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Barron Trump Should Be Left Alone In Staying With Presidential Tradition, According To Official White House Statement [Opinion]

It’s certainly tough to be a president’s kid at times and Barron Trump is certainly finding that out already. His dad has just become the 45th president of the United States and it is already becoming quite rough for the 10-year-old. The White House has just released an official press statement urging everyone to let him spend the next four years just being a kid, not a political punching bag.

Barron seems to have been immediately thrown into public scrutiny, despite the fact that he hasn’t even reached his teen years yet. His only offense, if you want to call it that, is being Donald Trump’s son. Variety has reported that the statement that was released on Tuesday calls for everyone to leave the boy alone and let him have his childhood without being bullied or ridiculed.

“It is a longstanding tradition that the children of Presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight. The White House fully expects this tradition to continue. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.”

In this day and age of social media, it is all too easy to post angry words and poke fun at people, which can definitely hurt the person who is getting bullied. Kids especially can take those words to heart and it can many times have terrible consequences. It is hard enough to just be a kid these days, but to also be the son or daughter of a president and to be scrutinized can put more pressure on them.

Barron Trump is off limits
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Ever since the inauguration of Donald Trump last week, there have been protests, negativity, and uproar in the world. Barron and his mom, First Lady Melania Trump, are now back living at Trump Tower, a place they will call home for a while longer. The young boy is expected to finish school for the year and then they will both be moving into the White House. This decision has been met with controversy as well. It will be a different life for Barron, as it was for those presidential kids before him.

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, were fun to watch as they seemed to take in their new life eight years ago when they were still young. Of course, they were also made fun of on social media and many people now say that this is all a double standard as they compare both families. People can be quite cruel and no child, presidential or not, should be subject to those mean words, especially when they are thrown out by adults. That is why this statement was made to remind everyone to stop the horrible comments towards the newest presidential kid and let him have his privacy.

Barron Trump arrives at inauguration.
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One adult, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich, was just recently suspended over her controversial tweet concerning the Trump son. She wrote what she thought was a humorous post during the inauguration on Friday saying that Barron will be our country’s first homeschooled shooter. The outrage ensued after that post went out and according to Deadline on Monday, Rich has been suspended from her job indefinitely.

Barron Trump may be somewhat of a bright light as the world watched him throughout the swearing-in of his dad as president. President Trump’s youngest child seems to be taking it all in right now. Between the high-five fail with his mom and the fact that he wouldn’t let the new First Lady hold his hand during the presidential parade, it has put him in the spotlight but in a “cool kid” kind of way.

Donald Trump may be the most controversial president in the history books right now, but his son shouldn’t be included in all the chaos, as the White House states. Unfortunately, the pleas to leave Barron Trump alone and let him be a kid during the next four years may still fall on deaf ears for some people.

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