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‘Drunk Nate Silver’ Trends On Twitter, Is Hilarious Commentary On Statistician’s Big Win

“Drunk Nate Silver” is trending on Twitter, and users of the microblogging site are playfully jabbing the young man whose sage predictions bore out for the 2012 election with stunning and impressive accuracy despite an onslaught of abuse from critics who decried his now gold-plated model of predicting election success.

Drunk Nate Silver sprang from what many said during and after the election was a massive amount of earned and assumed prestige after what we now know was a pretty spot-on predictive spree leading up to the big day. (The joke echoes the “Cory Booker stories” meme that emerged when Booker saved a Newark resident from a burning building.)

Gawker deemed Silver’s 538 blog a “liberal security blanket,” and conservative naysayers blasted the stats-blog as liberal propaganda designed to demoralize Republican voters in the election’s lead up.

What ultimately happened was that not-drunk Nate Silver was spot on in his prognostications, getting nearly everything right in local and Presidential tallies alike.

And Silver’s big win would allow a certain level of smug, with the hashtag “drunk Nate Silver” imagining a dude intoxicated on power and what one must imagine was a heck of an after party when all his predictions came to pass.

Here are sampling of some of the “Drunk Nate Silver” tweets pinging around Twitter this morning as the prognosticator does a news and talk victory lap, beginning with the kick-off:

And, bwahahahaha:

What’s your favorite Drunk Nate Silver tweet?