Meryl Streep dances to celebrate her latest Oscar nomination

Meryl Streep Celebrates Her 20th Oscar Nomination With A Dancing GIF

Despite President Donald Trump’s opinion of her, it’s widely agreed that Meryl Streep isn’t just one of the finest actors of her generation, but of all time.

Anyone looking for any further proof regarding the esteem that Hollywood holds for Meryl Streep had it on Tuesday morning, when she was nominated for her 20th Academy Award. But while you’d probably think that Meryl Streep would be used to such trivialities by this point, she released a statement that proved how ecstatic she was to have received yet another Oscar nomination.

Well, it wasn’t really a statement actually. Instead it was just a GIF of the talented actress and all-round wonderful human being dancing. And it was perfect. You can check out Meryl Streep’s celebratory dancing GIF below:

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Meryl Streep’s impeccable dance moves don’t actually come from one of her films, though. They were actually deployed in the music video for Paul McCartney’s song “Queenie Eye,” which is from his 2013 album New.

I know what you’re thinking now, though. Which films has Meryl Streep actually been Oscar-nominated for? And which films has she won gongs for? Well, here are the three films where Meryl Streep actually won her Oscars.

  • The Iron Lady (2012), Best Actress
  • Sophie’s Choice (1983), Best Actress
  • Kramer vs. Kramer (1980), Best Supporting Actress

However, it hasn’t all gone Meryl Streep’s way because there have been 16 occasions where she traveled all the way to Hollywood only to find out that she had been beaten to Oscar glory. The films that she just missed out on an award were:

  • Into The Woods (2015), Best Supporting Actress
  • August: Osage County (2014), Best Actress
  • Julie & Julia (2010), Best Actress
  • Doubt (2009), Best Actress
  • The Devil Wears Prada (2007), Best Actress
  • Adaptation (2003), Best Supporting Actress
  • Music Of The Heart (2000), Best Actress
  • One True Thing (1999), Best Actress
  • The Bridges Of Madison County (1996), Best Actress
  • Postcards From The Edge (1991), Best Actress
  • Evil Angels (1989), Best Actress
  • Ironweed (1988), Best Actress
  • Out Of Africa (1986), Best Actress
  • Silkwood (1984), Best Actress
  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1982), Best Actress
  • The Deer Hunter (1979), Best Supporting Actress

Meryl Streep has previously admitted that she isn’t one to go back and re-watch her films, though, insisting that she can only look forward.

Meryl Streep's response to her 20th Oscar nomination was perfect
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However, she did reveal on the Graham Norton Show last year that there is one particular performance of hers that she isn’t fond of at all. It came in The French Lieutenant’s Woman, and during her appearance on the British talk show to promote Florence Foster Jenkins, she explained why she now finds it so poor, remarking,

“I’m giving myself an out, but part of it was the structure of it. It was sort of artificial because I was the actress playing The French Lieutenant’s Woman. At the same time, I was an American actress playing a British woman. I was young and new at this. I didn’t feel like I was living it. You always want to do something better after the fact.”

While she excels in front of the camera, it turns out that Meryl Streep isn’t all that good at passing on acting advice. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Streep’s Florence Foster Jenkins co-star Simon Helberg was struggling with a scene so badly that he turned to Streep for assistance. But she just couldn’t relate to his problem. Simon Helberg recalled,

“There’s a scene… where the whole scene is just me laughing in this elevator. And I was terrified. It was the dark cloud hanging over me because it’s a really hard thing to do as an actor. I feel like it’s harder than crying to just stand there and laugh hysterically and go into a fit. Her answer was always really frustrating. Because it was like, ‘Oh, I just believed it. I just was laughing.’ Then I was sort of like, ‘But how do you? But how?’ Eventually she said, ‘Try to cry’. That always makes me laugh.”

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