    Ted who? and really, who cares what he thinks? OK, he had some hits 30 or 40 years ago, but, does that really make him the be all about everything? Or maybe it's all those guns he's reported to have…what are you afraid of Ted? Maybe your worried someone will actually realize you weren't that much of a guitar player and not really someone to take all that seriously when it comes to the important things we all have to deal with on a day to day basis.

  352. Buford Doyle

    Nugent sings a different tune now that he is no longer in danger of laying his life on the line to defend our country. Most don't know how he acted during Viet Nam. When friends and family of mine were fighting he was denegrating our country. And he damn sure wasn't visiting the troops.

    I do agree the lazy, intelligent but shifty, obese, greedy, racist, anti-American, kowtowing to the world, live off other people's hard work, socialist, moraly and spiritually bankrupt dregs voted him in with unrealistic ideals. And they are going to be suprised when there is not enough tax revenue to support them and all their bastards (look it up in the dictionary). But in 1 year people are going to start questioning the direction he is taking us. In 4 years they are going to be terrified were he has taken us. Most of those people will be the ones that voted him in. To the rest of us it won't be a suprise, but it will be a sad day.

  353. Rex DuBois Jr.

    I don't think he ever got over getting in trouble over shooting those flaming arrows. A little too much Wango Tango, and not enough of Just What the Doctor Ordered.

  354. Tom Buscus

    did anyone proofread this? looks like someone had a seizure writing this. spell check is what most computers have quite useful tool to use.

  355. Barry Schorfhaar

    be nice you guys. he singlehandedly pooped his britches for our freedom during 'nam. HERO!

  356. Dan Furst

    Ted Nugent Rocks! Ted is Spot On in what he said about those who re-elected this morally bankrupt demon. America OD'd on the 'Bama Kool Aid.

  357. Eric Marshall

    Yes kids, Teddy is a little unstable. He is however totally justified in his frustration. The commies (let's call them what they are) have struck another blow against freedom. This country has gone to hell since John Wayne died!

  358. Paul Herrmann

    Ted is a turd in the punch bowl. Not only is very rich and does not care about anybody but himself. But name calling Americans for how they voted and dismissing the system? If it is that important to you, why don't you be a real American and start getting involved by working poll stations or work as a volunteer for the GOP instead of whining like a like a little girl You got it publicly in the butt, take it like a real man and walk it off with your mouth shut.

  359. Frank 'exodus' Macera

    I think he was ill informed at to what romney would bring. Romney didn't even know where he stands on his own policies. Example in the gop primaries in new hampshire he wanted to gut fema then turned around and supported it after the worst storm in recorded history hit the us. It's not about the rich paying for people either, it's the rich carrying their share of responsibilities, when taxes were concieved in the united states the vision was those who make more are at the far end of the spectrum pay more then those on the low end of the spectrum. If I'm a billionaire, I should pay more in taxes then those in the middle class, I make more money I need to help the government and those in need. Not bitch piss and moan and try strong arming people into voting who I want so I can pay less taxes then those below me. Romney would or ruined the us. Ted nugent probably has more made in china parts in his arsenal then a walmart. If romney was elected we'd be in an economic war with china, everything chinese would not be flowing into the country like it is, cause china is our 3rd largest importer. Millions would lose their jobs in the us, expecially walmart which imports 90% of it's stock from china. If romney was elected we'd have a walmart economy. In case no one knows walmart the largest retail chain in the united states, does not provide health care plans for it's workers they tell people to go get on welfare despite last years billions they took in they will not pay for health care for it's workers and instead tell them to go get welfare.

  360. Anonymous

    Well said Mr. Nugent, there are a lot of True Americans that feel the very same way. I
    just do not fell if we do not stand our ground, the next four years will will be the demise our beloved country. I am never been in such fear for my family and myself. I feel great despair all. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE.

  361. Mark Corby

    There's another word for a Ted Nugent family reunion.
    An orgy. Guy's just an 'ol rockin' redneck!

  362. Rex DuBois Jr.

    Well, his purple colon's majesty aside, he's all mouth and no substance, or sense. He sounds like he hunted down, killed and ate Rush Limbaugh and can't stop belching up conservative horseshit.

  363. Aj Chakrabarti

    Nuge, just stick to what you DID best, that drug-fuled 70's awesome guitar playing. I don't hate you now I just don't take anything you say or do seriously but I still listen to your music. I think politics got you, "In a stranglehold baby you best get outta the way". C'mon Motor City Madman, at least Obama bailed out Detroit and the rest of the auto industry sure it was expensive but it was the right thing to do.

  364. Jay Drager

    LIVE FREE OR DIE! Looks to me that all those who voted for the current Looser In Chief should jump off a cliff because WE WILL NO LONGER BE FREE! TED you keep up the good work on your end and I will on mine.

  365. Anonymous

    Ted Nugent is a Coward and a Draft Dodger. You Chicken Shit of a American Male.

  366. Rex DuBois Jr.

    Well, his purple colon's majesty aside, he's become all mouth and no substance or sense. It sounds like he hunted down, killed and ate Rush Limbaugh and can't stop belching up conservative horseshit.

  367. Tom Cain

    Ha, Ted and Victoria Jackson….just keep showing your irrelevance.

  368. Rex DuBois Jr.

    Well, his purple colon's majesty aside, he's turned into all mouth and no substance, or sense. Sounds like he hunted down, killed and ate Rush Limbaugh and can't stop belching up conservative biscuit missles.

  369. Anonymous

    “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America” The statement just yells, blacks are to be blamed.
    -According to the most recently released data on food stamps, more than 44.7 million people received food stamps in 2011. Well this should be a no-brainer because according to the last US Census data there are only 38 million total black people in the United States or 12% of the entire US population.
    Herein lies the rub, though blacks are only 12% of the population, black households make up 1/3 of all food stamp participants. However, whites account for another 31% and Latinos account for another 28%.

    Most of the can be found in the south and they ended up voting for Romney because they feel they can identify with them. Learn your stats Nugent before you look like an a**.

  370. Palm Dos

    Suck it you Tards!
    This is EXACTLY what we Dems said after your Fool Dumbya stole the election in 2000. Welcome to the the otherside. Clutch your bibles in one hand while y'all misfire your beloved guns into your heads with the other hand!

  371. Anonymous

    We will go back and forth and it will never solve the issue. The only thing that bothers me with Obama is that he takes all the credit for Bin Laden and everything else that's good but when the bad comes around he is no where in sight. The president may think he controls the military but here is a news flash he doesn't. The military works for the people and to protect the constitution. Not the president. Another reason is he has nothing for the people of America but put us in more debt than any other president before him. The health care bill is not what people think. if you have pre determined health problems before the bill was passed it doesn't cover you. lets take this for instance if your mom had cancer and she has less than a 50% or more chance of dying she will get no treatment. for the people that work their asses off everyday to feed there own family or feeding ones that don't work and are lazy. Social Security is a good thing, but not for some one who is faking their problems. Now if you have a real disability then I would be happy to help, like cancer or handicapped, or mentally retarded then you need it. But you have your white trash people who scam the system along with blacks. This isn't the color of your skin is what's causing the problem its people who are just voting because he is black or he is white. I'm not racist by far, but there are people I cant stand and he is one of them. I'm not going to lie in 2008 he looked and sounded good. but with 4 years under his belt he has nothing to show for it other than the national debt increasing. Was Mitt the best choice no, but he would have help turn this country, the greatest country in the world in a different direction. I have seen the pictures of his so called birth certificate. You get to papers your record of birth at the hospital and a couple days later your birth certificate, along with your social security card. What this country is turning into is something that is making our forefathers roll over in their grave. This country was founded on freedom and freedom of religion. If you read Obamas books and listen to what he says, you will understand where he comes from a communist believing man. He wants to take the 2nd amendment way (the right to bare arms) and if he thinks he's going to be able to do that nice and easy, I'm sorry there will be a lot of dead people out there. He already owns more than half of the auto industry and now he owns health care and now he wants to take our rights mmmmmmmmm sound a little familiar doesn't it……. a man named Adolf Hitler ring a bell. I'm not saying millions of people will be murdered but if he is truly a Islamic, Muslim man he will do what his "people" want him to do. Destroy Israel and rid the world of infidels, hint hint us! People have their opinion, that's what this great country lets you have the freedom of speech. If Martin Luther King Jr was alive he would be in shock of what has come of this black panther and how everyone is a minority. Everyman and women should be equal not just because of someone skin color doesn't make him the right president. If you didn't know you can read up on it he was a republican. I'm in the middle I like things on each side and that's what's wrong with the people running now days either to far right or to far left, what we need is someone like Clinton who was able to work both sides and made it the only time in American history that we wernt in debt and we were striving for the future. Not everything can be blamed on one man. Everyone puts it on bush well I'm sorry to say but everyone wanted to go to war! Hillary Clinton and everyone one else was ready to get the guns blazin but now its bad bad bad. what would you rather do just sit there and be like oh well we had it coming or show them what America is about, don't fuck with us. I don't think we should be involved with a lot of stuff over seas that's not our business. Now if its for our friends then you better back off. You have our back we have yours. Another thing we are not owned by China! if you read up on it you will know that we own this country through bonds and everything else. its just a turn of events for aslong as people can remember every country has been in debt with us now we are with them. WE ARE AMERICA AND WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE PUT OUR MINDS TO. THAT's WHY THIS COUNTRY IS GREAT AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

  372. Christopher Shaun Hewitt

    I'm a middle class healthcare professional and I work very hard to help people, for very little pay. I'm also a rock and roll musician and singer. I know what honest, middle class people are going through. I'm in the same boat, working full time and trying to make ends meet. Can't even afford insurance on myself. I'm with "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, and the guys that know what's going on. Educated people that make sense. Nuge has gone AWOL just like Hank Jr, and alot of others. Alzheimer's maybe? IDK…But you Romneyans are wrong. Stubborn…and wrong. And the attitudes that you and your friends portray, is exactly what WON"T win an election any time soon. 4 years won't make this country all better again. 4 more probably wont either. But it's headed in the right direction. 8 years of Bush will take MORE than 8 years to repair. Now….commence to your ignorant and violent behaviors.

  373. Anonymous

    we should be glad that the nazis and the kkk are very very small minority for the rest of us to worry about.

  374. Fouzi Ramouni

    Get use to the fact that the racist white teabagging republiklans are the new minority and are not and will never be superior to anyother race or religious faction. 20 more years and you all (yall) will be living in the mountains!

  375. John Scholle

    Obama's got you in a STRANGLEHOLD Vinlo that your stuck in for 4 more years..mark my words!…youre guna regret supporting him b4 the end of his term

  376. Anonymous

    I hear there is a job at FOX News you'd be good at. The job is licking Karl Rove's balls.

  377. Sion Borg

    Fuck Ted Nugent..The guy nothing but a racist redneck right wing idiot who enjoys slaughtering animals for the fun of it..

  378. John Harris

    It amazes me that some of you think Ted Nugent is some kind of Guru. This man iis rich and sits on his ranch protected how about you? Nugent could care less about the average Joe get real, his music is just a bad as it was when he started loud and obnoxious.

  379. Aj Chakrabarti

    I think you borrowed a little too much talcum from Malcolm bro……

  380. Anonymous

    Can anybody remember when Ted Nugent was actually a cool guitar-wielding Rock machine? It was 1992, and Ted was burning it to ground as a member of the Damn Yankees. Bill Clinton was president, and most Americans seemed to be fairly content with their everyday lives. Why the Hell do people change so much that nobody can like anything about them in today's world. I say Paul Stanley of Kiss for president in 2016. At least KISS never turned into a pity party! LOL

  381. Russ Bacon

    Ted I ahve one question….When you moving to another country like you promised. Ted is a moron and draft dodger.

  382. Anonymous

    HEY TED! I hear that Switzerland is a nice place to live, or maybe the Cayman Islands. you could hang out with Mitts money…..

  383. Mike Blass

    4 YEARS FROM NOW: We will be 24 Trillion in debt, I will be paying 22% in federal taxes, gas will be between $5-6 a gallon for premium. Schools will still be crap because money is not how you fix it. College attendance will be down 15% but tuition costs up 15%. Unemployement national average will be 7.9% to 8.5%. Medical care costs will be 36% higher. Weed will still be illegal and gay marriage will not be a national right. Medicare and Social Security will still be going insolvent. We will still have troops in Afghanistan. In 4 years if FB is still around, I will post this again and bet just how close I am. I am saddened that my childrens children will be paying for the short term handouts and benefits Obama voters received.

  384. Patty O'furniture

    the writer of this article clearly committed grammar suicide.

  385. Pat Duran

    Folks we have our work cut out, some sheeple just didn't get it. they would whether have the nanny state rather than personal freedom and liberty. In 2010 conservatives took the house, but missed out on the senate. It is time for some serious Tea Party action.

  386. David Tostenson

    Ted is getting to be the redneck version of Donald Trump. I voted for Obama and I am one of the hardest working sobs their is. I respect Ted as a hunter, but, his big mouth is getting annoying. I also believe help should be there for those that really need it, such as the elderly lady that lives near me, that recieves very little in social security. Or the guy I know that is down on his luck and has a wife and little kids to feed. All his family needs is a little help putting food on the table, temporarily. A lot of the finger pointers don't know what hard times are. I also believe if you put yourself in a situation, it's time to put your boots on if you are able, and get to work if its available.

  387. Anonymous

    Who? cat scratch that butt hurt and move to Canada with all the other draft dodgers.

  388. Lawrence Beal

    Nugent, your a loser and I will never go to one of your concerts again. I can see why you are acting like such a sore loser. your net worth is 20 mil and you are not one of us anymore.

  389. Jackson Mehoff

    Ted is 100% correct. The selfish ignorant losers have screwed it for everybody. I refused to pay taxes anymore. Screw em. Everybody should just stop paying their taxes on April 15. We still have the power by withholding OUR money.

  390. Anonymous

    Just curious, with all the (documentable.. obama 2016) information available on Obama, who he is, who he was, his intentions (Dreams of my Father) his sound bytes and action……how did he get the votes?

  391. Mick Townroofer

    I voted for President Obama in 2008 and in 2012. I'm glad I did. Why? The man is the first president to openly acknowledge atheist or secular humanist Americans as bona fide USA citizens. When President Kennedy was killed in 1963 the idealism of Liberal thinking was mostly derailed. It was further damaged by the deaths of other progressive thinkers of that bygone era. I'm of the opinion that President Obama fixed this or at least provided the materials needed to get the train running again. Liberal thinking is about expanding freedom to every citizen and perhaps to people not citizens of the USA. Liberalism by its very nature is about FREEDOM. Thus the Liberals are on the good and progressive side of history. Liberals embrace diversity and change and how ithey contribute to the pursuit of happiness. When I learned that Obama had won a second term I lit a candle. My thoughts were on a true musician…not on a small-minded blowhard like Ted N. No my thoughts were on a man named Phil Ochs. I wish Mr. Ochs were alive today. He would give us such powerful songs about our times.

  392. Anonymous

    Ted is a LoudMouth Jackass.. The Feds should have incarcerated his ass.

  393. James Jacobus

    Nugent may be blunt and abrasive, but there is a lot of truth to what he says.

  394. Anonymous

    Now we have reached a milestone where the taxes on the wages of 50% of Americans are supposed to pay the lifestyle of 50% of the non-working "Americans". This equation will not work. I suggest we go back to the constitution that said you have to be a landowner to vote. So lets look at how the country voted by location. All of the population that votes for Demo-Rats live on the coasts both east and west. The entire core of the country voted for Romney. By virtue of the skewed "Electorial Collage" even a popular vote majority won't win. So as in the 1700's it appears we have a "Taxation with no representation situation", perhaps time for the core states to consider revolution. Oh, by the way, since we grow most of the grains and starches plus protein for the nation we should at least have a say-so when the Gays, illegal immigrants and ethnics band together to vote for a carnival barker that promises free everything to people that don't even know/want to work? Lets not feed them and see how that goes! Keep this comment going and than you.

  395. Anonymous

    this from a draft dodging pedophile. shut the fuk up ted your music we listen to but you on the other hand need to just shut the fuk up.

  396. Anonymous

    between corporate greed and the cult of religion in this world we are screwed.

  397. Dave Ward

    Phuque that siily looking old queen. He doesn't have shit to say and he hasn't been much of a musician since he was with the amboy dukes.

  398. Anonymous

    All this from a draft dodger who sheet and peed himself for a month while not bathing or changing clothes in the meantime just so he wouldn't have to serve his country. While young American men like myself were dodging bullets and shrapnel in Vietnam, this loud mouthed, yellow streak down his back, chicken sheet bahstid was dodging the draft. If the GOP is proud to have someone like this on their side, well, I guess we can see why they lost this last election. Ted Nut Job Nugent is a piece of feces no better than the load he was carrying around in his pants when he went to his local draft board. Unless your a little off-center yourself, this piece of garbage should disgust any REAL American.

  399. Anonymous

    Ted Nugent is a lowlife dooooshabg! Who really gives a f–k what this old, useless kundt has to say. He needs to have a metal pipe shoved up his azz! Go play your guitar, you f–king redneck azzhole!

  400. Anonymous

    Ted Nugent is a lowlife dooooshabg! Who really gives a f–k what this old, useless kundt has to say. He needs to have a metal pipe shoved up his azz! Go play your guitar, you f–king redneck azzhole!

  401. Brian Olivolo

    Ted is absolutely right about the hardest working provide for the non-workers or people that don't want to work. That is not right or fair. Bill O'Reilly said it best, when Kennedy was President he said, " Ask not what your Country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country. " Now every one wants Handouts, especially the illegals and wetbacks that know Obama is the guy to give them the handouts. This really sucks. Obama sucks. His Economic policies have failed terribly. I don't get how he was re-elected.

  402. Brian Olivolo

    Ted is absolutely right about the hardest working provide for the non-workers or people that don't want to work. That is not right or fair. Bill O'Reilly said it best, when Kennedy was President he said, " Ask not what your Country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country. " Now every one wants Handouts, especially the illegals and wetbacks that know Obama is the guy to give them the handouts. This really sucks. Obama sucks. His Economic policies have failed terribly. I don't get how he was re-elected.

  403. Anonymous

    Thank you Silver Bullet! I am amazed at how many people want to panic now! You should of thought about that when you voted the dumbest president out of the state of Texas to two terms. His own father though his other son would amount to more, and now it is time to worry. The collateral damage is already done, the president now is preventing things from getting worse than what they are. I also want to leave some for Mr. Ronald Reynolds, Vietnam was a fake war. So everyone who loss someone in this tragic war, wakes up from their nightmare and their love one is standing over them okay. That is what I thought, you didn't serve your country because your true colors showed, just make sure you thank every service man and woman for their service when veterans day comes this month.

  404. Anonymous

    Thank you Silver Bullet! I am amazed at how many people want to panic now! You should of thought about that when you voted the dumbest president out of the state of Texas to two terms. His own father though his other son would amount to more, and now it is time to worry. The collateral damage is already done, the president now is preventing things from getting worse than what they are. I also want to leave some for Mr. Ronald Reynolds, Vietnam was a fake war. So everyone who loss someone in this tragic war, wakes up from their nightmare and their love one is standing over them okay. That is what I thought, you didn't serve your country because your true colors showed, just make sure you thank every service man and woman for their service when veterans day comes this month.

  405. Anonymous

    Nugent, your are a worthless piece of sheet and do American a favor by keeping your promise to commit suicide if President Obama was re-elected. You probably won't do it because your nothing but a coward and liar. If you were afraid to be sent to Vietnam, your also probably too afraid to shoot yourself. I'm sure there are plenty of sane, brave, and LOYAL Americans who would love to help you out. You and Hank Williams Jr. are infected pimples on the ahz of America! If any country doesn't have respect for America it's because of people like you two and other GOP con artists like Donald Trump and Orly Tate. I fought for and spilled blood for this country that I love so much. What have you guys done for it? Yeah…That's what I thought. You should be embarrassed.

  406. Shawn Armstrong

    A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with a result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship.

    ~Alexander Fraser Tytler.

  407. Paul Moe Morales

    GO F*CK YOURSELF ted "P*ssY nugget! And everyone that likes you…F*CK YOU TOO!

  408. Anonymous

    People like Ted Nugent were the reason the Republican party lost this election. They moved Obama closer to a second term every time they provided one of your incoherent ridiculous GOP/Fox News kool-aid induced posts. Their ridiculous posts and tweets eroded their own credibility. Keep up the work and thanks from all the liberals.

  409. Travis Enmon

    So Ted, you cocksucker, tomorrow when PRESIDENT OBAMA asks congress if they will let HIM turn over the presidency to any one bitter MOTHERFUCKER, will you be up to the Job, BITCH?

  410. Dave Yerman

    I believe Ted vowed to Anthony Bourdain that he would move to Canada if Obama was re-elected. Now that is a true Patriot…NOT. But he is effing crazy and a liar.

  411. Gloria Newton


  412. Dean Goss

    Ted, you shat yourself to avoid being drafted so you forfeit your right to classify others as lazy or unwilling to do their part. You reap the benefits of living in the United States while castigating others, most of whom pay taxes and support the country. If you think America is so bad, then be my guest to expatriate. Or run for office and try to do something. Cowards bitch while doing nothing. Cowards also dodged their military service, so that puts you in find standing with the Bushes, Cheneys, Romneys, Lugars, Limbaughs and Becks of the world. I guess you guys are a lot more alike than I originally though.t.

  413. Anonymous

    Lesser of two evils. I still find it hard to believe that with all the forward thinking people in this great country, that every four years we get to decide between dumb and dumber.

  414. Michael Corsaro

    You retards need to come to grips with the fact that you are the minority, and your beliefs will never return your "old Man" party to power ever again in this country!

  415. Anonymous

    Ya Ok Ted I'll take a lecture from the guy who thinks EVERYONE on fed aid is a mooch. just that statement alone shows hes narrow minded. spitirual suicide? wtf does that even mean? did he ruin our chance to meet little green men too? if so I am mad as hell. Obama made a comment about gun control and teds a** puckered so hard it pulled his shoulders in.

  416. Rick Riley

    Obama thinks he's above the law. He's done everything he can to get around the constitution.How does he spend all this money and not have a passed budget in over three years! And sitting in the situation room and in real time watch the ambassador to Libya and those navy seals get killed.His priorities are definitely messed up!

  417. Edwin Markus

    yea Ted and Donald trump for pres and VP they can put Clint Eastwood and Chuck Noris and meatloaf on their cabinet.
    America has spoken Obama the best president of the 21st century won his re-election.

  418. Laneice Jennings

    Obama won 8 out of the 10 wealthiest counties. In the richest, Massachusetts’ Nantucket County, where average annual household income is over $137,000, Obama won by 63 percent to Romney’s 36 percent with all precincts reporting. So rich people are "welfare queens" now? Hpmh you learn something everyday…This country will be fine, white people are just made they're loosing their power. Yes I said it. Get over it, what do you think happens when you invade a land that was never yours in the first place? You aren't entitled to a dog on thing, the way you got America is the way you're going to loose America. It belongs to the people NOT bigots like Ted Nugent. He probably couldn't even pass a class on economics at his local community college let alone speak on it. Yall mad? Stay mad. Your President is Black, the most powerful man in the world is black and you WILL deal.

  419. Michael Rodriguez

    What a STUPID piece of SH! T! Mental illness has been cruel to him! He will never be happy because he has turned his brain to IDIOT setting! But I am VERY HAPPY! GO BAMA!

  420. Butch Arizona

    Ted Is a jackwad whiner who poses as a great American that dodged the draft. He was afraid to fight for his country but so very brave to come here and spout all his BS. HE IS JUST SO TUFF.

  421. Robert Match

    I’m sorry but it’s exactly this kind of rant from the right which made me feel compelled to vote for the president. I listened to both sides and on one side was logic and the other has vile. As a white home owner, and small biz owner, living in the ‘burbs; I was turned off by the rant of the Right and chose those with a plan that made sense. I’m not happy with the EPA, or government regulations or paying high taxes, but the hate has got to go if the republicans ever what my vote again! We’re all in this boat together and if you get rid of or reject ½ your ores men then you’ll only go in circles and never get anywhere.

  422. Stuart Prout

    Ted, I loved you as a musician, but your brand of hate politics is a reason why this country is so divided and heading into the toilet. You need to step out of your neanderthal cave every once in a while and step into the 21st century and get reeducated. If you don't like what you see, perhaps it is time to take a long walk into the forest and have a close encounter with one of your guns.

  423. Robert Seibert

    Ted,, I use to love your music,, but sir, YOUR A IDIOT MORON!

  424. Eric Kolvenbach

    Hey Ted, Didn't you say a few months back at the NRA convention that you would either be in jail or Dead if President Obama was re-elected? How is that going for ya? Do you need anyone to help you load your own 9MM with one shot? You sorry POS….

  425. Anonymous

    I find it rather hypocritical for Mr Nugent to speak that way about people getting something for nothing, avoiding responsibilities, etc when he was a DRAFT-DODGER during the Vietnam War. He could have gone but did he? Did Dubya Bush go? John Ashcroft? No. He and abount a zillion other tough talking war mongers hid their asses safely when others went to do the fighting AND the dying. Ted, your words mean shit when you are no better than the people you condemn.

  426. Rick Bowers

    the absolute most hilarious thing about all the obama supporters is primarily the fact that you all got fully mind-fucked. you shall see in another 4. he cares zero about you. your too stupid to figure that out.

  427. Anonymous

    More words of wisdom from the draft-dodging d-bag. I got to smile when the networks changed Michigan to blue on the electoral map, 'cause I was thinkin' about you Ted.

  428. Gregory Miller

    Seems as if the racist faction is out and about again, If You're so smart you run forthe office and make the big difference you want and win Double terms. Seems Like the people are ready to do away with the Crap you speak of. So get over it! It will take him two terms to straighten out the BS of the last partys mess up. GO TEAM OBAMA!

  429. Anonymous

    Is this some kind of coincidence that Nugent's spoken words are so grammatically incorrect? I seriously think not. They actually do have proof readers at the Inquisitor. I am smelling foul odors here.

  430. Alfredo Pérez Grovas Aréchiga

    Ah, the sweet smell of irony on the air…the man who hasn't composed anything since, oh, I don't know "Cat scratch fever" complaiining that.

    "Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonwotkers. Shared opportunitiesmy ass”.

    Yeah, Mr. high production output, come back and say that again the day you have done anything in the last 50 years :-)

  431. William Sisson

    This is a perfect example of what happens to a "has been" gets involved in politics. Can't sing, can't dance, what you going to do? – Oh I'll help Mitt when the election..balah, blah, balh. Now Ted it's time to get a real job and make some money to support your "habit." Heard you havn't sold a CD is about 10 years. I heard the McDonalds needs a fry cook. A$$ Wipe

  432. Ted Jackson

    I'm with Ted They are a bunch of stupid loosers. The American public has become lazy wanting everything handed to them. So what happens when the loosers out number the workers? I know print more money.

  433. Richard Eastridge

    Gary its it the makring as we speak idiots like u and many others who believe that obozo is your savior wake and think did he help us out for the better hell no. will he bankrupt our country and put us ina 3rd world war. well just look around u. maybe u are alttle alive. he is getting ready for war u stupid asshole. so I am not afraid eo say u and obozo has cause a up and comeing civil war and I hope they put the rope around your neck along side your freaking muslim asshole. america is done aswe know it so what. obozo is a muslim now he leads the very nation has fought terrorisum. so its time for the rapture to begin.

  434. David Swarn

    Ted Nugent, Carl Rove, and even Mitt Romney are now totally irrelevant. None 9f these people have any say in what happens with our country's future (thank God). Obama is president and you can't change that.

  435. Stace Lynn

    He is an A1 POS not claiming two of his OWN children till 2010 GEE I wonder who paid for them while he was busy denying that they were his……………

  436. Adrian Cumming

    Ted Nugent needs to stick to playing guitar and using his crossbow to snag dinner and leave the grownup decisions to adults with higher IQ's. Sadly, Ted has become a badly drawn cartoon character and each time he says anything regarding politics he puts his cow-patty stepped-in boots in his vulgar mouth!

  437. Renee Cobb

    I have always loved Ted Nugent's thinking. He would truelly make a wonderful President. He has old school beliefs and survival skills. Nugent for president!

  438. Rod Wad

    Political commentary from a jackass that runs around on stage in a loincloth shooting arrows at his amps. Thank god Ted tweeted cause I was dying to know what he thought. Now if somebody could only put together a "McLaughlin Group" type show with washed up, irrelevant musicians. Maybe Ted with a couple guys from Night Ranger and Toto chatting about the issues of the day.

  439. Dale Vincent Deadmond

    I have heard the same backlash towards Obama after he was first elected and guess what, we are not a socialist country and we are better off then four years ago. Let's remember that it took a rich Republican as President 8 years to screw up this country it will take more than four years to turn it around. I am also tired of people saying electing Obama is turning their back on God cause he is not a Christian, guess what neither is Romney. Don't forget it don't matter anyways, the world ends on Dec 21st, LOL!

  440. Timothy G. Prenger

    Ted Nugent Is a PHUCKIN Theif, Spring '73, Moberly, Mo. Ted Nugent The Amboy Dukes WAS 2 Play A Show 7:00 PM. 7:30 PM, NoThing. 8:00 PM, NoThing. 8:30 PM Ted Comes OUt, Tells us 2 B patient. 9:00 PM, Ted Come Back On The Stage, Sayin 2 Badd, Sew Sadd. No Play 4 U 2 Nite….PHUCK ted nugent.

  441. Anonymous

    I love it when people talk about Ted Nugent or Dave Mustaine make comments and say how intelligent they are. Yeah, Those guys are intelligent – to people who aren't.

  442. Mulder Fox

    The national debt at the end of 2001 was about 5000000000, after 8 years of Bush it was about 9000000000, after just 4 years of Obama it is 16000000000. All presidents combined before 2001 did not incur as much debt as Obama astonishingly did in just 4 years. Talk about destroying your kids future.

    But not only is Obama fiscally stupid, he is also immoral, narcissistic, and the most socially liberal president in history.

    He is the media president. All day long every day I see the media praise Obama like he was God but constantly bashing every conservative. Sadly, people fall for the lies.

    This country is going to hell but you asked for it. When you see your kids many years from now living in a world that was largely shaped by Obama and the rest of his ilk just remember that you didn't stand your ground to fight this left wing, godless, mindless, crazy, immoral agenda.

    For those who voted for this psycho president I say "He may be your president but he is not my president. And as far as I know, Jesus Christ is still the president of this universe whether Obama likes it or not" That's right… Jesus Christ

  443. Anonymous

    There's always a silver lining to a dark cloud…

    3500 abortions are done daily in this country. As soon as Obama ramps that up to say 7000/day via Obamacare and free abortions the leachy Democrat voting base will be missing about 40 million first time voters in 18 years. It gets even better when you also add in deaths of other Democrat leaches due to suicides, homicides, drug OD's, alcoholism, AIDS, natural causes, old age and accidental deaths to the tune of lets say 10 more million in 18 years. Should there be a war requiring a military draft again during the next 18 years add those dead Democrates in also.

    That gives new meaning to the old communist saying of, "Death by a thousand cuts". LOL


  444. Anonymous

    This is poor journalism I've never seen so may typos and misspelled words. Who cares about this everyone has an opinion.

  445. Frank Collins

    Uncle Ted nailed it! Well said, Sir! This Nation has been molested by the entitlement seeking occupiers who truely believe the govt, their parents, and the "haters" that actually have a work ethic, owe them an above average standard of living without contributing. Stephen Covey said that life's relationships are akin to a bank account; in order to withdraw, one must first deposit. Furthermore, one cannot withdraw more than they deposit. Sound familiar? Ask not what your Country can do for you…Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…. Common sense and morals, really. Hard to believe that there are actually "adults" out there that can't wrap their heads around that.

  446. Anonymous

    ted talks about being a good american, yet had 11 charges brought against him last year, in california, for baiting deer, and for shooting 2 deer that, according to the dnr, " were too immature to consider hunting for". ted talks about common sense foreign policy, but owns and will continue to buy, assault rifles. ted talks about "souless whores and pimps, casting their vote for obama", yet he totally forgets that as americans we have a right to choose who we vote for. for those of you who continue to support ted, your as dumb and ignorant as he is. if I ever meet the guy, I'm bitch slapping him. maybe that will shut him up.

  447. Richard Eastridge

    Alex u r looking for work ok. Just this morning our national depht was up graded to 19.2 trillion dllrs. we have a credit of just 800 billion dllrs left to borrow. when we reach our limit of borrowing its 20 trillion we cant borrow anymore money. we owe china 11 trillion of that ok. so what happens alex . he starts a war because we cant pay the money. do me a favor pls alex u r young and still set in your way, we r in the ends of days ok

  448. Stephen White Sr.

    Well he bought the latino vote with the dream act and he prevented the Military ballots from being counted which may have changed the outcome of the election. He also let brave Americans die in Lybia when he had the means to prevent it. That being said I hope you fools that voted the most corrupt president in the history of this nation to a second term are happy. He will continue to destroy this country and stomp all over the constitution why he does it. obama has no respect for this country it's people , it's laws, the flag, he will spend the next 4 years proving that. The celebs that were so vocal in their support for this criminal should be boycotted in every thing they do.

  449. Brandon Gault

    Didn't he promise to leave if Obama was re-elected? Or am I confusing him with another racist redneck who thinks everyone should have dead animal heads on their mantel?

  450. Marianne M. Miles

    Look out ladies…sharia law is on its way…and it is Not good news for us. Most people don't like someone to say what they think. Ted speaks his mind…I thought that was allowed in the U.S.A. Of course, that privilege won't last long. America is doomed! How could Anyone vote for a person who has lied and manipulated our own Constitution? This man has done so many things that are Illegal. Islamobama is a muslim. Everything is going to change now. All that America held dear is OVER! All borders are open to muslims now, (yes, Iran is coming here) not just our Southern borders, of which the muslim has opened and embraced the illegal immigrants with open arms…just for more votes. Wonder how many immigrants voted that are here illegally? And 'The Motor City Madman, our own Ted Nugent, is not the only person to speak his mind about this horrible mistake these uneducated sheep have made. Keep reading more articles and you will find thousands more voice their opinions about what a horrid mistake has been made. Of many prayers, I pray that this muslim is caught in EVERY lie he's told and that ALL the TRUE facts about him will be made public…until we hear that beautiful word IMPEACHMENT! I'm sure we will hear it…I just hope it's in time.

  451. Marianne M. Miles

    Look out ladies…sharia law is on its way…and it is Not good news for us. Most people don't like someone to say what they think. Ted speaks his mind…I thought that was allowed in the U.S.A. Of course, that privilege won't last long. America is doomed! How could Anyone vote for a person who has lied and manipulated our own Constitution? This man has done so many things that are Illegal. Islamobama is a muslim. Everything is going to change now. All that America held dear is OVER! All borders are open to muslims now, (yes, Iran is coming here) not just our Southern borders, of which the muslim has opened and embraced the illegal immigrants with open arms…just for more votes. Wonder how many immigrants voted that are here illegally? And 'The Motor City Madman, our own Ted Nugent, is not the only person to speak his mind about this horrible mistake these uneducated sheep have made. Keep reading more articles and you will find thousands more voice their opinions about what a horrid mistake has been made. Of many prayers, I pray that this muslim is caught in EVERY lie he's told and that ALL the TRUE facts about him will be made public…until we hear that beautiful word IMPEACHMENT! I'm sure we will hear it…I just hope it's in time.

  452. Randall James Hughes

    Hahahahaaa… It's clear that Omoron and those of you that support him can NOT count. This administration STEALS 6 trillion dollars from you, signs more executives orders that make the patriot act look like shoplifting AND you bend over grab your ankles and ask for more! * an Interviewer asked an Obummer supporter, "did you have sex with that sheep? Obummer supporter replies, Nnnaaaaaaah".
    Now THAT"S loony toons! Hate, Bigotry, Intolerance, and Greed? Laughable… that crap comes straight from the mouths of the accusers, pffft.

  453. Thomas Keska Jr

    The most important thing important to Ted Nugent is to shoot a moose for dinner, using a Howitzer cannon. Love his music hate his politics.

  454. Richard Eastridge

    Hey mose. I am actually doing mtgs in san pedo. I am giveing my apartment in wla up in jan. of 2013. I am joining a miltia for a call to be ready for our seccession from obozo nation. . I wish u well with your chioce of this evil. lv ya and i will pray for those who were blinded by his lies

  455. Linda White-Cheaitou

    Wow, this election has really brought our the racism in some individuals. Pathetic!

  456. Arthur Shimkus

    "Today our poor of the world are looking up at you. Do you look back at them with compassion? Do you have compassion for the people who are hungry? They are hungry not only for bread and rice, they are hungry to be recognized as human beings. They are hungry for you to know that they have their dignity, that they want to be treated as you are treated. They are hungry for love."~~Mother Teresa.

  457. Anonymous

    republicans have trotted out a mexican in the form of dubya's nephew or some shit yrs ago. a woman and a war vet in palin and mcclain and now a couple of token blacks in 2012 in that scumbag cain and the sista with the braids at the convention. gop has tried every gimmick except getting a candidated that can win the election. dubya only won first time because the election was stolen from gore and only won the 2nd time because people felt bush made this mess, he should wallow in it.

  458. Tabatha Smith

    People with money getting pissed off because, dear gawd, you might have to put more of it towards someone else rather than your pompous selves and your drug addictions. May your taxes skyrocket, 'cause I'm in that 47% that has to work my fucking ass off to just get the fuck by. This is the UNITED States Of America, isn't it? I guess we're not supposed to be united, and all the rich douches get to make all the calls while the middle class gets fucked over. Gotta love Fox-induced American ignorance.

  459. Tabatha Smith

    I'm already used to my taxes going to those programs, I get over it. Sadly, I'm aware that a good portion of it all is going to those sluts living in fixed-income housing while their men sell drugs and they all pimp around in Lexus' — we need to make more of an effort to check up on these people and make sure they're not abusing their assistance, and then maybe people might bitch a little less.

  460. Steve Williams

    Ted is exactly right. Fools were in line to vote for Bronco so they could insure their payday (as it is called by the welfare ridding jobless leaches of this country) would stay in place. America cannot afford to carry these lazy assholes.

  461. Terri L. Doutrich

    Go Ted! Conservatives will sit back now and watch the liberals implode. And I will enjoy every second. What's a liberal's worst nightmare? Another liberal!

  462. Terri L. Doutrich

    Oh, one more thing. Conservatives are here to stay. Religion is here to stay. Nothing you can do about it. You can rant in your drug induced frenzy all you want. It changes nothing. Obama is not my president. The chair in the oval office is still empty. A pothead is still a pothead, legal or not. Being a queer is still abnormal, legal or not. Get over it! You have to accept it. Nothing you can do! LOL!

  463. Dezaraye Wertman

    Romney IS a Christian… Definition of a Christian is one who believes in Christ. He's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. First article of Faith, "We believe in God, the eternal Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost."

  464. Dezaraye Wertman

    Romney IS a Christian… Definition of a Christian is one who believes in Christ. He's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. First article of Faith, "We believe in God, the eternal Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost."

  465. Wilda Lopez

    God will take care of these ridiculous people way better than we ever could. Beware stupid people! There is a bigger force behind Obabma and it isn't us!

  466. Nina Roberts

    Ted Nugent is Donald Trump in drag…look real close…SEE! both kookoo…let 'em rant….they're all over Secret Service radar….SS.mostly annoyed for right now….stay tuned……yawns to Nugent-Trump.

  467. Odell Ball

    There goes crappy ted again. Soiling his self to avoid an obvious truth. It amazing how war like Republicans get when they don't have to fight the war themselves. What cowards!

  468. Anonymous

    No, America has not committed spiritual suicide by re-electing President Obama. Quite to the contrary. Had the right wing republicans won the election, then spiritual suicide would have been committed. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is how the election turned out and is how it should be. Congress, take heed.

  469. Dave Frazier

    I tired of hearing how the GOP caused all the problems in America. You fools believe everything the liberals tell you. If you really want to know who and what caused the economic collapse we are in now do a little research. Look up the Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the de-regulation of the Derivatives market. I think you'll be surprised who actually opened the door for the collapse of our economy by signing those laws into effect.

  470. Rodney Neal Powell

    listening to and being endorsed by a racist (self-avowed) pedophile and drag dodger is the one of the reasons why Romney got 6% of the black vote and only 27% of the Hispanic.

  471. James Roquemore

    This cat needs to recycle that made in China camo hat. I do like that nut tickler that he has on his lower lip. He's still trying to learn the lyrics to "Cat Scratch Fever".

  472. Chris Keeley

    Well I'm not really a Springsteen fan either, Musicians should just stick to what they do best and keep their noses out of politics. The purpose of music is suppose to be an escape from the routine of everyday life. Republican, Democrat, I do not care what side they choose, they need to just play music, make the fans happy and stop making asses out of themselves.

  473. Vick Staple

    Ted Nugent must be using too much Meth. What he and other so called right wing dick heads are saying is that America has 61,800,000 welfare recipients? What a fuckin joke, how about thinking that no one wanted Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Sean the Bigot Hannity, or Rush the Drugster – Limbaugh bashing them for wanting a fair shake on taxes and their finances. Its not about serving the Fat Rich guys, its about serving the American public.

  474. Vick Staple

    So many Ted Nugent supporters all mad cause the black man beat them not once but twice,…..get over it you selfish azz holes, President Obama will be around for 4 more years. Whinning like 3rd graders won't make him go away. Ted Nugent is an old racist piece of shyt, who has outlived his own use. Flowing old racist will never get you nowhere. Not all people who voted for Obama is on food stamps by far. Most food stamp recipients live in the RED states. If ya don't like the country or where it's headed, get t he fuck out while yo still have a few dollars, no one is stopping you.

  475. Vince Guaglianone

    Whaa! Whaa! We lost! Now the World is going to end! Whaa! Whaa! What a bunch of whining, puling, bitches. The Republican message is dead and Romney is a terrible candidate. No one outside your trailer park agrees with you. That's why you lost and will continue to lose until you get that. We are better off than we were 4 years ago. You are paying less taxes not more. And we'll be better off 4 years from now. Just stop whining.

  476. Michelle Kuenzi-hughes

    All Ted did was to tell the truth. He could not have worded it any better. If you don't agree, you are stupid, ignorant, rich, black, hispanic, or pulling in a state check every month. Get on your computer and watch the stocks. You can then tell your children and grandchildren that you watched the stock market crash.

  477. David Kuenzi

    hmm. I do not agree. So, let's see. I am not black, hispanic. I don't pull in a state check every month. I am not stupid or ignorant….so, Ka-ching!!!! That means I must rich!

  478. Anonymous

    Nugent is just another bitter old white guy who's having trouble adjusting to a changing world, not to mention a washed up old rocker who wasn't that great even when he was young. He should just shut up and enjoy his retirement since he has nothing important to say.

  479. Rich Ashenfelter

    Funny thing is, I've really never been that much of a fan of Ted's music. It's his hunting shows, NRA involvment and such I followed more. Not that I followed that very much either. haha. He reminds me of Jessie Ventura with his over the top talk.

  480. LaVonna Howard

    I think Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and all those alike whose thoughts are the same, should be put on a one way ticket to hell! At what point will this senselessness cease?

  481. LaVonna Howard

    I think Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and all those who think like them should be given one way tickets to hell! When will this senselessness cease? I imagine that if Romney had actually won, they would all be celebrating their "victory." Maybe that would give them something else to do other than to spew hatred into the universe.

  482. Ray Carpenter

    In answer to the author's question; Yes.
    Ted, Stacy Dash, and Mark Levin have articulated exactly what has been simmering in my own soul since Romney was tragically, mournfully forced to concede.
    Good night America.
    I loved you once.

  483. Dezaraye Wertman 😀 Read that. It answers that question.

    "Are Mormons Christians?

    Gordon B. Hinckley, prior President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1995-2008), said:

    “We are Christians in a very real sense and that is coming to be more and more widely recognized. Once upon a time people everywhere said we are not Christians. They have come to recognize that we are, and that we have a very vital and dynamic religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We, of course, accept Jesus Christ as our Leader, our King, our Savior…the dominant figure in the history of the world, the only perfect Man who ever walked the earth, the living Son of the living God. He is our Savior and our Redeemer through whose atoning sacrifice has come the opportunity of eternal life. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pray and worship in the name of Jesus Christ. He is the center of our faith and the head of our Church. The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and witnesses of His divinity, His life, and His Atonement.”

    There are also other answers if you click on the "read other answers" link at the bottom.

  484. Dezaraye Wertman

    You've known me a long time … you know how I live my life and you've seen me talk about my Savior. I am a Christian woman and I am a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. :-)

  485. Cindy Finch-Mass

    If anybody needs to know what America is going to be like in the near future, you need only look to Greece. They were facing the exact things we are now with economy, jobs, etc. It took them 15 years to crumble, but we all know what it is like in Grreece now. It won't take America anywhere NEAR that long to reach the same state of affairs. So, YES…..Ted Nugent is spot-on correct, 100% – American idiots chose economic suicide. Thought you saw "change" during the last term of this Muslim moron? You ain't seen nothin yet!

  486. Kendra Mills

    Ted Nugent is an idiot, if the Republican party wishes to evolve with the changing demographics of America, they need to find a better representative than Ted "Mr. Irrelevant" Nugent.

  487. Tom Ravencroft

    anyone want to hear a REAL guitar player? Jimmy Page is the man!

  488. Roger Kidder

    As I used to say to bullies at school when being taunted by them: Your opinion would really make a difference if only I thought it mattered. It usually shut them up.

  489. Michael Valentine

    Oh Teddy "Poo-Poo Pants" Nugent is a giant pussy who when he had his chance to show his personal courage crapped his pants to avoid the draft.

    Yep he's the face of chickenhawks everywhere.

  490. J Franklin Britton

    Hoping and praying that this guy gets a stroke and is totally paralyzed including that big mouth. What a twat.

  491. Jeremy Helligar

    As a lifelong Democrat who tends to be fiscally conservative, I can understand — even if I don't wholly support — the Republican complaints about taxes. But too many sore-loser Republicans are basing their complaints about the Election outcome solely on that one issue, which says a lot more about them than it does about Barack Obama, and it's one of the reasons why Americans have such a bad reputation worldwide. (And as a six-year-and-counting expat who has lived in South America, Australia and Asia, I know what I'm talking about.) They're all about the benjamins, when they need to remember that there are plenty of other pressing issues facing the United States today. It's time for those on the losing side to stop griping and start thinking about how they can work with the winning side. And if they are going to exercise their freedom of speech and criticize, do it constructively, in a forum that encourages intelligent discourse. In other words, step away from the Twitter!

  492. Robert Stewart

    I'm working class and every day is another struggle to get the bills paid, etc. I don't get a penny of welfare money and nobody in government buys me booze or birth control. I don't have a fortune in the bank either, like Mr. Trump and Mr. Nugent, although I wouldn't mind having a little money put away. I probably work more hours a day than these men as well. So why is it that every working class person is immediately classified as a welfare bum? We're called working class because we work.

  493. Gregory Derek Lennon

    This man put (2) children up for adoption; became the guardian of a 17 year old Hawaian girl that he had sexual relations while married to his first wife; a man who used Medical and Student deferments to avoid the Vietnam War. This fine American was sued and directed by the court to pay child support for a child he fathered but did not take care of financially. What planet does this man live on to refer to anybody as a pimp and whore. It seems that his behavior has been pimpish and whorish. He is an embarrasment to human beings let along Republicans and Conservatives.

  494. Bob Faunce

    Dummycrats are "Useful Idiots". Every communist regime needs them in order to attempt to succeed. BUT they always fail after murdering the majority of their people.

  495. Bobbi Hildum

    If I thought this twit's opinion mattered, I'd take time to read the article.

  496. Jay Elnicki

    Jeffery Harrel "YOU NAILED IT"! That is key to our economic downturn…the banks were forced to write loans for looser's who couldn't repay!

  497. Barb Regets

    I suggest everyone watch 2016. Obama has a plan to destroy America. Actually he hates America.

  498. Aaron Parris

    If you know anything about Nugent, you know he was just hammered drunk. I've done the same thing, and no one ridicules me for drunk posting. Famous people are people too.

  499. Lin Frank

    Wish this "turd" would go away. And don't get your "panties" up in a wad rockers. I like Rock as much as anyone but I loathe this guy.

  500. Beth Campbell-Work

    I so resent being called 'Soulless.' I resent it even more for my mother.

  501. Tom Milkowski

    "loosers"??? So typical of uninformed imbeciles. Since you can't spell, see if your computer has a spell checker before you post, dummy.

  502. Oscar Omar Gonzalez


  503. Dennis Hoppe

    you missed the irony of the past 4 years of being promised transparency and the thousands of times "let me be uh real uh clear here" // i am incapable of judging others about things i know nothing of Beth, and am so, so sorry for my words being taken wrongly.

  504. Barb Regets

    Obviously you know nothing about whats gonna happen to America in these 4 years asshole. Or about politics. I suggest you don't comment when you know nothing

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