Donald Trump signs executive order on same day that he tweets about sending Feds to Chicago.

Donald Trump Tweets That He Will ‘Send In The Feds’ To Deal With Chicago ‘Carnage’ [Video]

Less than a week into his presidency, Donald Trump used his Twitter account to threaten to “send in the Feds” over the “carnage” in Chicago. The controversial tweet was sent out on Tuesday night, and the POTUS didn’t make it clear what exactly he meant by “send in the Feds,” or even which federal department might end up being sent to Chicago if Trump’s demands aren’t met.

According to the tweet sent out by Donald Trump, Chicago has already seen 228 shootings and 42 “killings” in 2017. As Reuters reports, Trump added that the rate is up a full 24 percent from this time last year.

Trump’s Twitter followers immediately took him to task over the tweet, asking him for clarification regarding what “Feds” would be sent to Chicago, even going so far as to tell him that his ideas for bringing about effective change in the city aren’t realistic and simply don’t and won’t work.

At least on social media, users likened the threatening Chicago tweet meted out by Donald Trump to Republican worries that former President Barack Obama would “declare martial law.”

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has used the word “carnage” to describe crime in America and American cities. The newly inaugurated president dedicated part of his inaugural address to tackling the subject of “American carnage.” He added that he intended for it to end “right here and right now.” During Friday’s inauguration speech, however, Donald Trump didn’t mention Chicago directly, nor did he threaten to unleash unidentified “Feds” on unwitting American citizens.

“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

However, while Trump didn’t talk Chicago during his inaugural speech, he did repeatedly blast the city during his campaign. The then-candidate became famous on the campaign trail for using Chicago as an example of a big city gone bad, poor liberal policies, and inner-city crime.

At at least one Trump rally, the new president’s supporters violently clashed with anti-Trump protesters in the disputed city.

After his unexpected Election Day electoral college victory, Trump continued to bag on Chicago in general and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump’s proposed policies. After Trump pulled off a dark horse November victory, Emanuel came forward in an attempt to reassure his residents that Donald Trump wouldn’t retaliate against Chicago as POTUS, reports the Chicago Tribune.

“I’m not worried about Donald Trump trying to somehow penalize Chicago. I’m not sure President-elect Trump will listen to me, but I would say that you’re president for all of America, and that includes your third-largest city in the country.”

However, just weeks before Trump was sworn in, he took to Twitter to blast Chicago’s crime rate and demand that Emanuel ask the feds for help fixing the problem, reports ABC News.

The Chicago mayor has yet to turn to the feds for their help, and now that Trump has been inaugurated, the new POTUS has gotten more forceful with his Twitter threats against the city. Rather than just tell the mayor to ask for the feds to help Chicago, Trump is now openly saying he will send in the feds to deal with the “carnage.” And with an exclamation point, too.

While it is unclear what brought about Trump’s Tuesday night Chicago Twitter tirade and threat to utilize unknown feds to deal with the city’s problems, it is worth noting that Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s first chief of staff, did speak out against Donald Trump on Monday, dogging the attention Donald was giving to the size of his inauguration crowd, reports the Chicago Tribune.

“This is unsolicited advice: You didn’t get elected to debate the crowd size at your inaugural.”

Roughly 24 hours after Emanuel’s comments, Donald Trump took to Twitter to threaten to send the feds to Chicago.

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