Stacy Francis wardrobe malfunction

Stacy Francis Wardrobe Malfunction Shows She Likes Going Commando!

Turns out Stacy Francis’ low point on Tuesday night was not being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house but a wardrobe malfunction that exposed her privates! Credit must be given to her for trying to forestall the inevitable. This is because as she walked out of the Borehamwood mansion wearing a long green dress that had a thigh-high split, she tried to keep the gown together by holding on to it.

Shortly after, however, she seemed to have forgotten that she hadn’t ticked off on all the things that a decent lady puts on before walking out the door. That’s when she parted her leg to make a pose. Oopsie… the thigh-high split on her emerald dress turned out to be too daring as it opened too high up to her midsection revealing to the world that she was not wearing any knickers!

No, I do have underwear on!

At a press conference after the eviction, the 47-year-old mother of two vehemently denied that she had forgotten to wear a certain piece of clothing.

“No, I do have underwear on!” she insisted after the Stacy Francis wardrobe malfunction.

Stacy Francis wardrobe malfunction
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Stacy’s eviction from the Channel 5 house came as a result of a public nomination exercise. Others who were nominated alongside Stacy but not evicted included Jamie O’Hara, Speidi, Coleen Nolan, Kim Woodburn, Edward, Jessica Cunningham, and Nicola McLean.

After the Stacy Francis wardrobe malfunction next up was an exit interview with Emma Willis. At this point, it became clear that Stacy had developed a heightened sense of self-awareness as she crossed her legs rather too carefully. During the interview, the sixth contestant to be evicted in this season’s Celebrity Big Brother contest freely dished out views on her former housemates. And while she was not happy to have been booted she was happy that she was going to be rejoining her family.

How clean are your clothes?

Fresh from a laundry row with the How Clean Is Your House presenter, Kim Woodburn, the American beauty addressed the confrontation at length. The row had arisen after the 74-year-old Kim had placed freshly-cleaned clothes belonging to Stacy on the floor.

Stacy admitted that she had acted meanly towards Kim but that the 74-year-old presenter had driven her up the wall. But it was not before Stacy had branded Kim a selfish person and even suggested that senility could be setting in for the How Clean Is Your House presenter!

Stacy Francis wardrobe malfunction
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“Kim came in and was very selfish. We did a task yesterday and Kim just never got it, she’s 75 years old now and I think she just doesn’t care? She’s watched the show over the years, she came in with preconceived ideas of what she has seen on telly, I feel like overall she is a good person,” Stacy said of Kim.

Stacy later admitted that she felt bad concerning the mean things she had said about Kim after finding out that the TV personality had a difficult childhood and had had a stillbirth when she was 23 and unmarried. The X-Factor star also added that if she had been aware of Kim’s backstory she would have treated her more kindly and been more supportive.

Trending on Twitter

Stacy also thanked the CBB producers for giving her the opportunity to be a contestant. Her name was loudly chanted in the studio by the fans and she promptly joined in. After the Stacy Francis wardrobe malfunction, she became a trending topic on Twitter.

Emma Willis, who conducted Stacy’s exit interview, also revealed to the former Ex-Girlfriend member that she no other Celebrity Big Brother contestant had been cheered as much as she had as they exited the mansion. As for who she wants to win. Stacy revealed it was James C though she had observed that the housemate with the best game plan was Speidi.

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