Raven Gates from 'Bachelor'

‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Who Is Raven Gates’ Ex That Cheated On Her? Why Didn’t Arkansas Get To See Her Story?

Last night on The Bachelor 2017, Raven Gates shared a story all about how she found out that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her and went in to see him on top of another girl. She was pretty explicit when explaining what she saw go down. Raven didn’t hold much back, and this made everyone curious about who the ex-boyfriend is and if there is any more information out there about their relationship. Reality Steve was able to find out a few big details about Raven’s ex.

Okay, first off for some reason if you were watching ABC in Raven Gates’ home state of Arkansas then you wouldn’t get to see this part of the show be told. For some reason, they went to a commercial and didn’t share it. There wasn’t any breaking news or anything; they just didn’t show it. Everyone is curious if someone paid someone not to air it or has connections, but it did air everywhere else last night. Raven Gates went to her Twitter to explain a bit and said, “Everyone is asking me what happened- Little Rock & the central AR area censored my story. U’ll have to find the clip elsewhere. #TheBachelor.”

Raven Gates’ ex-boyfriend is named Hunter Henry, and he is not a football player, even though some people have confused him for this person. Instead, he is a doctor in Arkansas. Reality Steve is trying to figure out why the story about Raven Gates’ ex didn’t air, but he just doesn’t know yet. Here is a bit about what he said about it.

“Who didn’t want that story getting out there? How did they have the power to tell Arkansas ABC affiliates to make sure cut out of it? Did those affiliates just not want bad publicity for Little Rock? Were they protecting Hunter, figuring it’d look bad for an Arkansas doctor to be linked to this story? Were they protecting Raven in that they just didn’t want a negative story about an Arkansas woman attacking a man with a stiletto? Who had the most to lose with that story getting out? I don’t know, maybe a doctor in Arkansas? Hey, I’m just speculating here. But that was no coincidence that Raven’s story gets seen everywhere in the United States EXCEPT in parts of Arkansas. Somebody’s up to something. Maybe Detective Reality Steve can get to the bottom of this. But you can bet your ass now the tabloids will now be going after him and whoever the girl he was having sex with. Don’t be surprised if one or both end up talking to the tabloids. We see it every season.”

Fans of Raven Gates would love to know a few more details, but they just aren’t out yet. Raven didn’t say who her boyfriend was and so far, nobody has shared who he was cheating on her with when she caught him and beat him with a stiletto. Nick did make sure to tell her, “I don’t know if I’m afraid or turned on or what. For the record, I’ve never cheated on anyone.”

Wet Paint was even able to find a picture of Raven Gates with her ex and share it on their site. Her ex has dark hair and is a recent graduate of University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock. The person who told Raven Gates about him cheating was a nurse, so this all makes sense. He now works as a doctor in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It looks like they split in February of 2016.

Were you shocked to hear Raven Gates’ story last night on The Bachelor 2017? Why do you think that ABC in Arkansas didn’t air her story? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Raven on The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC.

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