Goldberg And The Undertaker Knew Each Other Before Wrestling

WWE News: Goldberg And The Undertaker Have A Surprising History The WWE Universe Doesn’t Know

The conclusion of this week’s Raw may have been the first time that Goldberg and The Undertaker shared a WWE ring together, but there is some history between the two men the WWE Universe doesn’t know. It has been a dream match ever since the Attitude Era. Goldberg vs. Undertaker always seemed like a great match between two of the most dominant forces wrestling has ever seen. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet.

On Raw, the fans were expecting a confrontation between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, but an unexpected appearance from The Undertaker in the closing seconds of the show created an epic moment for the WWE Universe. Goldberg, Lesnar, and Undertaker all in the same ring will go down as one of the coolest moments of the year. It doesn’t matter that it happened three weeks into the year or that the three men did nothing but stand together.

If WWE officials were trying to make a final statement to promote the Sunday’s PPV in San Antonio this Sunday, they were very successful. The anticipation for the event is now at an all-time high because the WWE Universe can’t wait to see who will share the ring together during the Royal Rumble match. Rather than just have a staredown, Goldberg and Undertaker could cross paths and do battle for the first time.

The Undertaker Will Cross Paths With Goldberg During the Royal Rumble For the First Time
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Recently, Goldberg discussed his WWE comeback and shared a lot of new information during an interview with Sporting News. For instance, Goldberg revealed some history between himself and The Deadman that a lot of people weren’t aware of. Apparently, Goldberg and The Undertaker were friends before either man got into wrestling. He didn’t go into a lot of detail, but he did say the following about their friendship:

“Yeah. I knew him before he got in the business. We were friends before he started wrestling. It’s amazing that we haven’t been in the same ring together before. I will honestly say that he’s probably the one I’m looking forward to introducing myself in the ring more than anyone.”

It’s interesting that Goldberg and The Undertaker had a friendship before wrestling, but it still took over 25 years for the two legends to share a ring together. In any case, Goldberg coming to blows with The Deadman during the WWE Royal Rumble match will have more meaning. It’s not just that Goldberg and Undertaker were two WWE legends who never crossed paths. Now, there is a history to build off of if WWE wanted to do so. Goldberg vs. The Undertaker could be the match of a lifetime on the grandest stage of them all.

Goldberg Reveals Unknown History With The Undertaker
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It has been rumored over the past few months that WWE officials may be planning something like Goldberg vs. The Undertaker for WrestleMania. There is no question it would be one of the most anticipated bouts in WWE history, but it’s that kind of thinking that got Goldberg and Lesnar into trouble at WrestleMania 20.

Goldberg signed an extension to stay with WWE through WrestleMania 34. The dream match between him and The Undertaker could happen next year in New Orleans, but there is the issue of The latter’s body not being able to handle many more matches. In fact, it’s been reported The Deadman could be retiring after the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. However, the rumor mill continues to speculate about the WrestleMania 33 card.

The Undertaker’s match is unknown, and all of his previous plans were scrapped. Goldberg is still a favorite to win the Royal Rumble, and he’s made the claim that his role on WWE television could be expanded even more if he were to win the WWE Universal Championship soon. Goldberg vs. The Undertaker isn’t likely to happen, but you can never say never. At the least, we’ll get to see them exchange blows this Sunday night.

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