Tom Clancys The Division 1.6 Last Stand

‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.6 PTS Hildr And Eir Exotic Weapons Broken — Seeker Gear Set Gameplay Review

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 PTS is now out and something was discovered regarding overpowered exotic weapons. The Valkyria was basically split into two named weapons, Hildr and Eir. A YouTuber had demonstrated their capabilities and the Division agent was sawing through level 34 yellow enemies like butter.

Highly Overpowered Exotic Weapons

A Reddit user by the name of Outcasst posted a video by Stephen Latham utilizing these two sub-machine guns over at the Lexington Event Center, the venue known to house Larae Barrett. The damage dealt was phenomenal and likely considered broken as the weapons has been given an exotic talent that boosts critical hit damage on the Hildr by 1 percent, up to 100 percent with every bullet using the Eir weapon.

If you combine this with the new Seeker gear set, it makes it even more unreasonably deadly. The critical hit damage is boosted even more so. That being said, the damage dealt can be up to 1 million points of damage to enemy NPCs and up to 100,000 damage points in a PvP setting.

So Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 PTS game stands currently in a state of disarray for those players who enter a PvP environment if they aren’t sporting that setup. Even if they were, how fair would that be, right?

On the brighter side of things, these are the PTS servers and this is necessary to take care of the kinks in the system before the final Last Stand product is released. Hopefully they’ll get right on top of it, but some Division players are probably having fun with it in the mean time.

After all, Massive did tweak the Alpha Bridge for more balanced play by changing its four-piece set rule so that players could only use four of the talents instead of six. It did take them time to do this, but it likely wasn’t imperative as this current one is.

The Division 1.6 PTS/Last Stand game DLC should be out in a matter of time and hopefully the major kinks will be worked out.

New Seeker Gear Set Review

Outside of the aforementioned broken exotic weapon issue, the Seeker gear set is advantageous for any chosen weapon. Its talents focuses in on the body shots and YouTuber Arekkz demonstrated his Caduceus combined with the new set. It could be even considered a “go-to” set for gamers who find it desirable enough.

That being said, if aiming for precision isn’t for you and you prefer hitting larger targets, the Seeker gear set will likely be something you’d want.

If you take a look at the three-piece set bonus, this boost will give you a 30 percent critical hit damage and this includes all weapons in the game. Now, to further explain the four-piece set bonus for the Seeker gear pieces, it describes that “after two consecutive shots to the body, the next shot is a guaranteed critical hit.”

This will account for every third bullet shot out of your gun, so that’s a pretty nice bonus if you run with it and could prove to be helpful in more difficult scenarios like those Legendary missions.

This set should go nicely with exotic weapons, including the above mentioned broken ones, but that should be remedied come the second wave of The Division’s 1.6 PTS update, according to Arekkz. One in particular that is a stand-out weapon, the Caduceus, has its own new talent.

“Each critical hit heals you and your group for 1 percent.”

This will be a great combo for players who enter Legendary and other highly difficult missions because this is essentially a machine gun that heals you while firing off the weapon.

So do you think Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 PTS is impressing those currently playing on the PC? What do you expect with the Last Stand DLC expansion?

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