Kanye West hands on Kim Kardashian’s booty

Kanye West Gets His Hands On Kim Kardashian’s Booty In Throwback Photo

Kim Kardashian recently shared a cute throwback photo of herself and husband Kanye West which they were snapped while the rapper’s hands firmly positioned on her booty.

Kim’s snap of her husband grabbing her derriere is one of the many nostalgic photos that the star uploaded on her website on Tuesday, giving her fans a chance to share in some of her nostalgic moments. However, the photo of Kanye holding on to Kim’s booty stood out, especially because the two looked very affectionate and because her fans do not get to see such moments as much as they would like.

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Posing in style

Kim Kardashian and Kanye had their usual interesting sense of style in the photo. She was clad in a black cap, a white hoodie, a pair of tight gray shorts and a pair of snake print boots. Mr. West notably wore his emotionless look on his face. He also rocked a black sweater with a blue T-shirt underneath, a medallion on his neck, a pair of track pants and white sneakers. It is not clear when the photo was taken but they seemed to be in a room with a huge gray curtain in the background.

Kanye could not keep his hands off

West was clearly feeling lucky to have such a beautiful and well-endowed wife that he could not keep his hands from grabbing on to what belonged to him. The rapper has never been one to shy away from showing off his wife in such a manner during their public appearances. Meanwhile, it looks as if Kim really treasures such moments judging by the fact that she posted the photo on her website.

The photo of Kanye holding Kim’s bum highlights the fact that the two are very fond of each other despite the fact that they recently faced some tough times. There were even rumors that the two were on the verge of a divorce but those rumors turned to be misguided. Kim and Kanye have been spending a lot of family time together which is great for them because it will strengthen their marriage. In fact, it is believed that the two are closer than ever.

“Last week, Kim and Kanye took to the streets for a romantic lunch outing,” wrote AOL Entertainment.

Their affection for each other was really put to the test in 2016 after Kim’s robbery in Paris and during Kanye’s hospitalization. They were very supportive of each other during those tough times and it showed the world how united they are as a couple and as a family.

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Kim also added more content alongside the photo of Kanye holding her booty. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also included a gif, which starts off with Kim flicking her hair while dressed in black and with a diamond-studded choker. The second part of the same gif shows Kanye and Kim inside a studio with Kim lifting her son Saint to a microphone. The video was taken while Kim and the kids had gone to spend time with Kanye during a studio session. They were clearly having loads of fun as seen in the gif.

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The fact that Kim uploaded content especially photos of her and Kanye also points to her complete comeback to the social limelight after going MIA since the Paris robbery.

“Kim had a really hard time with the incident and the whole thing has been very grueling and draining,” Kris Jenner stated during an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Things seem to have gotten back to normal for the reality star and she is getting back to her bubbly character. Kim’s uploads especially the photo in which Kanye grabs her booty is a reflection of things kicking off on a good note this year and we hope to see more of the couple having some good times.

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